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During this Memorial Day weekend, millions of people will be grieving their Loved Ones and the precious souls who have recently died from Covid-19 virus. When someone we Love leaves our life unexpectedly, it feels like there is a huge gaping hole in our heart that will be impossible to fill. I would like to share with all of you something that is very comforting to me and I hope it will be comforting to you as well.

 I was a marriage and family counselor for 20 years. During that time, I counseled several people who had experienced profound “near death experiences” or NDEs. The information these people shared with me inspired me to research this phenomenon. For many years I studied everything I could get my hand on about NDEs. I learned that there are tens of thousands of people who have actually documented their NDE.

 Many of these people were in hospitals where doctors and nurses confirmed that according to our scientific measurements they were determined to be clinically dead. The monitors on their heart and brain had flat-lined and there was no heartbeat, no respiration and no brain wave activity. Most of the NDE experiences were relatively short, usually ten or fifteen minutes long. But for the person having the NDE experience it seemed much, much longer. A few of the people were gone for 30 minutes and some for as long as 45 minutes or an hour, but that was very rare. All of these people returned with no sign of brain damage or any of the other things you would expect from someone whose brain had been deprived of oxygen for a long period of time.

 The amazing thing about these NDEs is that the vast majority of the people experience almost the exact same thing. This was true regardless of their particular walk of life. Confirmed atheists who expected that death is the end of life had the same experience as devoutly religious people. A person’s educational or socioeconomic level did not seem to matter, nor did the gender, age, race, nationality, culture or life-style with which a person was associated matter. Most people who went through a near death experience felt that their reason for returning was to let those of us remaining on Earth know what we and our Loved Ones will experience when we go through the process we refer to as “death.” They believe the Divine Intent of these experiences is to help us eliminate the terrible fear we usually have about death and the devastating loss we feel when our Loved Ones cross over to the other side.

 The most comforting information that all of the people reported after their NDE is that when they left their physical body they did not even lose consciousness. Suddenly, they were just aware of standing outside of their body. They saw their body lying on the bed or the floor or wherever they happened to be. After a moment of confusion, they became aware that their senses were greatly heightened. They could hear people talking around them and they could even hear people talking in other rooms. Soon they realized, they were not only hearing people’s spoken words, they were hearing their thoughts as well. They knew then that they were actually able to telepathically hear what people were thinking.

 After the initial shock of dying which lasted just a moment, they all described seeing an exquisitely beautiful and Loving Light. They felt compelled to move toward the Light and as they did they passed through a heavy energy that many of them described as “a dark tunnel.” This was just the heavy, chaotic energy that surrounds the Planet from all of the negative things occurring on Earth.

 Once they entered the Light, they were greeted in a joyous celebration by their Loved Ones who had crossed over before them. They said that regardless of what condition their Loved One’s bodies were in at the time of their passing in this Higher Dimension they were all vibrantly healthy, extremely happy and in their prime.

 If the person experiencing the NDE had an affinity for a particular religion, they often drew to themselves the luminous Presence of the Being of Light associated with that religion. For example, many people experienced the Presence of Jesus or Buddha or one of the other Beings of Light associated with the various world religions.

 The most profound thing people who have experienced  a NDE want us to know is that the Heavenly Realm where our Loved Ones go is not off in some far distant place. It is just a Higher Dimension that surrounds us. This Dimension is vibrating with a frequency of Light that transcends the heavy negativity on the physical plane, but the people in this Higher Dimension are totally aware of their Loved Ones on Earth and what is happening here.

 All we have to do is think about our Loved Ones who have crossed over to the other side and we instantly get their attention. They respond to us on the return current of energy. They are able to instantly support us with their Light and Love in any way they can. Unfortunately, most people who are still abiding in the physical plane do not believe that their Loved One who has crossed over can hear them. Consequently, they block the awareness of their Loved One's communication and their tangible Presence.

 Some of the people who have experienced NDEs said that in moments when their Loved Ones on Earth were in their deepest expression of grief, they were actually sitting with them holding them in their arms, but their Loved Ones did not comprehend that was even possible so they did not sense their Presence.

 In order to become aware of our Loved Ones once they have crossed over to the other side, we do not have to become psychic or go through a monumental transformation to communicate with them. In Truth, the block within our consciousness that makes us oblivious to them will be removed with just a slight adjustment in our awareness.

 All we have to do is accept the possibility that we can still communicate with them through our thoughts even though they are in a Higher Dimension. If we will just say to our self, “What if it is true? What if I can communicate telepathically with my Loved One on the other side?” And then, we simply make the decision to accept this communication as a possibility. We can easily do so by saying, “I AM going to accept this as a real possibility. I AM going to talk to my Loved One and I AM going to open my heart and mind knowing that he or she is responding to me now.” Then pay attention. You may not hear specific words right away, but you will begin to intuitively sense your Loved One’s Presence and you will begin to see outer-world signs that they are letting you know they are with you in various ways.

 On this very special Memorial Day, when millions of people are sending their Love and Compassion to YOU and your Loved Ones, KNOW that your Loved Ones on the other side are with you. They are flooding you with their Love, and they are expressing their deep Gratitude for having you in their Life.

 One of the hardest things about someone leaving as unexpectedly as so many people have during the Covid-19 pandemic is that we feel there are things we wanted to say to them, but now we think it is too late. The wonderful thing we are learning from people who have been through NDEs is that belief is absolutely NOT TRUE. So during this powerful weekend, just take a moment and from the deepest recesses of your heart say to your Loved One anything you want to say to them now that you did not have a chance to say before they made their transition into the Light.  

 I would like to share with you the words to a beautiful song by Garth Brooks that reminds us how important it is for us to tell our Loved Ones how much we Love them.


by Garth Brooks


Sometimes late at night

I lie awake and watch her sleeping

She’s lost in peaceful dreams

So I turn out the lights and lay there in the dark

And the thought crosses my mind

If I never wake up in the morning

Would she ever doubt the way I feel

About her in my heart




If tomorrow never comes

Will she know how much I loved her

Did I try in every way to show her every day

That she’s my only one

And if my time on Earth were through

And she must face this world without me

Is the Love I gave her in the past

Gonna to be enough to last

If tomorrow never comes


‘Cause I’ve lost Loved Ones in my life

Who never knew how much I loved them

Now I live with the regret

That my true feelings for them never were revealed

So I made a promise to myself

To say each day how much she means to me

And avoid that circumstance

Where there’s no second chance to tell her how I feel


Repeat Chorus


So tell that someone that you Love

Just what you’re thinking of

If tomorrow never comes


God Bless You,
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