2024 –January 22nd     
The Next Step
Patricia Cota-Robles
Vlog 4


Step by step the Beings of Light from the System of our Grand Central Sun are continuing to assist Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth to gently assimilate higher and higher frequencies of Light. This process will build in momentum through the March Equinox in 2024. This is preparing all of us to withstand the quantum shift we will take during the Equinox. This shift is encoded with brand NEW Solar Light Codes that will greatly enhance our individual and collective Creative abilities. This preparation is an essential step for the miracles we are destined to Cocreate this year as we serve as the Hands of our Father-Mother God in the world of form.

During the months leading up to the Equinox, our I AM Presence and the Beings of Light will help us to tangibly experience the shift we are integrating at a cellular level. Fortunately, every one of us is now able to withstand higher and higher frequencies of 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light. This means that this greatly amplified but gentle increase of energy, vibration and Consciousness will not feel nearly as intense or stressful as what we have already endured.

We are being told that this is a time to be peaceful and to focus on our own needs and our physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies KNOWING that as we are lifted up all Life is being lifted up with us. The Beings of Light are encouraging us to pay attention, to listen to our intuitive Inner Guidance, to meditate and to communicate with God and the Messengers of God that now are assisting us in wondrous ways we have not previously experienced.

Today, the Company of Heaven is joining us for an activity of Light that will help us with all we are being encouraged to do during this powerful preparation. If you have the Heart Call to participate please join me and Lightworkers around the World now. And we begin. 

Beloved Presence of God, I AM, through the Divinity blazing in every Heart Flame I invoke the Silent Watchers, the Cosmic Beings assisting us from our Grand Central Sun, the Solar Logos in Earth’s lineage, the Mighty Elohim and the Legions of Light associated with our Father-Mother God’s Golden Flame of Eternal Peace and Comfort.

Legions of Light, blaze forth the most intensified frequency of this Golden Sacred Fire that Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth can endure. Blaze it in, through and around every particle and wave of Life evolving on this precious Planet. Breathe this Golden Flame into the Core of Purity in every Electron of Life energy evolving on Earth. Instantly transform every frequency of vibration that conflicts with the Immaculate Concept of God’s Eternal Peace and Comfort.

Increase this activity daily and hourly with every Holy Breath I take. Allow me to be the Open Door for this Golden Flame as I affirm:

I  AM the Immaculate Concept of my I AM Presence abiding within my 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light Bodies. I AM holding the sacred space until ALL Life on this sweet Earth is wholly Ascended and Free.  

I now invoke a Cosmic Dispensation from my Father-Mother God on behalf of all of the precious Electrons now pulsating at their very Core with the Golden Flame of Eternal Peace and Comfort.

In the full Power and Divine Love of my Father-Mother God I invoke a Cosmic Dispensation that no longer may our Life Force, the Electronic Light substance of the Universe, be misqualified or imperfectly clothed by the Sons and Daughters of God.

I invoke a Cosmic Dispensation wherein the Electrons within our Life Force will be INVULNERABLY CHARGED WITH PURITY’S FLAME IN ACTION and passing through Humanity’s Earthly Bodies, which are the Open Doors to its expression in the physical world, the Electronic Light will remain within an invincible armor of Divine Love, Eternal Peace and Comfort emitting perfection, but allowing none of the discord of Humanity’s physical, etheric, mental or emotional vehicles to change the vibratory action, color or sound of its RADIANT PRESENCE.

I now begin to fathom the blessing Humanity’s Heartfelt Call to the Golden Flame of Eternal Peace and Comfort is for the precious Electrons serving Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth. I realize, as never before, that I have come to Earth to serve as the Hands of God and to Love Life FREE. I know that through my concentrated efforts­—SO I SHALL! 

I AM the Hands of God. I have come to set right the vibratory action of all energy and substance in my world and in all of the World.

I AM the sacred Hands of God, moving through this Earth. I AM instantly reestablishing Divinity wherever the Light of God is applied.

I invite, invoke, focus, concentrate, manifest and sustain the Light of God on Earth with every Breath I take.

I AM a director of God’s Light. I AM humble before its magnificent Presence. I AM Grateful to unleash God’s Power on Earth.

I AM perpetually the Light of God flowing through my Heart Flame

Loving all Life FREE!

And so it is. Beloved I AM That I AM.

God Bless You. I look forward to being with you next week.


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