Music Of Peace MP3

Music Of Peace MP3


Listening to this music bathes Humanity, our environment, and the Earth in frequencies of Divine Light.

A key factor in manifesting the patterns of perfection for the New Earth is for Humanity to maintain an atmosphere of Harmony and Balance. Bathing our environment with beautiful music is one of the easiest ways of accomplishing that goal.

Since the dawn of the New Millennium, the New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose has used the original music contained on this CD for Global Activities of Light. Every keynote and musical tone on this CD reverberates with the Harmony and Balance of these glorious, life-transforming events. This music was written and composed for the New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose by Bill Cashman.

This music will help to lift all Life, at a cellular level, into the Harmony and Balance of the 5th Dimension.

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