The Mystical Month of May

May 2006

The Mystical Month of May

by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

In March, we were blessed with a tremendous influx of the Resurrection Flame from the Heart of All That Is. This Sacred Fire, which pulsates with an exquisite Mother-of-Pearl radiance, is a gift of Divine Grace that was given to Humanity by our God Parents after our tragic fall millions of years ago.

The Resurrection Flame was first breathed into the atmosphere of Earth when shadows of distorted thoughts and feelings began taking form in the consciousness of Humanity. At that time, it was clearly perceived by our Father-Mother God that the fruits of our human miscreations would be disease, lack and limitation, decay and all manner of pain and suffering. It was obvious to all of the Powers On High that some means of restoration would have to be provided to assist the fallen Sons and Daughters of God if we were ever to desire to return to our natural God Estate.

The Resurrection Flame is an embodied consciousness of Light with the Divine Intent of serving all Life. In the spring, it blazed through the Elemental Kingdom awakening the hibernating animals and bringing the Nature Kingdom back to life after its long winter respite.

When Humanity invokes this Sacred Fire, it responds by entering our Heart Flames. It blazes through the walls of unbelief, the shells of nonacceptance and the traps of lethargy. As it penetrates into the Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame within our heart-of-hearts, the Resurrection of Divinity occurs.

In the beginning, the Sons and Daughters of God were invested with the full Divine Potential of our Father-Mother God. All that our God Parents have was destined to be ours. Then came the fall.

The precious gift of the Resurrection Flame is empowered with the ability to Resurrect all that was given to us in the beginning. Our God Parents never recant on their covenants with us. Once something is given to the Children of God, it is never taken away. Divine Love, God’s Limitless Abundance, Vibrant Health, Infinite Joy and Happiness and everything else our Father-Mother God gave to us in the beginning are still ours. It is the Children of God who have temporarily pushed our gifts aside.

Because of the need of the hour, the Divine Intelligence within the Resurrection Flame is knocking upon the door of Humanity’s consciousness imploring us to take advantage of this life-transforming gift.

In March, during the Vernal Equinox and the Lunar and Solar Eclipses that occurred on either side of the equinox, the Resurrection Flame was greatly empowered on Earth. Then in April, as people all over the planet focused on various spiritual celebrations including Passover and Easter, that Sacred Fire accelerated into frequencies of Resurrection beyond anything Humanity has ever been able to withstand.

The I AM Presence of every man, woman and child on Earth is now breathing this Sacred Substance into Its Heart Flame. After the Resurrection Flame becomes One with the Heart Flame of the I AM Presence, it is being breathed into the physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies of each person. This is being done with the maximum intensity that Cosmic Law will allow, in perfect alignment with each person’s Divine Plan. When we consciously participate in this process and deliberately invoke the Resurrection Flame to fulfill its mission, our I AM Presence has permission to assist us in far greater ways.

The Divine Intent of this activity of Light is to prepare Humanity, at a cellular level, to withstand the patterns of perfection that will be activated from the Causal Body of God in August. These perfection patterns will fill the voids left behind after the purging that is taking place by the Violet Flame this year.

In 2006, Saint Germain and the Legions of Light associated with the Violet Flame are offering to be the Open Door for an unprecedented 5th-Dimensional activity of the Violet Flame. This event is designed to greatly assist Humanity in our Ascension process.

Through the unified efforts of Lightworkers all over the world, the new frequencies of the Violet Flame are increasing on Earth moment by moment. This activity of Light is cleansing the Earth in unparalleled ways, and it is paving the way for the next phase of the Divine Plan. This event will take place on the sacred Island of Kauai in Hawaii during the 20th Annual World Congress on Illumination, August 12-17, 2006.

Kauai is known as the Garden Isle, and it contains within its Etheric records The Immaculate Concept or Divine Blueprint of the Garden of Eden. These Etheric records contain the archetypes of the pristine beauty that Mother Earth was invested with in the beginning and the Divine Potential of what she will reclaim when she Ascends into her rightful place on the Spiral of Evolution in the 5th Dimension. Mother Earth’s Divine Potential contains not only the archetypes of her own perfection but the perfection of every Human Being and every Elemental and Angel evolving upon her.

When frequencies of discord are transmuted into Light by the Violet Flame, a void is left where the discord previously existed. In order to prevent more discord from filling that void, the space must be filled and sealed with Light. The Beings of Light have indicated that the greatest need of the hour is for Lightworkers to fill the monumental voids being created through the purging being accomplished by the Violet Flame. They said that the most effective and life-transforming way of sealing these voids is by filling them with the original patterns of perfection destined for Mother Earth and all her Life. These are the patterns of perfection from the Causal Body of God that are contained within the Etheric records of the Garden of Eden.

The glorious assistance we are being given by the Resurrection Flame at this time is designed to Resurrect and recalibrate our Earthly Bodies to frequencies that will align with the crystalline perfection of our Solar Light Bodies. These frequencies will be able to withstand the activation of the archetypes of the Garden of Eden that will be God Victoriously accomplished in August, thus fulfilling this facet of the Divine.

Daily and hourly, this consecrated Resurrection Flame is gently raising the vibratory rate of Humanity’s Earthly bodies into the embrace of our crystalline Solar Light Bodies.

As this process unfolds day by day, there are additional steps of preparation destined to take place in the mystical month of May. The month of May is always a very spiritual and powerful time. This year, we have a unique opportunity to utilize the gifts of May to increase our ability to add to the Light of the world.

May is considered a very mystical month because of several activities of Light that take place during this time. The 1st of May is known as Saint Germain’s Ascension Day. On this day every year, Saint Germain and the Legions of the Violet Flame bless the Earth with an influx of the Violet Flame of Freedom’s Love. Since Saint Germain has been given permission to bless Humanity with unprecedented 5th-Dimensional frequencies of the Violet Flame for the entire year, this May we will receive even greater blessings.

Every year, throughout the month of May, Mother Mary’s Temple of The Immaculate Heart is opened in the Inner Realms. This May, as we sleep at night, our I AM Presence will draw us into Mother Mary’s Focus of Light in our finer bodies. Once we are there, we will receive a special blessing from Mother Mary to increase our ability to serve the Light.

During this critical time on Earth, Mother Mary is working tenaciously to help each of us expand and balance the Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame in our hearts. Since the return of our Mother God, who is the Feminine Aspect of Deity within each of us, this balancing process has been gradually unfolding according to each of our Divine Plans. Now it is time for this process to take a quantum leap forward within every Heart Flame.

The masculine and feminine polarities of our Father-Mother God are both necessary in order for us or any facet of Life to exist. This is true whether we are talking about a grain of sand, a flower, a Human Being or a Solar System. Both polarities must be present for life to exist, but for life to thrive and to reach its highest Divine Potential, both polarities must not only be present, they must be balanced.

Originally, the masculine and feminine polarities of God were balanced within every evolving Human Being. The masculine polarity of our Father God blazed into our left-brain hemispheres activating our rational, logical minds. Then it expanded into every cell and organ of our bodies through the power center of our Throat Chakras. The Light from our Father God is sapphire blue and forms the blue Flame of Power within the Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame pulsating in our hearts.

In the beginning, the feminine polarity of our Mother God blazed into our right-brain hemispheres activating our creative, intuitive minds. Then it expanded into every cell and organ of our bodies through the love center of our Heart Chakras. The Light from our Mother God is crystalline pink and forms the pink Flame of Love within the Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame in our hearts.

When our right- and left-brain hemispheres are balanced and the masculine power of our Father God in our Throat Chakras is balanced with the feminine love of our Mother God in our Heart Chakras, the pink and blue Flames merge and become one magnificent Violet Flame. This Violet Flame activates our spiritual brain centers, our pituitary, pineal and hypothalamus glands and the ganglionic centers at the base of our brains. When our brain centers are activated, our Crown Chakras of Enlightenment open to full breadth, and we experience the birth of Christ Consciousness.

The yellow-gold Light from our Christ Self, the true planetary Child of God, then blazes through our Crown Chakras into every cell and organ of our bodies and forms the gold Flame of Wisdom within the Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame in our hearts.

The blue, pink and gold Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame in every heart is the perfect manifestation of the Holy Trinity. It is the Divine Balance of our Father God’s Power, our Mother God’s Love, which is also referred to as the Holy Spirit, and the Son or Daughter of God’s Wisdom, which is often referred to as the Christ. This is the very essence of the Immaculate Heart in every evolving soul.

As we enter the Temple of the Immaculate Heart during the month of May, Beloved Mother Mary will embrace each of us in her loving arms. With her embrace, she will awaken within each of us the remembrance of our sojourn in her sacred temple prior to this embodiment. We will remember that we came to Earth during this Cosmic Moment with but one desire, to do God’s Will. We will understand that we volunteered to be powerful Instruments of God during this critical time and that we have been training for aeons of time for this mission. We will also remember that we promised to be the full manifestation of Divine Love while serving the Light in this embodiment.

With Mother Mary’s assistance, we will remember that we chose to bring a portion of the Divine Plan, encoded within our Heart Flames, through the veil of physical birth. She will remind us of the vow she took to come and assist us at the time of the fulfillment of our missions. Mother Mary will also help us to remember the capacity we have within our Lifestreams to fulfill our Divine Purpose with dignity, honor and victory.

During the holy month of May, Mother Mary will assist our I AM Presence to expand the Chalice of our Immaculate Hearts, which cradles our Immortal Victorious Threefold Flames. The expansion of the Chalice of our Immaculate Hearts will allow our Heart Flames to finally be brought into perfect balance.

As this occurs, our Heart Flames will blaze forth as a great Transfiguring force of Divinity within us. We will become aware of the Presence of God in every cell and atom of our Beings. This will pave the way for the integration of the perfection of our crystalline Solar Light Bodies into our physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies.

Functioning within the frequencies of our Solar Light Bodies, we will be able to consciously magnify the Divinity within ourselves and all Life until our up-reaching consciousness conducts the substance of Divine Love, Healing, Prosperity, Peace, Joy and Happiness into the world of form. All of this will further prepare Humanity and Beloved Mother Earth for the influx of Light that will fill the voids with the patterns of perfection and assist in transforming this blessed planet into the Garden of Eden she is destined to be.

Your I AM Presence has magnetized this information into your sphere of awareness for a reason. You have been preparing for aeons of time to be an Instrument of God during this facet of the Divine Plan. Know that the more Lightworkers who are physically present for this miraculous Activity of Light in Kauai, the more powerful our Chalice of Light will be and the more Light we will be able to transmit into the physical plane of Earth to assist in fulfilling this unprecedented facet of the Divine Plan. Listen to your heart, and ask your I AM Presence to reveal to you how your Divine Presence will most effectively assist in this wondrous opportunity to selflessly serve the Light.

We will all be in our right and perfect place during this Cosmic Moment. Even if you feel that you are not being called to be physically present in Kauai, please feel your magnificent Light being woven into this Divine Plan by your I AM Presence. Wherever you are on the face of the Earth during this sacred event, you will be joining with us in consciousness and assisting the unfolding process from afar.

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