Who Am I? Why Am I Here?

Who Am I? Why Am I Here? Book


by Patricia Cota-Robles

The Company of Heaven knew extreme confusion would be part of Humanity's Ascension process. For this reason, a little over 40 years ago they asked if I would be willing to transcribe some very important information that would help people to see the bigger picture of what would be happening on Earth during the unprecedented moment we are now experiencing.

In deep humility and gratitude, I accepted this sacred opportunity. For the last 40 years, I have carefully transcribed this information for the benefit of all Humanity.

The priceless information revealed in this book will give you many "Aha!" moments. It will fill in the blanks, and it will definitely help you see the bigger picture of what is happening in your life.
The Divine Intent of this book is not only to share this priceless information with you, but also to teach you how to go within to the Divinity of your own Heart Flame where you will directly access this Sacred Knowledge from the Realms of Truth for yourself.

At long last, the answers to the questions people have been asking for lifetimes can be revealed. These profound Truths have been carefully hidden in sacred mystery schools awaiting the time when the masses of Humanity would be awake enough to comprehend them. That time is NOW!!
"Who Am I? Why Am I Here?" by Patricia Cota-Robles

This amazing book answers the questions:
1. What is the Shift of the Ages really? How will this event ultimately transform my life?
2. Has Humanity averted the cataclysmic earth changes the prophets of old foretold would occur on Earth during these "End Times"?
3. How did Humanity get in the mess we are in?
4. What is the true story of Humanity's "fall" from Grace?
5. How did the various and often divisive world religions form?
6. What was Jesus' real mission, and how does he fit into the present unfolding Divine Plan?
7. What was Jesus' relationship with Mary Magdalene?
8. Is there a Feminine Aspect of God?
9. As Children of God, do we have a single parent or do we have a Father AND a Mother God?
10. Are all Human Beings Children of God? If so, what does that mean?
11. Are there Beings on other planets? If so, are they also Children of God, and what is their relationship to us?
12. Why is there so much pain and suffering on Earth? Can I do anything to change Humanity's misery?
13. Am I capable of transforming my life into what I want it to be?
14. Is it true that Humanity's natural Birthright is the Infinite Abundance of God? If so, how can I reclaim my abundance?
In this vitally important book, "Who Am I? Why Am I Here?" these questions, and many more, are answered clearly and comprehensively.

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