Sacred Healing Waters

A gift of Sacred Healing Water is being presented to Humanity by the Company of Heaven. It has been consecrated to heal the pain, grief, sadness, anger, fear, loneliness and failure consciousness stored in our feelings and our emotional bodies. The Holy Water was collected from Healing Springs all over the world. Thousands of Lightworkers have been using this Healing Water, and the effect has been exponential. The Sacred Healing Water is now coursing through oceans, lakes, rivers, waterways, drinking water, bathing water and the physical bodies of Humanity. The Sacred Healing Water is being distributed FREE for the asking as a Gift of Love. You may freely give the Healing Water away, but it is not to be bought or sold. Instructions that specifically tell you how to activate additional water, so that your supply of Healing Water will be endless, will be included and can also be found here online. To order your free water, please go to the Vial of Sacred Healing Water page. We at the NASHP, Inc. have made the commitment to distribute this Gift of Healing Water free for the asking to anyone who requests it. There are several expenses involved including bottles, printing, packaging materials, postage, etc. If you would like to assist with these costs by giving a small donation, we will be eternally grateful. (See information on the corresponding Healing Water Activation CD in the CD section of the Products Page.)