An Amazing Opportunity for the New Year

January 2005

An Amazing Opportunity

for the New Year

by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

I Am writing this article on December 8th. This is the day celebrated in the outer world as the Immaculate Conception of Beloved Mother Mary. Her Birthday is celebrated nine months later on September 8th. The Immaculate Conception is a term used to indicate that Mother Mary was conceived without “original sin” or, in other words, she was born karma free. This was a state of being she accomplished in order to fulfill her Divine Mission as the Mother of Beloved Jesus. Often the term The Immaculate Conception is used to describe the conception of Jesus, but his conception is more accurately known as The Miraculous Conception.

Mother Mary’s all-encompassing Divine Mission blesses Humanity to this day and far transcends the sacred service she provided for Jesus and the world during her last embodiment. She and Archangel Gabriel are the Keepers of the Flame of the Immaculate Concept. This Crystalline White Flame with Its Madonna Blue radiance energizes and sustains the Immaculate Concept or Divine Blueprint for every facet of Life that was ever breathed forth from the Core of Creation by our Father-Mother God. The full Divine Potential—the Immaculate Concept—of every single atomic and subatomic particle of Life in the whole of Creation is maintained and sustained by this Sacred Fire.

Over the past several years, the Light of God has exponentially increased through the hearts and minds of embodied Lightworkers around the world, and miracles have taken place that are unprecedented in the history of time. The Divine Feminine, our Mother God, has at long last returned to Earth, and during Harmonic Concordance which took place in November 2003, we began our initial ascent through the Cosmic Inbreath known as the Shift of the Ages. Humanity’s 5th-Dimensional, Twelvefold Solar Spines have now been activated, and our 5th-Dimensional Solar Chakras have opened to full breadth.

Prior to this powerful Solar Activation, our I AM Presence had to step down Its frequency of vibration through our 4th-Dimensional Solar Christ Presence in order to reach our 3rd-Dimensional bodies. This activation, for the very first time, has allowed every person’s Mighty I AM Presence to have direct contact with their Earthly bodies. With the God Victorious success of these Activities of Light, Mother Mary and Archangel Gabriel are Ascending into a higher octave of Divine Service and initializing the next phase of Humanity’s Transfiguration at a cellular level.

In 2005, Archangel Gabriel and Mother Mary will assist the I AM Presence of every man, woman and child on Earth to raise the energy, vibration and consciousness of their physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies into the Immaculate Concept of their full Divine Potential. This will allow the I AM Presence of every person to integrate even further and to more effectively take dominion of their thoughts, words, actions and feelings. This gift of Divine Intervention is a merciful expression of God’s Supreme Grace and Compassion.

This information is being shared with you now to give you time to contemplate and assimilate the Truth of the opportunities that will be presented to you in 2005. Your conscious awareness and Divine Intention are powerful catalysts that will enable you to participate in this gift of Light from Archangel Gabriel and Mother Mary in profound ways. At your request, your I AM Presence will intervene and guide you unerringly in perfect alignment with your heart’s desire and your willingness to be transformed.

Our I AM Presence came forth from the Heart of God with the desire to do the Will of God, to carry the Light and to be the full manifestation of our Father-Mother God’s Love. The Immaculate Concept of that desire has been encoded as a portion of the Divine Potential within every evolving soul’s RNA and DNA genetic structures.

Prior to our first embodiment, Mother Mary and Archangel Gabriel promised to come through the veil to meet us halfway when it was time for our I AM Presence to fulfill Its heart’s desire in the world of form. In the freedom of their full God-radiation, these Keepers of the Flame of the Immaculate Concept promised that when the time was at hand, they would flash into our consciousness the remembrance of the vows we took in the Heart of God before even this world was. They promised to remind us of the Immaculate Concept of our Divine Purpose and to help us remember the capacity we have within our lifestreams to fulfill that purpose. The time is NOW!

Through Mother Mary and Archangel Gabriel’s Divine Intervention in 2005, our I AM Presence will help each of us reach a state of Listening Grace. Then, we will be able to hear the words of our I AM Presence and feel the flash of Illumination, as we experience the Sacred Fire of the Immaculate Concept. This will be our sustaining power, as we proceed day by day through our Transfiguration.

As the momentum builds throughout the year, our confidence and trust in ourselves will increase, and the guidance of our I AM Presence will become more and more obvious. We will remain at peace within the reality and wisdom of this glorious aspect of our own Divinity, and we will experience the indescribable Light of both Faith and Inner Knowing.

Through the Immaculate Concept of our Transfiguration, our physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies will be lifted into their full capacity as Temples of the Living God. The Immortal Victorious Threefold Flames within our hearts will grow in power and might, and they will reverberate with a paean of praise and thanksgiving for this gift of Supreme Grace. The Eternal Light of our own Divinity will expand in a rhythmic pulsation of adoration to the omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent Cosmic I AM—All That Is.

With every breath we take, a protective Forcefield of Transfiguring Divine Love will form around us, emanating its perfume to all Life. As this gentle coaxing floods the Earth, Humanity’s awakening will be accelerated. The Divine Truth that the whole of Creation is assisting us with our Transfiguration process will become common knowledge in the hearts and minds of awakening souls everywhere.

As Humanity’s awakening increases, every soul will seek greater understanding and ultimate freedom from the manipulation and control of their lower human egos. The Love OF God and FOR God will become a predominate feeling in our hearts and a knowing in our minds. Then, we will recognize that Divine Intelligence is not outside of ourselves, but rather, it exists in every atom and cell of our Earthly vehicles.

Through this Transfiguration process, the Immortal Victorious Threefold Flames within our hearts will expand, and the shadows of the world will dissolve. The base substance of the maladies existing on Earth will be purified through the Divine Alchemy of the Sacred Fire. When that occurs, our human egos will be permanently raised up in energy, vibration and consciousness into the loving embrace of our Mighty I AM Presence.

If we will hold the power and focus of our attention on the Divine Service of Mother Mary and Archangel Gabriel throughout 2005, they will convey to each of us the full magnitude of the Divine Potential pulsating within the Flame of the Immaculate Concept. The natural purity of consciousness and power of Light contained within this gift from God will prevent the contamination of the outer world from distracting us from our Divine Missions during this critical and vitally important year.

The Transfiguration of our Earthly bodies will allow our I AM Presence to take greater dominion of our thoughts, words, actions and feelings. Then, our human egos will not be able to interfere with the perfect expression of our minds, bodies or spirits.

Mother Mary and Archangel Gabriel cannot interfere with our free will, but in 2005 they will assist our I AM Presence the maximum that Cosmic Law will allow in using our faculties of thought and feeling in the ways they were intended. The original Divine Intent of these faculties was to empower Humanity in cocreating the Light and Perfection of our Father-Mother God.

Through our gifts of thought and feeling, we have the ability and power to magnify anything that we choose to accept as real. We can magnify the appearance of poverty, disease, war, hatred, corruption and all manner of distress, or we can magnify the Divine Potential and the Limitless Physical Perfection pulsating in every Heart Flame.

This is a mathematical and scientific principle that all Humanity is subject to; no one can escape this fact. Our thoughts and feelings are magnetic. Whatever we focus on through our thoughts, words, actions or feelings, we magnify and draw into our lives. When our hearts and minds connect with any outer-world event, our Lifeforce flows from our Heart Flames into the situation, and it grows. This is true whether the event adds to the Light of the world or to the shadows.

Any person, place, condition or thing we focus our attention on is magnified in our own consciousness and our inner and outer worlds as well. This means that, daily and hourly, we can either magnify the shadows and distresses appearing on the screen of Life, or we can magnify the Divinity within every Heart Flame. By focusing our attention and energy on the God within every evolving soul, we can cocreate a positive vision of what we want to manifest in our lives and in the world. If we will hold our attention on the Divinity within every person’s heart and the positive alternatives we want to cocreate in the world, our lives will be Transfigured.

By commanding our I AM Presence to receive and magnify only God’s Divine Love, Power, Wisdom, Qualities and Attributes, our human egos will be raised up. Then, their fear-based compulsion to rule our lives will subside. They will release their paralyzing grip and willingly surrender to the Light of God within our hearts.

Humanity must learn the discipline of controlling our thoughts and feelings, as well as the focus of our attention. This must be done in order for us to transform this sweet Earth and all her Life into the perfection of Heaven on Earth. Developing this skill is a critical factor in our Transfiguration process. Both Mother Mary and Archangel Gabriel will be assisting us with a rare opportunity to master this skill in 2005.

When we perpetually turn our attention to the patterns of perfection we want to manifest in our lives and the world, we magnetize the healing and peace of our I AM Presence. Through this aspect of our own Divinity, the Light of God flows into our visualizations and all of the situations at hand. This Transfiguring Light then flows into the patterns of perfection, empowering them without limit, and the appearance of imperfection that conflicts with those patterns disappears. When this process is done systematically, day after day, we build a positive power within our consciousness that transcends the appearance of negativity or adversity of any kind.

Remember, our fears manifest the very things that frighten us. Instead of empowering our fears, we must focus on the Love, Wisdom and Power of the Mighty I AM Presence blazing in every Heart Flame. By continually doing this, we will magnify the all-encompassing Light of our Father-Mother God into every facet of our lives. The energy and up-reaching consciousness of God’s Divine Light conducts Divine Love, Healing, Supply, Protection, Peace and every other quality or attribute of God through our Heart Flames into the world of form.

It is time for Humanity to stop magnifying the appearance world. Together we can magnify the limitless perfection contained within the Causal Body of God. The reality of things to come through our unified efforts and the focus of our attention on the patterns of perfection in the Causal Body of God are glorious to behold.

All of the great and miraculous things men and women have done throughout the Ages have been accomplished because they were conductors of God’s Light. By disciplining our hearts and minds and allowing our feelings and thoughts to reflect the uplifting, healing, omnipresent consciousness of All That Is, we will become mighty conductors of Divine Light as well.

Mother Mary and Archangel Gabriel have enveloped the Earth and all her Life in the full embrace of the Flame of the Immaculate Concept in preparation for the assistance that will be rendered to Humanity from On High in 2005. These selfless Beings of Light will guide each of us through this Transfiguration process as the year unfolds step by step. Invoke their assistance and ask for their guidance. Then listen to your heart and hear the still small voice within. Your I AM Presence is available to you now as never before. Open your heart and mind to this wondrous aspect of your true God Reality, and experience the joy of your newfound Freedom.

In closing, I would like to mention that Mother Mary’s Divine Complement is Archangel Raphael, the Angel of Illumined Truth and Healing, and Archangel Gabriel’s Divine Complement is Archaii Hope, the Angel of Hope and Divine Expectations. Both of these selfless Beings of Light will be assisting Mother Mary and Archangel Gabriel to accomplish their Divine Missions throughout the year. I encourage you to invoke their guidance and Divine Intervention also.

Create a Glorious New Year and Expect Miracles!

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