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The Next Step
Patricia Cota-Robles
Vlog 25

June 22nd is the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere. On that special day we will also experience a very powerful Full Moon. This Celestial alignment is providing us with an influx of NEW Solar Light Codes that are designed to help us comprehend, at a deeper level, the Sacred Knowledge now flowing into the Mental and Emotional Strata of Mother Earth. This information is coming from the NEW Record Keeper Crystals that were placed in Mother Earth’s 5D Crystalline Grid of Comprehensive Divine Love by the Mighty Elohim.

The Divine Intent of this Sacred Knowledge is to further prepare Awakening Humanity for the Divine Mission that we are being Called to Cocreate this year in collaboration with our Father-Mother God, the Beings of Light from our Grand Central Sun, and the Legions of Light who have served the evolutions of Earth since our inception.

 Our Father-Mother God have confirmed that over the past several decades Mother Earth reached a frequency of vibration that has allowed this Planet and all her Life to Ascend into the System of Worlds associated with our Grand Central Sun. You and I and the rest of Awakening Humanity were instrumental in Cocreating this Glorious event through our dedicated Lightwork over the years. It has not been easy, but we knew exactly what would be involved prior to this Lifetime, and we selflessly volunteered to embody during this auspicious time for Mother Earth anyway.

For myriad lifetimes leading up to this moment, we often felt like we were walking through tar into 150 mile-an-hour winds as we stumbled through our “valley of tears” striving to make even the slightest progress in our movement toward the Light. In spite of our pain, we were willing to endure every hardship and difficult experience because we believed that one day the lessons of separation and duality would come to an end and we would return to the Oneness of Unity Consciousness. We KNEW that once that happened, we would be able to reclaim our Divine Birthright as Beloved Sons and Daughters of God and return to the Path of Divine Love and Oneness that is our destiny.

We each accepted this challenging evolutionary path because aeons ago our I AM Presence showed us the Divine Potential we had of actually Cocreating a Heart-based New Earth that would reflect Oneness and Reverence for all Life. We were shown that through the unified efforts of the Heavenly Realms and embodied Lightworkers, we would learn how to successfully Transmute and Transfigure into Light the gross mutations of Humanity’s painful miscreations.

Our Father-Mother God revealed to us at that time that if we would strive to victoriously accomplish that facet of the Divine Plan, Mother Earth and ALL her Life would make it through the monumental “The Shift of the Ages.” Then, the Sons and Daughters of God we would be able to Cocreate the sacred space for Mother Earth’s Ascension into the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline frequencies of the Solar New Earth.

Even though there was the possibility that we might not succeed in this Holy Endeavor, in the deepest recesses of our Heart Flames we clearly understood that no matter how difficult our journey would be, if we successfully accomplish that mighty feat, no matter what adversity we had to go through in the process, it was going to be infinitely worth it.

The success of that facet of the Divine Plan would mean that every man, woman and child on Earth would be able to victoriously Ascend out of the self-inflicted pain and suffering we caused after our fall from Grace by using our Creative Faculties of Thought and Feeling in ways that were not based in Love.

After lifetimes of pain and suffering and decades of dedicated Lightwork by Awakening Humanity working in collaboration with the Company of Heaven, step-by-step we have God Victoriously succeeded in moving through “The Shift of the Ages.” Now, there is no turning back.

Since that time, through myriad Activities of Light that were orchestrated by Awakening Humanity and the Company of Heaven, we have at last succeeded in Cocreating the sacred space that allowed our Father-Mother God and the Mighty Elohim to successfully Inbreathe Mother Earth, and all of the Suns beyond Suns beyond Suns in her lineage, into the System of our Grand Central Sun. 

Now, our Divine Plan as embodied Lightworkers is for us to Cocreate, in unison with the entire Company of Heaven, a Global activity of Light that will assist in raising the collective Consciousness of the masses of Humanity. This shift of Consciousness will Awaken, Activate and Elevate Humanity’s dormant Creative Faculties of Thought and Feeling and our Physical Senses of Sight, Sound, Smell, Touch, Taste, Intuition and Imagination.

Once this is God Victoriously accomplished, Awakening Humanity will be able to tangibly perceive and Breathe into our Heart Flames from the Realms of Cause, the wondrous patterns and Archetypes for the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar New Earth. Then, they will begin to  physically manifest in the world of form.

These exquisite patterns consist of brand-NEW Spectrums of Light, Divine Qualities, Geometric Patterns, Images, Colors, Musical Tones and Fragrances beyond the greatest imaginations of the Sons and Daughters of God embodied on Earth.

Now, in order to take advantage of the influx of Light from the June Solstice and the powerful Full Moon that will take place during the Solstice, our Father-Mother God have given us an Activity of Light that will help to further prepare us as we move forward with this facet of our Divine Plan. If you have the Heart Call to do so, please join with me and Lightworkers around the World now. We begin by Breathing in and out the full Divine Momentum of our Holy Breath. 

I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with my Father-Mother God.  I AM also One with the I AM Presence of every man, woman and child on Earth. Collectively, Humanity’s I AM Presences now merge into One I AM Presence that is cradling Mother Earth and ALL Life evolving upon her within the Divinity of our Unified Heart Flames. As One Breath, One Heartbeat, One Voice and One Consciousness of Pure Divine Love I affirm:

I AM the Cup, the Holy Grail, through which the Light of God now flows to bless every particle and wave of Life evolving on this precious Planet.

I AM my I AM Presence, and I now invoke my Father-Mother God to Breathe their Infinite Light through Humanity’s collective Heart Flames into Mother Earth’s 5D Crystalline SOLAR Grid of Comprehensive Divine Love.

As this exquisite Light blazes through the Celestial alignment of the June Solstice and the Full Moon into Mother Earth’s Crystalline SOLAR Grid of Comprehensive Divine Love, it bathes the Earth with the brand-NEW Solar Light Codes.

Now, as I Breathe my Holy Breath in and out deeply in unison with Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth, I realize that this activity of Light is allowing me to receive higher frequencies of Prana and Life Force, through this influx of my Father-Mother God’s Holy Breath, than I have ever known.  This unfathomable influx of our Father-Mother God’s Holy Breath is lifting every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of Life on Earth into a Higher Order of Being.

As this wondrous Holy Breath is anchored through the Divinity of Humanity’s newly merged Heart Flames, it is Consecrating our Earthly Bodies. This Consecration is allowing our I AM Presence, our Silent Watcher and our 5D Body Elemental to recalibrate our Mental Body. This recalibration is designed to assist all of us in comprehending higher levels of Divine Wisdom and Sacred Knowledge. This shift of Consciousness will positively affect our subconscious mind, our conscious mind and our superconscious mind.

This is an important step in preparing all of the Sons and Daughters of God, belonging to or serving the Earth at this time, to be the Open Door for the greatly intensified frequencies of Light we will receive in order to accomplish the unparalleled shift of Consciousness we are being Called to Cocreate during the 38th Annual World Congress on Illumination which will take place August 10-15, 2024.

The I AM Presence within every person is now acknowledging and Gratefully accepting the opportunity to be the Open Door that will  receive the resplendent Solar Light Codes from the June Solstice and the Full Moon on behalf of Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth.

And so it is! Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM That I AM.


Dear One, God Bless You. Have a Glorious June Solstice. I look forward to being with you next week.


God Bless You.
Patricia Cota-Robles
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