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The Beings of Light are sharing new information with us from the Realms of Illumined Truth. As they do, our I AM Presence will help us comprehend the significance of the things that are happening in our lives by empowering us to “see with new eyes and hear with new ears.” Dear One, as you read these words please go within and perceive this information through the Flame of Truth pulsating in your Heart.


February 1, 2022, is the New Moon that is celebrated by billions of people around the World as the Lunar New Year. In 2022, the Lunar New Year is considered the “Year of the Tiger” which symbolizes both rebirth and reinvigoration. With this greatly amplified Light flowing through the Collective Cup of Humanity’s Unified Consciousness, the way is being prepared for the unique experiences Awakened Humanity will Cocreate with our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven as we pass through the Portal of Light known as the Aquarian Gateway.  This Portal will open on February 2, 2022 and our passage will be complete on February 22, 2022.


During that powerful timeframe, we will experience a very rare numerical frequency that will assist in catapulting Mother Earth and ALL her Life through the powerful Aquarian Gateway into frequencies of Light that will assist in accelerating Humanity’s Awakening process. The rare numerical frequency of February 2, 2022 consists of five consecutive 2’s = 22222. The Master Number 22 pulsates with the impetus of POWER ON ALL PLANES AND THE ABILITY TO CHANGE THE COURSE OF HISTORY. The Master Number consisting of five 2’s, will amplify the Divine Potential of the Master Number 22 one-thousand fold.


This extraordinary influx of Divine Potential will then build in momentum for 21 days. On February 22, 2022, we will be blessed with an even higher influx of Light through the rare numerical frequency of six consecutive 2”s = 222222. That numerical frequency will amplify the Divine Potential of the Master Number 22 ten-thousand fold. On that day, we will complete our passage through the Aquarian Gateway.


The Company of Heaven has revealed that since the obsolete paradigms from the past have now been dismantled, and awe-inspiring shifts of energy, vibration and consciousness have taken place within our Earthly Bodies since the Birth of this New Decade, Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth will be able to benefit from this unprecedented opportunity in miraculous ways. The key to our success will be our willingness to stay focused on the Light as we choose to empower through our Creative faculties of Thought and Feeling only the Love-based patterns we want to empower and Cocreate for our Earthly experiences.


As a word of encouragement, the Company of Heaven wants us to know they are very aware of the fact that in many instances outer-world appearances have convinced people that in spite of the myriad Activities of Light they have helped us to Cocreate since the Birth of this New Decade, nothing seems to have changed and at times things even seem to be getting worse. Our Father-Mother God assure us that nothing could be further from the Truth. The Divine Intent of the information being shared with us today is to help us understand what is actually happening in our lives.


The challenge is that we are in the midst of Earth’s Ascension process which means we are literally walking with our feet in both Worlds. The vast majority of us are vacillating between the etheric memories of what we believed to be true in the 3rd-Dimensional frequencies of separation and duality on the old Earth, and the Sacred Knowledge of the 5th-Dimensional Heart-based patterns of Oneness and Reverence for all Life on the New Earth.


Many of us are conscientiously striving to focus on the Truth of our New Reality which is what our I AM Presence is intuitively revealing to us now. Unfortunately, out of habit, we keep defaulting back to our old fears, beliefs and behavior patterns because that is what is most familiar to us. Since our Thoughts and Feelings are Creative, when we default to our old patterns we sustain and empower the very things we are striving to Transcend. As the saying goes, “Where our attention is, there we are.”


The Beings of Light said that Humanity’s greatest fear is that if we make the dramatic shift from what we thought was Truth to what is actually Truth everything will fall apart in our life and we won’t be able to recover. THAT particular fear is exactly what our fragmented and fear-based human ego has counted on in order to keep us trapped in its oppressive grip for aeons of time.


During this Cosmic Moment, the Company of Heaven wants us to realize that EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED. WE ARE NOW AWAKE!  Our I AM Presence has integrated into our Earthly Bodies and our human ego no longer has the ability to manipulate us subconsciously the way it used to. The only thing that is preventing us from moving forward in the Light are the memories of the fear-based patterns of separation and duality that we are choosing to empower through our thoughts, feelings, words, actions, memories and beliefs.


The Beings of Light are now revealing that with the changes we have all recently experienced, we are in the best position we have ever been in to make the Quantum Shift from the 3rd-Dimensional  illusions of separation and duality into the profound 5th-Dimensional Truth of Oneness and Reverence for ALL Life. This has provided the sacred space for our I AM Presence to be able to wipe clean the equivalent of the Hard Drive in our Etheric Body which contains those grossly mutated patterns from our past. Our Etheric Body is where the records and memories from our entire Earthly sojourn are recorded.  


Love is Eternal, so any thought, feeling, word, action, memory or belief we have ever expressed in any timeframe or dimension, both known or unknown, that is based in Love is permanently encoded in our Etheric Records and our Causal Body.


Now, however, since we have completed the learning experiences from our 3rd-Dimensional plunge into the abyss of separation and duality, the records and memories we either deliberately or inadvertently Created that were not based in Love are no longer relevant. This has Created the opportunity for our I AM Presence to finally be able to wipe clean the Hard Drive in our Etheric Body on which our misguided thoughts and feelings from the past are recorded. This will be God Victoriously accomplished by each person’s I AM Presence as we collectively Ascend through the Portal of the Aquarian Gateway in February.


Our Father-Mother God have affirmed that once the process of wiping clean the Hard Drives containing Humanity’s distorted beliefs in separation and duality has been completed by each person’s I AM Presence, it will be far easier than ever before for all of us to stay focused on the Light and to resist being pulled back into the obsolete patterns of our past fears and counterproductive behavior patterns.


Then each of us will have the ability to program our pristine Hard Drive with the Heart-based patterns we want to Cocreate in our life. Through our positive free will choices our efforts will be unimpeded by our fears and the illusions of separation and duality. The Light-filled and Heart-based 5th-Dimensional patterns for the New Earth are infinitely more powerful than the distorted patterns of separation and duality that we used to manifest so easily. 


We are being told by the Beings of Light that if we stay focused on our I AM Presence and what we want to Cocreate through our focused attention and our Divine Intensions, we will see that it is easier than ever before to prevent ourselves from defaulting back to our destructive habits and the patterns we mistakenly chose to empower that are not based in Love.


Precious Heart, in order to assist your I AM Presence during this extremely powerful time the Beings of Light are encouraging all of us to monitor our thoughts and feelings as well as our behavior patterns. The things we are being told to watch for are: any beliefs that indicate we are somehow a victim, or any of our responses that reflect fear, anger, hatred, an “us against them” attitude, failure, disappointment, desperation, a desire to respond violently, a willingness to harm any part of life, or any other behavior that is not based in Love. Those responses to any of our life experiences will ALWAYS be in opposition to the Inner Guidance from our I AM Presence.


If any of those obsolete patterns come up for you, don’t judge yourself. Simply recognize them and invoke the Violet Flame to Transmute that energy back into Light. Then ask your I AM Presence to intuitively Guide you so that you can respond from a Heart-based place with Love.


There is an expression that states, “The price for Freedom is eternal vigilance.” This is definitely true when we are striving to improve what we are empowering with our thoughts, feelings, words, actions, memories and beliefs. So be consistent and pay attention moment to moment. Do not give up. This is an unprecedented opportunity; please do not let it pass you by.


During our Weekly Vlogs throughout February, the Company of Heaven will guide us through various Activities of Light that will assist us with this vitally important facet of the Divine Plan. If you do not automatically receive our Vlogs you can sign up to receive them free of charge on our website


God Bless You,
Patricia Cota-Robles


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