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The Secret Power of Human Vision
Patricia Cota-Robles

Dear One,

 These days, we can see clearly the widespread suffering that is a result of conflicts arising from erroneous beliefs of separation and duality… 

 And we can choose to bring forth New Earth solutions by connecting to the Higher Self, tuning in to the Light, and allowing the Divine energy of the Universe to guide our vision. 

 As I’m sure you realize, your view of the world at any given moment in your life has a tremendous effect on what actually unfolds in that moment and how it ultimately affects you. 

 So to support you in learning new ways of looking at the world, ones that have the power to draw enriching experiences to you and allow you to deeply “see,” I offer my video presentation, “The True Power of Light: 

Tuning Your Eyes to More Fully See and Experience.

  It’s one segment of a 3-part free online series featuring myself and my colleagues, world-renowned spiritual teachers Matthew Fox and Sister Jenna, which we’ve developed with the Humanity’s Team organization. It’s called: 

 The Secret Power of Human Vision: 
Discover the Transformative Art of Deeply Seeing 
and Appreciating the World Around You


In my Free Program, you’ll discover how to…

 Use inner and outer light together to fully illuminate the world around you

  • Reach a deeper understanding of the nature of light itself and its role in our human experience
  • “Tune” your vision to the fundamental elements that make up everything in the Universe, allowing you to see everything through that connective lens
  • Use a powerful technique for allowing the Divine energy of the Universe to guide your vision and your interpretation of all you see
  • Tap into your universal connection and allow it to help you move beyond your ego and into deeper levels of compassion and empathy for all you see 

 When you sign up to watch my presentation, you’ll also be provided access to “The ‘Nature’ of Awe: Discover the Deeper Inspiration the Natural World Offers You Every Single Day of Your Life” with Matthew Fox…

 And “What We Have in Karma: The Power of Seeing the World and Everything in it as One Big Organic and Balanced Whole” with Sister Jenna.

 All three programs are free and online, so you can watch them at your convenience and from the comfort of your home. You can find out more about what you’ll discover in each program right here.

I hope you’ll watch the series and discover how to further tune your eyes to the Light.

God Bless You,
Patricia Cota-Robles

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