I AM Cocreating the New Earth 3 CD SET

I AM Cocreating the New Earth 3 CD SET


This set of three CDs,contain powerful invocations, meditations, and activities of Light that have been given to Humanity by the Company of Heaven. The Divine Intent of these amazing tools is to empower each of us with the increased ability to transform our lives, by joining with other Lightworkers whenever and wherever we want to. This will be accomplished every time we choose to focus on these CDs or MP3s. Our unified efforts will help us to manifest the patterns of perfection for the New Earth at a greatly accelerated pace.


Part 1

1. God's Will

2. Divine Love

3. Abundance & Peace

Part 2

1. Physical Transformation

2. The I AM Presence

Part 3

1. The Violet Flame

2. Divine Government


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