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December 2006


by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

Last week the Earth was bathed with a colossal influx of 5th-Dimensional Ultraviolet Light. This shaft of Light interpenetrated every electron of precious Life energy for approximately 17 hours. This powerful influx of Light accelerated one-millionfold the Etheric frequencies of the mental and emotional strata of Earth. During that time, this acceleration had the effect of amplifying Humanity"s thoughts and emotions one-millionfold as well.

Lightworkers around the world took advantage of this rare opportunity and empowered hopes and dreams for themselves and for all Life on this sweet Earth. Now what should we anticipate from this gift of Light? How can we expand the beneficial effects?

The Beings of Light from the Realms of Illumined Truth have been telling us for a long time about the Cosmic Shafts of Light or Etheric Ultraviolet Beams and how they will one day benefit the Earth. These Shafts of Light vibrate with frequencies from the 5th Dimension and even far beyond the 5th Dimension. UNTIL NOW, the Ultraviolet Shafts of Light have been above the reach of the evolutions of Earth.

Over the past few years Humanity has aligned with our 5th-Dimensional Solar Spines and our 5th-Dimensional Solar Chakras, and Mother Earth has aligned with her 5th-Dimensional Solar Axis and Solar Meridians or Crystal Grid System. This has allowed the Earth and ALL her Life to Ascend further up the Spiral of Evolution. We can now withstand more Light than ever

before. Consequently, for the very first time, we were able to safely experience the monumental influx of Light from the Etheric Ultraviolet Beam.

What we experienced last week is just the beginning of these awesome influxes of Light that will move this planet up the Spiral of Evolution by quantum leaps and bounds.

This Cosmic event opened a multidimensional doorway into the Divine Heart and Mind of our omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent Father-Mother God, All That Is. A unique moment in time was created in which the focused attention and positive expectations of millions of people around the world had the ability to change the course of history.

News of this powerful opportunity spread like wildfire through the Internet, which set the stage for a quantum shift in the consciousness of Humanity. People throughout the world became aware of this astronomical and global phenomenon, and millions participated with great enthusiasm and expectation.

Now people are asking: What happened? How will this influx of Light affect us now? What should we anticipate? How will this personally affect my family and me? Will this event change who I am or how I live? Will it result in peace and abundance in the world? Will there be cataclysmic Earth changes? Will it change the way people think and feel about each other? What will this event actually mean in the overall scheme of things on Planet Earth?

As usual, there is a plethora of speculation. People have predicted everything ranging from the instant manifestation of Heaven on Earth to the catastrophic end of the world. The Truth is, this was a new experience for Planet Earth, and not even our Father-Mother God or the Company of Heaven know exactly how Humanity will utilize this influx of Light to physically change the Earth. The end result will be determined by Humanity and how we choose to use our free will and our creative faculties of thought and feeling to utilize this Light and to integrate the patterns of perfection from the Heart and Mind of God. In other words, the effectiveness of this Light is up to you and me and people everywhere.

One thing is assured, however. This influx of Light has the potential of transforming the way Humanity thinks and feels. This Ultraviolet Light accelerated Humanity"s awakening process and brought us into closer alignment with our God Selves, our I AM Presence. It created a new, easier pathway for Earth"s Ascension into the 5th Dimension.

The important thing for Humanity to remember now is that we are ALL Sons and Daughters of God, and it is our Divine Birthright, our responsibility and our obligation to cocreate this physical reality. WE are the ones who will determine the results of this incredible blessing of Light.

The Ultraviolet Light bathed every person on the planet, but it takes time for the effects of the Light to filter into the outer world. This will occur in Divine Timing for each person, and no two people are the same. That is why these events never result in instantaneous global

transformation. Instead, they unfold gradually according to each person"s Divine Plan, each person"s conscious participation in the process and each person"s willingness to be the Open Door through which the Light of God will flow to cocreate the new patterns of perfection on Earth.

We must not let unrealistic expectations determine what we perceive to be the success or failure of this Cosmic event. One thing we have experienced in this lifetime that compares to this event is Harmonic Convergence, which took place August 15-17, 1987. During that event, people all over the world were expecting all sorts of miraculous changes too. When people woke up on August 18, 1987, and things seemed the same, many people were disappointed and classified the event as a New Age hoax. In reality\,

nothing could be further from the Truth.

Harmonic Convergence resulted in the greatest influx of Light the Earth had ever experienced up to that point. It paved the way for Earth"s Ascension off the Wheel of Karma and back onto the Spiral of Evolution. It began the initial reactivation of the Earth"s Crystal Grid System and created the environment for our Ascension into the 4th Dimension and the activation of Humanity"s Twelvefold 4th-Dimensional Solar Spines. The Light that poured into the planet during Harmonic Convergence awakened a full range of capacities within Humanity and moved us a quantum leap toward our global awakening.

If you have any doubts about that, just observe your own personal growth, and see how you have matured spiritually since 1987. Pay attention to how your heart, your thoughts and your life have changed since that time. How many awakened people do you know now compared to the number you knew back then? How has your own direction changed? How have you moved closer to the fulfillment of your Divine Plan, your purpose and reason for being?

The powerful waves of 5th Dimensional Ultraviolet Light that we will experience over the next few years will be even more life changing and more globally transforming than Harmonic Convergence. Because of the acceleration of time, and because there are millions more people awake now than there were in 1987, these influxes of Light will manifest much more

quickly in the physical plane than the changes that took place after Harmonic Convergence.

With that KNOWING, ask your I AM Presence and the entire Company of Heaven

to guide you carefully, step by step through this process, so you will be

the most effective Instrument of God you are capable of being during this

unique time. Together we will change the world.

During the next several months, while you are integrating the Light that has just bathed the planet, allow your thoughts and feelings to be filled with an alertness, enthusiasm and a Divine Intelligence that is forever open and pliable. Do not allow your thinking to become fossilized\,

stagnant or obsolete. Know that your heart and mind are continual miracles of advancement and spiritual development.

The effects of this Light will lead Humanity to deep and previously unknown possibilities within the human mind and will eventually open each of us to complete spiritual development.

Stay focused on the present, and glorify your every breath, thought, word, action and feeling. Live your visions, and empower them with Love, Gratitude and a deep Reverence for Life. Live each moment as you desire the future to be, and KNOW that the future will fulfill your desires.

With courage and faith we are going to meet this great destiny, and our Divine Purpose will become our every thought, word and deed. We are embarking on a New Day, which will result in our full mental and spiritual attainment.

Through our visions and spiritual desires in the present, we will cocreate the future and release the shadows of the past. Our desires and visions of Heaven on Earth will bring astounding results through our newly activated hearts and minds.

During this momentous time, we must daily and hourly fill our minds so full of visions and desires for Heaven on Earth and so full of Prayers, Hope and Love for Humanity that there is no room for anything else.

Our super conscious minds and our conscious minds are becoming One, opening us to full awareness and giving us the potential of mastery in any field of achievement.

The effects of this blessing of Ultraviolet Light are now filtering into the physical plane of Earth. As we integrate this Light, we will attain new levels of Divine Consciousness. We will experience a majestic calmness and control over our lives. We will revel in a joy and glory beyond anything we ever imagined. We will have confidence that the glory of our Divine Plans will continue forever and ever, and our discordant thoughts of the past will be no more. Our Divine Consciousness will create our destiny.

Divine Consciousness opens us to God and brings us in tune with the Universe. Through Divine Consciousness, we can reach into Eternity and gather from the Universe the unformed primal Light substance that will fulfill our desires and visions.

The more we use this Light to empower our visions, thoughts and feelings with Divine Consciousness and our heart desires, the faster they will manifest in our lives. Remember, intense desire carries within it the power of fulfillment. Everything that has blocked us in the past from attaining our goals, every impossible, insurmountable barrier will crumble before this Ultraviolet Light and our intense heart desires.

Nothing is impossible within the Light. It is the key to progress and eternal power.

Through the victory of this Ultraviolet Light from the Core of Creation, we will be able to tap into our full Divine Power and Potential. Our hearts and minds will be aflame with inspiration and Love, and we will know that the power to overcome all adversity pulsates within us.

Stay focused and be here NOW! Remember . . .YOU ARE THE OPEN DOOR


Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

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Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth. The Divine Intent of

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challenging times.

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