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You Can Be the Difference!

by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

January 2009

The overwhelming influx of Light that bathed the planet during the Winter Solstice in December 2008, catapulted the Sons and Daughters of God evolving on Earth further up the Spiral of Evolution. All of Humanity is now able to access higher frequencies of the 5th Dimension than we have ever experienced. This glorious event is providing every person with the ability to cocreate his or her hopes and dreams in record time.

Lightworkers all over the world are aware of this acceleration and the powerful opportunities being presented to us in 2009. This is evident in the vast majority of enlightened articles flooding the Internet.

As the Light of God increases on Earth through our Ascension process, everything that conflicts with that Light is surfacing to be transmuted and healed. All we have to do to confirm this profound Truth is to watch the news or read a newspaper. The vitally important thing for all of us to remember is that the Divine Intent of this intense purging is to clear the way for the manifestation of the New Earth.

All Life is interconnected, interdependent, and interrelated. There is NO separation. This means that in order for the patterns of perfection for the New Earth to manifest in our lives, we must clear the human miscreations that are causing the atrocious pain and suffering we are witnessing everywhere.

It is not God’s intent for Humanity to be destroyed in this cleansing process. Our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven would not be allowing this degree of acceleration if it were going to cause more harm than good.

The current cleansing is being allowed at this extreme pace because our Father-Mother God have given us incredibly powerful tools to transmute the surfacing negativity.

The most powerful tool of all is the Violet Flame. The Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth are revealing to us now that this very moment is providing an unprecedented opportunity for us to utilize this gift from our Father-Mother God. January 10-11, 2009, we experienced the Full Moon as it passed closest to the Earth in its annual orbit. This close passage is called perigee, which is always a very powerful Full Moon.

The number ONE reflects new beginnings, the number ELEVEN is the master number that reflects the transformation of the physical into the Divine. Since 2009 numerically is an 11-year, 2 + 9 = 11, January 10 and 11, 2009, offered us a greatly amplified influx of these Divine Qualities. January 10 was a 1-1-11 day, and January 11 was a 1-11-11 day.

The combined influences of the perigee Full Moon and the one and eleven numerological frequencies for January and the rest of 2009 will greatly empower whatever we focused our attention on. For this reason, the Beings of Light are asking us to invoke the Violet Flame now, and to continue invoking this Sacred Fire throughout 2009. This will allow the negativity that is surfacing all over the world to be quickly transmuted into Light.

This powerful influx of the Violet Flame will also allow the patterns of perfection for the New Earth that are destined to manifest in 2009, to be experienced by all of us as soon as possible. There is a reason why the prophecies of old all talk about the transformation taking place “in the twinkling of an eye.” Let’s all join our hearts and minds and cocreate this rapid transformation by doing the following invocation daily throughout this powerful year.


I now invoke the Goddess of Liberty, the Goddess of Divine Justice, the Goddess of Freedom, the Goddess of Victory, and the Silent Watchers, Mighty Guardians, Cosmic Beings, and Ascended Masters who are assisting Humanity at this time from Inner levels with the establishment of the New Earth.

Blessed Ones, come now, and blaze forth the most powerful cleansing activity of the Violet Flame that Humanity and the Earth are capable of receiving during this Cosmic Moment.

I open the Stargate of my Heart, and I AM instantly the Open Door for the most powerful 5th-Dimensional frequencies of the Violet Transmuting Flame of Forgiveness and Forgetfulness the Earth has ever experienced.

The Violet Flame pulsates through my Heart Flame and blazes in, through, and around all inharmonious actions, all lower human consciousness and all obstructions of the Light that any person, place, condition, or thing has ever placed in the pathway of Life’s perfection.

Through the Divine Power of Forgiveness and Forgetfulness, the Violet Flame Transmutes this discordant energy cause, core, effect, record, and memory NOW and FOREVER.

The Silent Watchers over every country, state, city, town, village, and hamlet on the planet now reach out their great loving arms and raise up a limitless number of souls in every location who are willing to participate in the faithful use of the Violet Transmuting Flame of Mercy and Compassion.

Each of these Lightworkers understands the full importance of this sacred gift now being offered by our Father-Mother God to help free Humanity from all human distresses.

The conscious use of this mighty power from the Heart of God will cause to be established within every one of these places great foci of the Violet Flame, which will continually bathe every person in each vicinity.

Now, through the Clarion Call of the I AM Presence of ALL Humanity and the Legions of Light throughout infinity, the Violet Flame begins to expand and expand.

It merges with the Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame blazing in every person’s heart and explodes into a tremendous Starburst of Light.

This influx of the Violet Flame increases to the intensity and power of a thousand Suns.

Beloved Legions of Light associated with the Violet Flame of Freedom’s Love and Transmutation...

a) Blaze the Light of a thousand Suns through the thoughts, words, actions, and feelings of every man, woman, and child evolving on Earth until every person individually acknowledges and accepts the Immaculate Concept for ALL Life, and every expression is a healing benediction.

b) Blaze the Light of a thousand Suns through all incoming babies, the children, their parents and guardians until ALL youth are raised up in energy, vibration, and consciousness to carry out the directives of their I AM Presence.

c) Blaze the Light of a thousand Suns through all youth centers and activities; all schools, colleges, and universities; all leaders, teachers, instructors, and professors in every line of endeavor until the Flame of God Illumination and Enlightenment is manifest and eternally sustained.

d) Blaze the Light of a thousand Suns through all religious and spiritual teachings, so that Divine Love, Truth, Tolerance, and Universal Sisterhood and Brotherhood will quickly manifest.

e) Blaze the Light of a thousand Suns through all doctors, nurses, healers, hospitals, insurance companies, pharmaceutical conglomerates, and every institution associated with healing of any kind until Divine Mercy, Compassion and Healing are tangible realities for every evolving soul.

f) Blaze the Light of a thousand Suns through all banking and financial institutions, all economic systems, all money and the people associated with monetary interactions of any kind until every person on Earth is openly demonstrating true integrity, honesty, generosity, fairness, abundance, and the God supply of all good things.

g) Blaze the Light of a thousand Suns through all places of incarceration and all employed there, through every correctional institution and every judge, jury, and court of law until Divine Justice is manifest and eternally sustained.

h) Blaze the Light of a thousand Suns through all space activities throughout the world until every nation unites in cooperative service, so that God’s Will may be manifest with our sisters and brothers throughout the Universe.

i) Blaze the Light of a thousand Suns through the physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies of Humanity until all disease and human miscreation, its cause and core, is dissolved and transmuted into purity, vibrant health, and physical perfection.

j) Blaze the Light of a thousand Suns through the food and water industries and through all of the food and water used for human consumption until every particle of food and every molecule of water is filled with Light. Empower this Elemental substance to raise the vibratory action of Humanity’s physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies until physical perfection becomes a sustained manifest reality for every Human Being.

k) Blaze the Light of a thousand Suns through the President of the United States of America, his cabinet, the Senate, and the House of Representatives. Blaze the Light of a thousand Suns through the United Nations and ALL of its members, through ALL world leaders and those associated with the governments of Earth at national, state, and local levels until Divine Government is tangibly manifest and eternally sustained.

l) Blaze the Light of a thousand Suns in, through, and around every remaining electron of precious Life energy until the Immaculate Concept of the New Earth is manifest, and all Life evolving here is wholly Ascended and FREE.

And so it is.

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