World Congress 2020


34th Annual World Congress On Illumination, October 17-22, 2020


by Patricia Cota-Robles

We have entered a New Decade, that we have been assured by our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven will change the course of history for Mother Earth and ALL her Life. The information flowing forth from the Realm of Illumined Truth is revealing that during this decade, 2020 to 2030, Humanity will develop latent abilities through which we will literally TRANSFIGURE our Earthly Bodies and our outer-world Life experiences into the Heart-based patterns of perfection associated with the 5th-Dimensional New Earth. This seemingly miraculous Transfiguration will be accomplished through a greatly expanded collaboration between the Company of Heaven and an Awakened Humanity. Our Father-Mother God said this degree of collaboration between Heaven and Earth has never before been attempted.

The numerical frequency of the year 2020 is 22. Twenty-two is a master number that pulsates with Cosmic vibrations that reflect: ”Power on ALL planes”  and “The ability to change the course of history”.  The most critical time for initiating the direction and the momentum of a New Decade is at its inception. In this case, we are talking about this year. This critical facet of the Divine Plan will not just randomly happen. The direction and the momentum for this New Decade will only be successfully cocreated with the assistance of you and me and the rest of embodied Lightworkers on Earth.

Precious Heart, please focus the full power of your attention on what the Company of Heaven is revealing to us about this Cosmic Moment in our Ascension process. Go within, and the Flame of God’s Illumined Truth pulsating in your Heart will help you comprehend the magnitude of what we are being Called to do in 2020.

With the God Victorious success of the miraculous events that Birthed this New Decade, we have crossed the Threshold into the full embrace of the New Earth. This means that we have severed ties with the entire 3rd- and 4th-Dimensional fields of the old Earth. The door to those dimensions has now been closed and is permanently sealed.

Mother Earth and ALL Life evolving upon her have now fully entered the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Field of the New Earth. The Company of Heaven has acknowledged that this information may be difficult for us to comprehend with our finite mind. However, our I AM Presence is fully aware of this profound and multidimensional Truth. As we tangibly experience this Truth, step by step, through the various activities of Light that will take place month after month in 2020, we will prove to ourselves the adage, “Know the Truth and the Truth will set you FREE.”

In 2019 we experienced the successful activation of our Twelve 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Strands of DNA and our 12:12 Catalyst Codes which were encoded within that DNA. Since those victorious activations the Company of Heaven has revealed that Humanity’s I AM Presence has been able to heal the wounds created by our fall from Grace. These wounds have been referred to by the Company of Heaven as “enslavement codes.” Our fragmented and fear-based human ego has used these genetic “enslavement codes” to manipulate and control us since our fall into separation and duality millions of years ago.

We are being told by the Beings of Light that now that we have permanently crossed the Threshold into the 5th-Dimensional New Earth and the door to the dimensional frequencies of the old Earth has been permanently sealed, our “enslavement codes” can no longer affect us adversely.

The masses of Humanity are now experiencing a greatly accelerated Awakening. This means that our I AM Presence is able to assist us with our physical Transfiguration in NEW ways. The Divine Alchemy of this Transfiguration is occurring subtly and deeply at an atomic, cellular level. The process for our ultimate Transfiguration has been a dormant seed in Humanity’s Twelve 5th-Dimensional Strands of DNA and is now being activated by the catalyst of our 12:12 codes.

In 2020 this seed of Transfiguration is now growing and expanding, filling our entire Being with Crystalline Light and lifting us further into the full embrace of the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline New Earth. This is empowering us to integrate the infinite physical perfection of our 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Physical, Etheric, Mental and Emotional Solar Light Bodies much more tangibly. It is creating the sacred space for Humanity to become the physical perfection of our I AM Presence now in the physical world of form.

The Beings of Light are indicating that Divine Timing has brought us to a critical point during which the incoming Power of God’s TRANSFIGURING Light will build to a previously unknown intensity. Step by step and month by month, we will be guided through this unprecedented process. As each facet of this Divine Plan is revealed to us by our Father-Mother God, we at Era of Peace will share that information with you through our Weekly Vlogs, Free Seminars and Monthly Newsletters. If you are not familiar with these items, you may sign up to receive them for FREE on our website,


This process will build to a crescendo that will be exponentially expanded on behalf of Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth during the sacred conclave that will gather in Santa Fe, New Mexico for the 34th Annual World Congress on Illumination, October 17-22, 2020.

This information has been drawn into your sphere of awareness by your I AM Presence because of who you are and why you are on Earth during this momentous time. This Annual World Congress is truly a global and life-transforming event for everyone who has the Heart Call to participate. Listen to your Heart, and your I AM Presence will guide you unerringly as to your part in this critical facet of the Divine Plan.

Every Lightworker will be in his or her right and perfect place. No facet of this Divine Plan is any more important than another. What IS important is that we respond to whatever our I AM Presence is guiding us to do. We must Trust and KNOW that if we are being guided to be physically present within the Portal of Light in Santa Fe, New Mexico, then our I AM Presence and the Company of Heaven will assist us in paving the way. This is true whether we need assistance with time, energy, or money to accomplish this facet of our Divine Mission.

Our Father-Mother God and the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth are sending forth a Clarion Call to all embodied Lightworkers, this includes YOU. Listen to your Heart and you will know that it is imperative for Lightworkers around the world to be physically present for this facet of God’s unfolding Divine Plan. Together we will unify our Heart Flames and form the transformer that will allow the I AM Presence of every person on Earth to receive the intensified frequencies of Light that will exponentially expand Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth’s TRANSFIGURATION process for 2020.

All of the Lightworkers who have been prepared to serve in this powerful way on behalf of the masses of Humanity will know who they are through the inner promptings of their Heart Flame. So listen to your Heart, and Trust your inner guidance. Your Light is needed now!

In addition to those who are inspired to be physically present, there will be Lightworkers who will join in consciousness from their points of Light around the World. These Lightworkers will project the Light flowing through their Heart Flames into the Portal of Light where the Lightworkers are physically gathered in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This will exponentially expand our unified efforts.

The 34rd Annual World Congress on Illumination will take place October 17-22, 2020. All of the information you will need to participate in this unprecedented opportunity is available on pages 5-7 in this Newsletter. You may also register on our website

It is with Infinite Gratitude that our Father-Mother God Bless YOU, for your willingness to be the Open Door for the Light of God that will accomplish this critical facet of Humanity’s Ascension process.

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