Anchoring the 5th Dimension

April 2007

Anchoring the 5th Dimension

by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

2007 is an amazing Cosmic Moment in the evolution of this sweet Earth, and opportunities for positive change have never been more prevalent. The Company of Heaven is communicating this Truth through every conceivable Open Door, and this realization is flowing through the hearts and minds of Lightworkers around the world.

In our last newsletter, I shared with you the opportunity that is being presented to each of us for the integration of our 5th-Dimensional Solar Light Bodies and our mighty I AM Presence. This is a process that is unfolding day by day, and the energy, vibration and consciousness of our physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies is being accelerated in every 24-hour period the maximum that Cosmic Law will allow.

In August 2007, the Light of God will flow through Humanity"s more rarefied Earthly Bodies and create an upward rush of energy that will lift every soul who is resisting the Light and those who are caught up in the negativity surfacing to be healed. This merciful act of Divine Intervention and Grace will allow this planet and ALL her Life to move a quantum leap forward on the Spiral of Evolution.

The next step, after the God Victorious accomplishment of that phase of the Divine Plan, will be to anchor these frequencies of the 5th Dimension into the Crystal Grid System of Earth. This activity of Light will allow the patterns of perfection from the Causal Body of God to begin tangibly manifesting in the physical world of form. These are the patterns that we have always known would one day be the true reality of our Earthly existence. These are the patterns of Heaven on Earth—the patterns of the New Earth.

This will be a global activity, and Lightworkers around the world will be guided by their I AM Presence as to how they will most effectively serve as an Instrument of God to fulfill this facet of the Divine Plan. We at the New Age Study of Humanity"s Purpose, Inc. have been asked by the Company of Heaven to cocreate a sacred pilgrimage of Lightworkers that will anchor the 5th-Dimensional energies into the Crystal Grid System along the Heart Meridian of the Divine Feminine in the body of Mother Earth.

The path that we will follow was empowered by the full manifestation of our Mother God in ancient times. In order for the New Earth to reflect the full capacity of the Divine Feminine and the full potential of the Infinite Love of our Mother God, this meridian must be reactivated. It is critical that this Heart Meridian within Earth"s Crystal Grid System be infused with the 5th-Dimensional frequencies of our Mother God"s Solar Heart Chakra if She is to reclaim perfect balance with the Divine Masculine and our Father God.

There will be Lightworkers who receive the Heart Call to be physically present on this sacred pilgrimage. There will also be Lightworkers who unite with us in consciousness from myriad sacred sites and various locations around the world.

I am going to share with you the path we will take on our sacred pilgrimage, so that even if you are not with us physically you can join in consciousness and be a powerful Instrument of God for this vital facet of the Divine Plan from wherever you are on the face of the Earth.

Our sacred pilgrimage will involve a seven-day Mediterranean Cruise followed by a seven-day tour of the South of France. It will take place October 15-29, 2007. The tour will begin on October 15th in Barcelona, Spain. We will stay in a delightful Spanish hacienda-style hotel south of the city. On October 16th, after a half-day tour of Barcelona, we will embark on our Mediterranean Cruise.

Days 1-7: This part of our sacred pilgrimage will take place on the NEW, incredible Italian cruise ship called The Costa Concordia, from the Costa Cruise Lines. During our seven-day adventure, we will sail into the ports of Palma on Mallorca, Tunis, Malta, Palermo in Sicily, Rome, Savona in northern Italy and back to Barcelona.

Each morning we will gather together on the ship to align with our mission for the day. The Company of Heaven will guide us step by step through our pilgrimage. As we walk on Holy Ground in each of the locations where we land, the acupuncture point along that portion of the Heart Meridian will be activated.

Following that glorious experience, we will continue to the Pyrenees and the Cathar region of southern France. Here is a synopsis of the trip:

DAY 8 : Montserrat - a fantastic mountain-top monastery, which has a great boys" choir everyday. It"s awesome and will probably be the most important site in northern Spain.

DAY 9 : Montsegur visit - the remains of the primary castle and place of the last stand of the Cathars. Overnight among the small, very beautiful 13th-century villages of the Aude region.

DAY 10 : A gentle day visiting beautiful and historic Limoux with its famous winery where monks are said to have first conceived the concept of sparkling wine. Visit caves where wine is matured. Overnight in the Aude region.

DAY 11 : Drive to historic Cathar/Knights Templar town of Castelnaudery for sight-seeing and local speciality lunch of Cassoulet - the origin of the casserole dish. Afternoon visit to explore old city of Carcassonne - world"s largest fortified town with real ‘Disney-like" 13th-century castle. Overnight in Carcassonne.

DAY 12 : Drive to Rennes Ie Bain to enjoy the Roman baths and hot mineral springs. Afternoon and evening - visit the church “La Madeleine” in Rennes Le Chateau, dedicated to Mary Magdalene and the Divine Feminine, possible site of the Holy Grail - see Da Vinci Code (Abbe Sauniere - Priory of Sion). After dinner at local restaurant, we will have a special visit to secret location for Divine Feminine meditation. Overnight in Carcassonne.

DAY 13 : Aique Mortes - 3-hours" drive to lunch in this unique and ancient village in the Camargue - famed place of gypsies and wild horses. Visil Ste Marie, said to be the landing place of Mary Magdalene and Joseph of Arimathea. ­ beach meditation. Farewell group dinner. Overnight in Lourdes

DAY 14 : Depart in the morning - arrive in Toulouse by noon. This is the end of the tour. Easy access to Paris or Barcelona for your return trip home.

Our dear friends, Raj and Suzanne from Australia, will be taking reservations and making arrangements for this trip. They are wonderful and have cocreated celestial pilgrimages for us in the past. This is going to be a life-transforming adventure.

We will all be in our right and perfect place for this part of the monumental changes that are taking place this year. Listen to your heart, and ask your I AM Presence to guide you. You will know exactly how you can best add to the Light of the world in 2007.

Space is limited for this sacred pilgrimage. If you feel the Heart Call to join us physically on this mission, please make your reservations as soon as possible.

For details on costs and to register please go to the website:

You may also contact Raj and Suzanne by E-mail at: or

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