An Opportunity to Searve the Light

August 2006


by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

This has been a summer of extraordinary planetary alignments. These celestial events have accelerated the purging that is taking place through the influx of the new 5th-Dimensional frequencies of the Violet Flame. Saint Germain, his Legions of the Violet Flame and millions of embodied Lightworkers all over the world have successfully orchestrated this purification process. This cleansing has been done in a way that resulted in the maximum transmutation of Humanity’s destructive miscreations.

The intensified influx of God’s Light is causing everything that conflicts with the original patterns of perfection destined for this planet to be pushed to the surface to be healed and transmuted into Light. This involves any areas of our individual or collective lives that are not reflecting our highest potential. All we have to do is observe the stressful things that are taking place in our personal lives and on the planet to recognize the magnitude of this purging process.

This unprecedented cleansing event is being allowed at this time by our Father-Mother God because of the urgency of the hour, and because it is clear that there are enough awakened souls willing to assist in the process to cocreate a God Victorious outcome. This degree of purification has not been attempted before and would never be allowed if it was going to cause more harm than good.

Now it is time for the next phase of this Divine Plan. It is not by chance that your I AM Presence has drawn this information into your sphere of awareness. You have been preparing for aeons of time to assist with this activity of Light. There are myriad ways in which you can participate, and your I AM Presence will guide you unerringly. Listen to your Inner Guidance. You have all of the knowledge, skill, talent, wisdom, ability and courage you need to fulfill whatever it is you have been called to do during this Cosmic Moment.

When frequencies of discord are transmuted into Light, a void is left where the discord previously existed. In order to prevent more discord from filling that space, the void must be sealed with Light. The Beings of Light have indicated that the greatest need of the hour is for Lightworkers to seal the monumental voids being created through the awesome purging of the Violet Flame that is taking place this year. They said that the most effective and life-transforming way of sealing these voids is by filling them with the original patterns of perfection destined for Mother Earth and all her Life. These are the patterns contained within the Etheric records of the Garden of Eden.

The Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth have revealed to us that the Island of Kauai in Hawaii, known as the Garden Isle, contains within its Etheric records The Immaculate Concept or Divine Blueprint of the Garden of Eden. These Etheric records contain the archetypes of the pristine beauty that Mother Earth was invested with in the beginning and the Divine Potential of what she must reclaim in order to Ascend into her rightful place on the Spiral of Evolution in the 5th Dimension. Mother Earth’s Divine Potential contains not only the archetypes of her own perfection but the perfection of every Human Being, Elemental and Angel evolving upon her.

In order to fulfill this urgent need, a plan has been set into motion through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth. This plan involves Lightworkers from all over the world gathering on the sacred Island of Kauai to serve as surrogates on behalf of Humanity. Through the unification of our Heart Flames, we will form a mighty transformer, a Chalice of Light, through which the Light of God will flow to reactivate the original patterns of perfection within the Etheric records of the Garden of Eden. These are the patterns of the Divine Destiny intended for Mother Earth prior to the fall. These are the patterns that contain the archetypes for Heaven on Earth, the patterns that contain the Immaculate Concept of God’s Divine Love, Eternal Peace, Limitless Abundance, Vibrant Health, Eternal Youth, Abounding Joy, Reverence for Life and Infinite Light for every evolving Human Being, Elemental and Angel.

Imagine what the activation of these patterns of perfection will mean to our evolutionary process. If the voids left behind after the Violet Flame transmutes Humanity’s human miscreations are filled with patterns of God’s Limitless Perfection, just think how this will accelerate our goal toward reaching a critical mass of Heaven on Earth.

The vehicle that will be used to accomplish this goal is the 20th Annual World Congress On Illumination. The clarion call has gone forth. The Company of Heaven has invoked our assistance on behalf of Humanity and all Life evolving on this sweet Earth.

We will all be in our right and perfect place. If you feel the heart call to participate in the 20th Annual World Congress on Illumination, it is not too late. For detailed information on how you can attend this event, please go to our website or phone 520-885-7909 or fax 520-749-6643

Whenever you volunteer to serve as an Instrument of God in fulfillment of the Divine Plan, the floodgates of Heaven will open to support you and to pave the way. Trust this profound Truth.

If you do not feel the heart call to be physically present in Kauai, know that this is a global event, and you can weave your magnificent Light into our Chalice of Light from wherever you are on the face of the Earth. Listen to your heart, and respond according to your Inner Guidance.

Throughout this vitally important week, August 12-17, 2006, stay focused on the Light. Meditate, join with other Lightworkers, and create your own activity of Light, be a Peace Commanding Presence, and radiate Divine Love with every breath you take.

This Divine Plan requires one thing from you:




As you progress through these holy days, remember that above all things, your responsibility is to release the most loving, joyous, playful, uplifting, harmonious energy you can possibly express.

No matter what challenges or tests may be presented to you, know that nothing is worth moving away from the harmony of your true Being. Be the expression of Divine Love you have been prepared to be.

This is your moment!

You have come to save the Earth\,

and your time is at hand.

In addition to the guidance you will be receiving day by day from the Company of Heaven, your I AM Presence will be guiding you through your own unique preparation. Ask for assistance, and remain in a state of Listening Grace at all times. This is an amazing opportunity for each of us to add to the Light of the world.

Remember, you are the Hands of God in the world of form for the fulfillment of this miraculous facet of the Divine Plan. You have all of the wisdom, courage, strength, skill and illumination you need to succeed God Victoriously.

For your selfless Divine Service on behalf of the Family of Humanity, your name will be written in the Book of Life for all Eternity.

Just for a moment, go within your heart to the secret place of the Most High Living God. There, in the Peace of the Great Solar Quiet, feel the arms of our Father-Mother God embrace you.

KNOW that Their Love and Gratitude are bathing you in deep appreciation for the sacrifices you made in the expenditure of time, money and energy to participate in this activity of Light.

Through your dedication to the Light, the Immaculate Concept of this wondrous Divine Plan will be victoriously accomplished.





In the Name of the Almighty Presence of God I AM, and through the power of the Creative Fire pulsating in every human heart, I invoke the entire Company of Heaven, the Legions of God’s Will and Divine Order.

Powers of Light--Come Forth NOW!!!

Blessed Ones, envelop every man, woman and child in a forcefield of your Divine Consciousness. Raise ALL into the remembrance of the vows they took in the Heart of God to Love this planet and all Life FREE. Cut free any line of force that is interfering with this Divine Revelation.

I invoke the mighty I AM Presence of every person to take command of their physical, etheric, mental and emotional vehicles, and fill each soul with Divine Love, Faith, Courage, Confidence, Abundance, Knowing, Trust, Illumined Truth, Humility, Gratitude and Abounding Joy.

Allow each person to KNOW the urgency of the hour and the need for his or her physical participation in the World Congress On Illumination. Allow the Truth of the opportunity at hand to resonate in each Heart Flame. Let each person perceive, on a conscious level, the glorious results this unification of Lightworkers will have for ALL Life evolving on this sweet Earth.

Let the awareness of the untold blessings awaiting those who selflessly serve Humanity be anchored in their feeling worlds. May the buoyant joy and elation of such service also be experienced by each one.

Legions of Light, expand this activity daily and hourly until each Lightworker answers his or her Heart’s Call and carries this blessed planet HOME.

I accept it done through the power of God I AM.

And so it is!

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