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Oct. 2007, Your Light Is Needed Now

by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

From October 15th through October 29th, 2007, every person on the planet has the opportunity to assist in fulfilling a very important part of the unfolding Divine Plan. During these holy days in October, Lightworkers all over the world will volunteer to join forces with the Legions of Light throughout Infinity. Through this unified effort of Heaven and Earth our victory is assured.

Every person is a potential Lightworker, whether he or she realizes that Truth or not. All one has to do to fulfill the role of Lightworker is to ask their I AM Presence to help them be an Open Door for the Light of God. Then by invoking God’s Light into every situation that needs that healing unguent, the person becomes a powerful and deeply appreciated Lightworker.

The mission we are being called to fulfill at this time has been a work in progress since the initial impulse of Humanity"s fall from Grace aeons ago. At that time, Humanity closed our Heart Chakras, so that we would not feel so much pain. This tragic event forced our Mother God to withdraw Her life-sustaining Flame of Divine Love from the Earth and all Life evolving here. This, in turn, caused the balance of the Divine Feminine on this planet to be reduced to a mere trickle of Her original power and influence.

After millions of years, our Mother-God has finally returned. Her Divine Love is gradually expanding through every Heart Flame, and She is reclaiming Her rightful position alongside the Divine Masculine pulsating within every soul.

Now it is time for the next phase of the Divine Plan. This involves reactivating the Heart Meridian within the body of Mother Earth. This Heart Meridian is the pathway through which the Diving Love of our Mother God nourishes and sustains the physical, etheric, mental and emotional strata of Earth. Tragically, since the fall this pathway has been blocked, and for millions of years it has been dimly echoing within the body of Mother Earth.

In order for the Earth to complete her Ascension into the 5th Dimension, it is imperative that this Heart Meridian be opened to full breadth. When this occurs, it will enable every particle of Life to be bathed in the balance of our Mother God’s Divine Love and Reverence for Life, as well as our Father God’s Divine Will and Power.

This influx of Light will perpetuate a quantum shift in Humanity’s energy, vibration and consciousness, and it will catapult Mother Earth and ALL her Life further up the Spiral of Evolution.

This Divine Mission is multifaceted and multidimensional. There will be Lightworkers making a sacred Pilgrimage to the location where this Heart Meridian exists on the planet. They will serve as surrogates on behalf of Humanity and become mighty transformers of Light. As they traverse the sacred pathway of the Heart Meridian, they will function like acupuncture needles, opening the blocked meridian and restoring the flow of Divine Love from our Mother God through the various strata of Earth.

During these sacred days in October, there will also be Lightworkers joining in consciousness from all over the world. These precious Ones will be projecting their Light and Love into the Heart Meridian and weaving their Divine Potential into the mighty Chalice of Light being formed by the Lightworkers on the Pilgrimage. No part of the plan is any more important than another. All of the Lightworkers are vital to the success of this mission. Listen to your heart, and see how you can best serve in this glorious opportunity.

The Pilgrimage is booked solid and there is a waiting list for cancellations, but that does not mean that your Light is not necessary for this mission. Ask your I AM Presence how you can most effectively serve all Life at this moment. You will be guided unerringly, and you will have wonderfully creative ideas on how you and your fellow Lightworkers can add your Light to this facet of the Divine Plan. The possibilities are Infinite. Be the cocreator you are destined to be.

Here is the path we will be taking along the Heart Meridian during our Pilgrimage from October 15-29, 2007. Please join us in consciousness, and project your Light along this pathway in the body of Mother Earth. You are powerful beyond your knowing. Never underestimate your ability to add to the Light of the world.

Our sacred Pilgrimage will begin with a seven-day Mediterranean Cruise followed by a seven-day tour of the South of France. The tour will begin in Barcelona, Spain. On October 16th, after a half-day tour of Barcelona, we will embark on our Mediterranean Cruise.

Days 1-7: This part of our sacred Pilgrimage will take place on the Italian cruise ship called The Costa Concordia, from the Costa Cruise Lines. During our seven-day adventure, we will sail into the ports of Palma on Mallorca, Tunis, Malta, Palermo in Sicily, Rome, Savona in northern Italy and back to Barcelona.

Each morning we will gather together on the ship to align with our mission for the day. The Company of Heaven will guide us step by step through our pilgrimage. As we walk on Holy Ground in each of the locations where we land, the acupuncture point along that portion of the Heart Meridian will be activated.

Following that glorious experience, we will continue to the Pyrenees and the Cathar region of southern France. Here is a synopsis of the trip:

DAY 8: Montserrat - a fantastic mountain-top monastery, which has a great boys’ choir everyday. It’s awesome and will probably be the most important site in northern Spain.

DAY 9: Montsegur visit - the remains of the primary castle and place of the last stand of the Cathars. Overnight among the small, very beautiful 13th-century villages of the Aude region.

DAY 10: A gentle day visiting beautiful and historic Limoux with its famous winery where monks are said to have first conceived the concept of sparkling wine. Visit caves where wine is matured. Overnight in the Aude region.

DAY 11: Drive to historic Cathar/Knights Templar town of Castelnaudery for sight-seeing and local speciality lunch of Cassoulet - the origin of the casserole dish. Afternoon visit to explore old city of Carcassonne - world’s largest fortified town with real 13th-century castle. Overnight in Carcassonne.

DAY 12: Drive to Rennes Ie Bain to enjoy the Roman baths and hot mineral springs. Afternoon and evening - visit the church “La Madeleine” in Rennes Le Chateau, dedicated to Mary Magdalene and the Divine Feminine, possible site of the Holy Grail - see Da Vinci Code (Abbe Sauniere - Priory of Sion). After dinner at local restaurant, we will have a special visit to secret location for Divine Feminine meditation. Overnight in Carcassonne.

DAY 13: Aique Mortes - 3-hours’ drive to lunch in this unique and ancient village in the Camargue - famed place of gypsies and wild horses. Visil Ste Marie, said to be the landing place of Mary Magdalene and Joseph of Arimathea - beach meditation. Farewell group dinner. Overnight in Lourdes.

DAY 14: Depart in the morning - arrive in Toulouse by noon. This is the end of the tour. Easy access to Paris or Barcelona for your return trip home.

We will all be in our right and perfect place for this part of the monumental changes that are taking place this year. Now read the following words, and allow the Love of our Mother God to once again resonate within the deepest recesses of your Being.

Our Mother God Has Returned

With the return of our Mother God, and the Marriage of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine victoriously accomplished within every Heart Flame, Humanity must now realign with the Truth and Inner Knowing of what the Love of our Mother God really means in relation to our very existence. The following information has been given to us by the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth for our contemplation, and to assist us with our remembrance.

So much has been written about Love that it has almost become a platitude, but the Transfiguring Divine Love of our Mother God is the mightiest force in the Universe. It is the vibration from which we were born out of the Heart of God and the vibration through which we must evolve and Ascend back into the Heart of God. The Love of our Mother God has no bonds, no barriers, no conditions. Within the infinite power of our Mother’s Love there is no pain nor sorrow, no lack nor limitation. Her Love contains within its essence the full potential to rise above all human conditions, all self-inflicted suffering, all manner of chaos, confusion, hopelessness and despair.

Our Mother God’s Love heals the illusion of separation. It rejuvenates, revitalizes and makes whole all it embraces. It is the single greatest source of forgiveness, and it reverberates with the full gathered momentum of our Eternal Freedom. Her Love is the foundation of Creation and the balance of the One. It is the indivisible, unchanging ecstasy that allows us to know Love in all things.

When we experience the Love of our Mother God, we understand that we are all One. Whether we are a person, a magnificent Sun or a blade of grass, we are united in the Body of God by the all encompassing Light of our Mother’s Love.

As our Mother God reclaims this Earth and once again anoints Humanity with the Eternal Light of Divine Love, we experience true Peace. Her Love is now resonating in the core of our Beings; it is not outside of us. We no longer need to seek the Divine Feminine from afar, we need to merely accept that our Mother God has returned, and that She is now abiding within our Heart Flames. Her Love is pulsating within the silent rhythm of every heartbeat, every breath. It is the universal language now speaking to all Humanity through our gift of Life. As we listen in the silence of our hearts, we hear the tones and whisperings of Love inspired by the wonder of nature and the Music of the Spheres.

Our Mother God is now reestablishing Her Covenant of Love with the Children of Earth, which will enhance our ability to once and for all accept the gift of God’s Abundance. Through this Covenant, the supply of all good things will forever and ever flood into the hands and use of the Sons and Daughters of God. The glory of God’s Abundance will be a manifest reality not only in this moment but far beyond Earth and time into Eternity.

The effulgence of our newly-balanced Heart Flames is creating an environment of Love and upliftment around each of us. When we turn our attention to the balanced expression of our Father-Mother God within our hearts, the illusion of separation is shattered. Our hearts are unified, and we once again experience the bliss of knowing we are One and that Love is all there is. This knowing evokes from within the deepest recesses of our Beings a celestial song of Thanksgiving and a reverent feeling of Divine Gratitude. Every Sunrise we see, every flower that shares its perfume with us, every friend and loved one who warms our heart is a gift of God’s sustaining Love. These sacred gifts inspire our perpetual adoration to the Cosmic I AM, All That Is.

Our Mother God has placed us within a mantle of Her Love, and our nervous systems are being recalibrated to withstand the highest frequencies of the Divine Feminine. This mantle of Love will help to transform each of us into conscious, self-generating centers of Light and Love. The tremendous impetus and magnetic pull of our Mother’s Love now flowing through our Heart Flames will stir the souls of Humanity. The invisible and resistless power of this Love will pierce into the sleeping spiritual centers of every member of the Human race and accelerate the awakening of each One.

We now, as never before, have the ability to merge our personal service to Life with God’s service to Life for the highest good of all concerned. Our Mother God’s radiant, universal Love is pouring through all of us without designating favor to a particular person, place, condition or thing. Her Love is giving a healing, impersonal benediction to every particle of Life. The power and magnetic Love of the Divine Feminine is blessing all Life with an equal opportunity to respond. Every evolving soul is being given both the blessing and the responsibility of becoming an Open Door for Her exquisite Love. Every Human Being now has the opportunity to become an instrument of God vested with the power to change the feeling worlds of all with whom we come in contact. This will be accomplished not through our human will, but through the balanced power of the Flame of Divinity now blazing in our hearts.

When we agree to become a magnetic force of Divine Love, we draw to ourselves the loving support we need from those who are aligned with, and will assist us with, our Divine Missions. This occurs not because of allegiance to a particular personality, but because of the affinity of our soul’s Light with the spiritual essence of the particular facet of the Divine Plan.

As we expand our service to Life, we must reach up in consciousness and tap into the sacred knowledge and wisdom that will teach us how to effectively utilize the frequencies of Divine Love from our Mother God. Her Love is a priceless gift that is now freely flowing through every Heart Flame. The more we understand about the power and might of this majestic force, the more effective we will be in assimilating it into our life experiences.

Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

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