A Time For Healing

March 2006

~ Special Edition ~

A Time For Healing

by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

At long last, the Flame of the Immaculate Concept has returned to Earth. This Sacred Fire is now penetrating into the core of purity in every electron of precious life energy. As this occurs, the Divine Potential pulsating within every facet of life is being activated.

In Human Beings, our Divine Potential includes functioning with the knowledge of Oneness and reverence for ALL life and reaching our highest expression as Beloved Children of God. Within the Elemental Kingdom, it is the pristine beauty, harmony and balance of the Garden of Eden. Within the Angelic Kingdom, it is the ability to nurture and serve Humanity without separation.

These patterns of perfection were encoded within our 12 Solar strands of DNA when we were first breathed into existence from the Heart of our Father-Mother God. Even though our Divine Potential was cloaked in darkness and became almost dormant after our fall from Grace, our I AM Presence has been patiently awaiting the Cosmic Moment when we would lift up in consciousness effectively enough to reclaim our Divine Birthright and return ourselves and this planet to our rightful place on the Spiral of Evolution.

This is that Cosmic Moment!

When the Divine Potential within every particle of life is activated, everything that conflicts with that Divine Potential is pushed to the surface to be healed and transmuted back into Light. Remember, ALL life is interrelated, interconnected and interdependent. There is no destroying energy. All we can do with an existing pattern or form is transmute it into a different form. We cannot just say cancel, cancel and expect it to disappear.

Our Divine Potential is One with the limitless perfection of God. As it is activated within every electron of energy, the patterns of Divine Love, Eternal Peace, Vibrant Health, God’s Limitless Abundance, Illumined Truth, Divine Will, Reverence for Life, Harmony, Balance, Joy and every other expression of our Divine Potential begin pulsating into the physical plane. Then, everything vibrating with frequencies less than that potential is pushed to the surface to be healed. We can witness this phenomenon happening all over the world.

The discordant and destructive patterns of war, hatred, disease, poverty, hunger, corruption, religious fanaticism, abuse of power, famine, plagues, pestilence, greed, inclement weather conditions and every other form of human suffering are surfacing all over the planet. These patterns are being pushed up at an accelerated pace in both our individual and our collective lives. This purging is a necessary and a critical part of Earth’s healing process, but it would not be occurring at this level if it were going to cause more harm than good.

The reason our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven are allowing this unprecedented acceleration of the cleansing process is because of the dedication and the willingness of Lightworkers around the world to assist with this Holy endeavor. In Truth, we have all been preparing for aeons of time to be effective Instruments of God during this phase of the Divine Plan. We have everything we need within us to succeed God Victoriously. All we have to do now is listen to our heart’s call and respond according to our Inner Knowing.

Once again, we are being called to unite our hearts, heads and hands in this global effort. There

will be many diverse ways in which we can weave the Divine Momentum of our Light into this facet of the Divine Plan. Pay close attention to the opportunities that are presented to you throughout this year. Ask your I AM Presence for guidance, and ask this wondrous aspect of your own Divinity to pave the way for you to fulfill your heart’s calling.

2006 is the 70th anniversary of Humanity’s first tangible experience of the Violet Flame. Saint Germain and the Legions of Light associated with this gift from our Father-Mother God are offering to be the Open Door for an unprecedented 5th-Dimensional activity of the Violet Flame. This event is designed to greatly assist Humanity in our Ascension process.

Due to the incredible changes that have successfully taken place within Humanity’s Earthly bodies over the past few years and the influx of Divine Consciousness that has bathed Humanity since the initial impulse of the Shift of the Ages in 2003, we are capable of assimilating higher frequencies of the Violet Flame than ever before.

Our Father-Mother God have confirmed that the activity of Light planned for this year will expand exponentially the power of the Violet Flame on Earth. It will allow us to quickly transmute the negativity that is being pushed to the surface to be healed, both in our individual lives and around the globe. This is a merciful act of Divine Grace that will greatly reduce the pain and suffering Humanity is experiencing at this time.

Beloved Alpha and Omega and the Solar Logos from Suns beyond Suns back to the Heart of the Cosmic I AM, All That Is, are sending forth a clarion call to all Lightworkers on Earth. We are being asked to redouble our invocations of the Violet Flame and to daily and hourly increase our focus on this Sacred Fire. We are also being asked to join together within the physical plane and, in consciousness, to assist with the next facet of the unfolding Divine Plan.

The empowered 5th-Dimensional frequencies of the Violet Flame that are being made available to Humanity for the first time this year will catapult us up the Spiral of Evolution into frequencies of harmony and balance beyond anything we have experienced. This selfless act of Divine Intervention by Saint Germain and his fellow exponents of the Violet Flame is a gift that will assist this planet in ways beyond our knowing. Ask your I AM Presence to reveal the Truth of this statement to you in your heart of hearts.

Through the unified efforts of Lightworkers all over the world, the new frequencies of the Violet Flame are increasing on Earth moment by moment. This activity of Light is cleansing the Earth in unparalleled ways, and it is paving the way for the next phase of the Divine Plan. This event will take place during the 20th Annual World Congress on Illumination on the sacred Island of Kauai in Hawaii, August 12-17, 2006.

As many people know, the Hawaiian Islands are remnants of the continent of Lemuria. These islands are playing a vital part in reversing the adverse effects of the fall and restoring the body of Mother Earth to her original perfection. Many of the Lightworkers embodied at this time have links to Lemuria and realize that they are here now to heal the atrocities that resulted on that continent when Humanity fell into the abyss of chaos and confusion after the fall.

Kauai is known as the Garden Isle, and it contains within its Etheric records The Immaculate Concept or Divine Blueprint of the Garden of Eden. These Etheric records contain the archetypes of the pristine beauty that Mother Earth was invested with in the beginning and the Divine Potential of what she will reclaim when she Ascends into her rightful place on the Spiral of Evolution in the 5th Dimension. Mother Earth’s Divine Potential contains not only the archetypes of her own perfection but the perfection of every Human Being and every Elemental and Angel evolving upon her.

The Next Phase of the Divine Plan

When frequencies of discord are transmuted into Light, a void is left where the discord previously existed. In order to prevent more discord from filling that space, the void must be sealed with Light. The Beings of Light have indicated that the greatest need of the hour is for Lightworkers to seal the monumental voids being created through the awesome purging of the Violet Flame that is taking place this year. They said that the most effective and life-transforming way of sealing these voids is by filling them with the original patterns of perfection destined for Mother Earth and all her life. These are the patterns contained within the Etheric records of the Garden of Eden.

In order to fulfill this urgent need, a plan has been set into motion through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth. This plan involves Lightworkers from all over the world gathering on the sacred Island of Kauai to serve as surrogates on behalf of Humanity. Through the unification of our Heart Flames, we will form a mighty transformer, a Chalice of Light, through which the Light of God will flow to reactivate the original patterns of perfection within the Etheric records of the Garden of Eden. These are the patterns of the Divine Destiny intended for Mother Earth prior to the fall. These are the patterns that contain the archetypes for Heaven on Earth—the patterns that contain the Immaculate Concept of God’s Divine Love, Eternal Peace, Limitless Abundance, Vibrant Health, Eternal Youth, Abounding Joy, Reverence for Life and Infinite Light for every evolving Human Being, Elemental and Angel.

Imagine what the activation of these patterns of perfection will mean to our evolutionary process. If the voids left behind after the Violet Flame transmutes Humanity’s human miscreations are filled with patterns of God’s Limitless Perfection, just think how this will accelerate our goal toward reaching a critical mass of Heaven on Earth.

The vehicle that will be used to accomplish this goal is the 20th Annual World Congress On Illumination. This is an annual event that usually occurs on the anniversary of Harmonic Convergence, which took place August 15-17, 1987. Every year since that momentous event, the Company of Heaven has revealed a critical facet of the Divine Plan that is necessary in order to fulfill the greatest need of the hour on Earth.

Once the plan is revealed, the Beings of Light send forth a clarion call to Lightworkers around the world asking if we would be willing to volunteer to selflessly expend our time, energy and sustenance to bring the plan to fruition. Each year, without fail, Lightworkers have responded to the call, and the Divine Plan has been God Victoriously accomplished for the benefit of all life on Earth.

Once again the clarion call is going forth. The Company of Heaven is invoking our assistance on behalf of Humanity and all life evolving on this sweet Earth. Listen to your heart, and respond according to your Inner Guidance. Whenever you volunteer to serve as an Instrument of God in fulfillment of the Divine Plan, the floodgates of Heaven will open to support you and to pave the way. Trust this profound Truth.

The Company of Heaven has asked the New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose to organize these annual events in beautiful, healing venues, so the Lightworkers who make the sacrifice to serve in this way will truly experience a glimpse of Heaven on Earth. I want to assure you that this will be a life-transforming experience for you. In wondrous ways, your life will never be the same.

If you feel the heart call to participate in the 20th Annual World Congress on Illumination, please click on link at end of this article.

If you do not feel the heart call to be physically present in Kauai, know that this is a global event and you can weave your magnificent Light into our Chalice of Light from wherever you are on the face of the Earth.

The Beings of Light will be guiding us step by step through the months leading up to the event in August. I will be sharing the information through E-mail articles, our Take Charge of Your Life newsletter and our Website.

In addition to the guidance we will be receiving from the Company of Heaven, our I AM Presence will be guiding each of us individually through our own unique preparation. Ask for assistance, and remain in a state of Listening Grace at all times. This is an amazing opportunity for each of us to add to the Light of the world.

Please click here for further information about the 20th Annual World Congress On Illumination.

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