2023 – August 29th          
Patricia Cota-Robles
Vlog 337


Hi Precious Heart,

Thank you for joining us for our Weekly Vlog. Now that we have had some time to assimilate the latent abilities that each of our I AM Presences has recently activated within our Twelve Strands of 5th-Dimensional DNA, we are ready for the next step in the integration of our I AM Presence. Today, the Company of Heaven will guide us through an Activity of Light that will help us to accomplish this integration. If you have the Heart Call to participate, please join with me and Lightworkers around the World now. And we begin.

 Beloved I AM Presence, walk through me. Open the door of understanding so that I may become increasingly aware of the Sacred Knowledge being revealed through my newly activated latent abilities. As I AM growing in awareness, may my questing mind push through the denseness of materiality into the Enlightened Spiritual Consciousness of my I AM Presence. In this Enlightened state of awareness, let my sense of Gratitude expand into a welcoming smile, a friendly greeting, and an expanding Light. May I look upon all persons with the eyes of Love, knowing each as my friend, my brother or sister and not as a stranger. With this realization, my I AM Presence will spread its radiant Light through my Heart Flame to everyone I meet.

 Oh, Loving mind, thank you for the discovery that the Consciousness of Enlightenment and Divine Intelligence live within every person.  May the Light of Truth illuminate my mind, as I grow in greater awareness that I AM a Beloved Child of God and that ALL my Father-Mother God have is my Divine Birthright.

 Beloved I AM Presence, as I place my hand in yours to travel this Earth journey, guide me into doing the simple things that bring happiness to others. Show me how to give wisely of myself and my talents in areas where they are truly needed and acceptable. Let me say with conviction, “I can” and “I will,” as my thoughts dwell on the Ascending Spiral of right thinking, right feeling and right action. As “I can” and “I will” become a part of my Enlightened Consciousness, I open wide the Gate of Divine Power within my Immortal Victorious Threefold Heart Flame.

 Thank You for the blessings that are mine. Thank You for the opportunities that come my way. May I ever praise and bless, give and receive, Love and be Loved, and rejoice in knowing that the Light of God is Eternally Victorious, and I AM that Light! I AM One with All That Is, and I rejoice in this Glorious Truth.

 Mother Earth and ALL Life evolving upon her have Ascended through the Higher 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Lion’s Gate which pulsates in the atmosphere above the New SOLAR Earth. On a cellular level, my I AM Presence and the I AM Presence of every person on Earth is taking the next gentle step and integrating into the Core of Purity in every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of our Earthly Bodies. Now, on the Holy Breath, I go within to the Divinity of my Heart Flame. I now realize that I have successfully walked through the challenges of my Earthly experiences into the Glory of a New Day filled with the full-gathered momentum of Heaven on Earth.

 Victory is mine! Victory is mine! Victory is mine!

 The obsolete patterns of separation and duality from the old Earth have been dismantled and are in the process of being Transfigured back into Light. This has cleared the way for our Father-Mother God to infuse the Earth with brand NEW Patterns of Comprehensive Divine Love which are reclaiming this Planet. This unfathomable frequency of Divine Love has created the sacred space for Humanity’s I AM Presence to fully comprehend the newly activated latent abilities within our 5th-Dimensional DNA.

 As I Breathe my Holy Breath in and out deeply and rhythmically, the next step of my I AM Presence’s integration is being greatly amplified. Every electron, every atom, every subatomic particle and wave of my physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies and all the spaces in-between the atoms and molecules of these bodies joyously receives and assimilates NEW multifaceted 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light from my I AM Presence

 As this occurs, my thoughts, feelings, words, and actions reflect the Divine Love, Oneness, Harmony, Peace, Abundance and Balance of God. This Transfiguration is changing my physical reality into the Love-based perfection of the SOLAR New Earth. This is a unique Gift, a sacred opportunity, and it is being presented to every man, woman, and child on Earth right here and right now.

 I contemplate this Truth and as this Sacred Knowledge resonates within me, my Heart Flame begins to expand and expand. Instantaneously, I AM lifted into the 5th-Dimensional frequencies of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth. My feet are planted firmly on Earth. Simultaneously, I AM consciously aware of my Father-Mother God and the entire Company of Heaven, because we are One and there is no separation.

 I AM a Being of resplendent Light, now realizing the fullness of that Light on every level of my existence. As I AM lifted up, ALL Life is lifted up with me. Therefore, I know that within my I AM Presence, I AM now ALL of Humanity standing forth and realizing that we are Sons and Daughters of God. This means we are beloved and empowered God Beings in every Realm of Consciousness and that ALL our Father-Mother God have is ours.

 With the amplified integration of our I AM Presence, we are now able to Liberate our Father-Mother God’s Light in every physical and chemical interaction within our Earthly Bodies. This is Healing and recalibrating all of the energy bonds within atoms and between atoms to the vibrational frequency of God’s Infinite Physical Perfection.

 This Divine Wisdom contains everything necessary to set straight the orbit, spin and electronic charge of every cell, atom, and electron of Life on Earth. ALL energy bonds within the atomic realm are now accelerating in vibration toward the frequency of Infinite Physical Perfection. Every cell of Life is now receiving and assimilating the Sacred Knowledge encoded within our I AM Presence and the newly activated latent abilities in our Twelve 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Strands of DNA.

 Every person’s I AM Presence is now Liberating the Sacred Knowledge within our 5th-Dimensional DNA into every interaction within Humanity and all of the energy bonds therein. These interactions include the relationships of all people, all organizations, all races, all religions, and all nations. All of these interactions are now being Liberated into the Harmony of a Higher Order of Being, thus greatly expanding the influence of Humanity’s I AM Presence on Earth.

 Now, through my 5th-Dimensional DNA I AM receiving clearly the Divine Promptings, Ideas and Concepts of my I AM Presence. I know now that I AM a Living, Light-filled Temple of invincible perfection expressing my true state of Enlightened Consciousness as well as Vibrant Health, Infinite Abundance, Eternal Youth, Divine Love, Truth, Peace, and Abounding Joy. I AM here and NOW tangibly manifesting my I AM Presence on Earth with every Breath I take. 

 On my Holy Breath, I now gently return my Consciousness to the room. I become aware of my Earthly Bodies and as I Breathe in and out slowly and deeply, I allow the amplified Divine Energies from my I AM Presence and my latent abilities to be fully assimilated at a cellular level.

 I revel in the Bliss of this moment on Earth, and I AM Grateful, I AM Grateful, I AM Eternally Grateful. Beloved Father-Mother God—All That Is—I AM.  And so it is.

 Dear One, pay attention and your I AM Presence will guide you unerringly to the fulfillment of your Divine Plan and your highest good during this critical moment in Earth’s Ascension process.



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