2023- November 14th 
(2017 – May 23rd)
by Patricia Cota-Robles
Vlog 11


Hi Precious Heart, thank you for joining us for our Weekly Vlog. Last week we learned about the Law of the Circle and the fact that this Universal Law is instrumental in determining the various things that are taking place in our lives, both good and bad. Today the Beings of Light want to take this teaching to the next level. They are striving to inspire us to be more committed and more disciplined in the way we choose to use our precious Gift of Life and our creative faculties of thought and feeling.

For those of us abiding on Earth, the Law of the Circle is like the Law of Gravity. Even though we may not understand the Laws of Physics or comprehend just how gravity works, we are all subject to it just the same. It is immaterial whether or not we believe in gravity. If we jump off of a roof we are going to fall to the ground. It is just that simple.

The Law of the Circle is like gravity. It does not matter whether or not we believe that every single thought, feeling, word or action we express goes out into the World on an electromagnetic current of energy like a radio or television wave and then returns to us through our everyday life experiences. But that is exactly what is happening, scientifically, to the letter with every Breath we take.

Anything that is manifesting in our life at this time that is less than the wonders of Heaven on Earth is a human miscreation. These challenging and often painful things are being returned to us through the Law of the Circle so that we can experience the results of our actions and Transmute back into Light the precious electronic Light substance that we misused at one time or another. The negative things that are occurring in our daily lives were either deliberately or inadvertently Created during our Earthly sojourn when we made the free will choice to express our thoughts and feelings in ways that were not based in Love.

During this Cosmic Moment, you and I and the rest of Humanity are Awakening. We are remembering who we are and why we volunteered to be on Earth to assist with the monumental event of Earth’s Ascension process that we are now experiencing. Daily and hourly, the Light of God is increasing on this Planet. Humanity is being raised up in energy, vibration and Consciousness by our I AM Presence the maximum we can withstand in every 24-hour period. With this Divine Intervention, each and every one of us now has the ability to reverse the adverse effects of our fall from Grace. This means that at long last the Sons and Daughters of God are once again destined to Cocreate Heaven on Earth. We just need to perceive the bigger picture of how we got into this mess in the first place.

The first thing we need to remember is how our Father-Mother God intended for the Law of the Circle to work while we are learning to become Cocreators. At this point in our evolutionary process, we are so used to dealing with the pain and suffering in our individual and collective lives that it is difficult for us to fathom that there was ever a time when these horrific things didn’t exist, but there was such a time prior to our fall from Grace.

In the beginning, the Law of the Circle was always a joyous experience and it functioned as God intended. Moment by moment, our I AM Presence gratefully received our Life Force from our Father-Mother God and Breathed this intelligent Light substance through our Crown Chakra and into our Heart Flame. Once this intelligent Light entered the Divinity within our Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame, it was stamped with our individual electronic Light pattern. This electronic Light pattern is unique for every Child of God, and it is given to us at our inception by our God Parents. This unique pattern is how the Universe knows what energy belongs to whom and it is how the Law of the Circle is flawlessly accomplished for every Son and Daughter of God.

Once our Life Force was imprinted with our individual pattern, the atomic and subatomic particles and waves of energy contained within this Gift of Life were available for us to use as we went about the business of our daily lives learning to become Cocreators with our God Parents. We would observe the patterns of perfection in the Causal Body of God and then through our unique ways of thinking and feeling, we would use those patterns and our free will to Cocreate new and previously unknown patterns of perfection. Since we had not Created any painful human miscreations yet, we were able to focus our attention exclusively on expanding the boarders of Heaven on Earth as our Father-Mother God intended.

With every thought, feeling, word or action we expressed, our Life Force flowed forth from us on an electromagnetic current of energy very similar to the way radio and television waves pass through the atmosphere. Our current of energy reverberated with whatever frequency of vibration we charged it with depending on our frame of mind and the way we were feeling at the time.

As our current of energy traveled to its destination, it accumulated other energy along the way that was vibrating at the same frequency. Like attracts like. For instance, if we were sending Love to someone our current of Love magnetized other currents of Love to itself as it traveled along the way. By the time our current of Love reached the person we were thinking of, it was vibrating at a much more powerful frequency of Love than we originally sent out. Our current of Love blessed the person in ways that were in alignment with his or her Divine Plan, and then this Loving expression of our Life Force began its journey back to us and ultimately to our Father-Mother God, thus fulfilling the Law of the Circle.

The first phase of our Life Force’s journey is called involution. The involution of our Life Force begins in the Heart of God, then passes through our Heart Flame and culminates when our Life Force reaches the furthest point of its destination once we send it forth into the physical world of form through our thoughts and feelings. After this intelligent electronic Light substance completes the path of involution, it must then return to our Father-Mother God, the Source of All That Is. The return phase of its journey is called evolution. Involution and evolution are the dual activities of Life that reflect the Law of the Circle, the Outbreath, and the Inbreath of God.

On the return evolutionary path our current of Love is magnetized back to its identical electronic Light pattern which is pulsating within our Heart Flame. Once again, on the return journey our current of Love accumulates other frequencies of Love along the way. By the time our current of Love returns to us, it is greatly magnified over what we originally sent out. As a result of this amplification, it is possible that the positive energy magnetized to our original expression of Love gathered enough momentum on its return journey to manifest in our life as a healing, or a financial success, or a new friendship, or a success in our job, or myriad other seemingly unrelated things. This is the Divine Potential of all of the positive thoughts, feelings, words and actions we express every day.

After our positively qualified intelligent Life Force returns to our Heart Flame, and we tangibly experience whatever blessings were Cocreated through our expression of Love, our I AM Presence is then responsible for returning that energy back to the Heart of our Father-Mother God. This process completes the Law of the Circle.

When our Life Force is qualified positively, this process works perfectly. If, however, we charge the intelligent electronic Light from our Life Force with negative thoughts, feelings, words and actions everything changes.

The important thing the Beings of Light want us to contemplate this week is the fact that when the intelligent electronic Light substance from our Gift of Life returns to us on its evolutionary path, it can ONLY pass through our Heart Flame and return to our Father-Mother God IF it is vibrating with the same or a higher frequency of Light than when we originally received it. Love, of course, fulfills that requirement, and so do many other positive things that we might empower with our thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. But how many times every day are we obliviously using the precious Gift of our intelligent Life Force to empower things that are not based in Love or the pure and perfect frequencies of God’s Light? 

In next week’s Vlog, the Company of Heaven is going to address that question.

God Bless You, Dear One.  Pay attention this week and see if the things you are Cocreating every moment with your thoughts and feelings are qualified with enough Love and Light to easily pass through your Heart Flame on their journey back to the Heart of God.


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