The Need of the Hour

July 2006


by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

We are being given unprecedented assistance from the Company of Heaven as we progress toward the tremendous influx of Light that will occur August 12-17, 2006. The intent of this Divine Intervention is to help prepare every man, woman and child at a cellular level to absorb the maximum frequencies of perfection from the 5th Dimension.

With every breath, each person’s I AM Presence is now accelerating the energy, vibration and consciousness of his or her physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies. This may feel stressful and overwhelming at times, but the acceleration process will not be taken beyond what the person can withstand.

Remember, through our I AM Presence we have all given permission for this acceleration. We did not do this because we are masochists. We agreed to this acceleration because we were shown the quantum leap up the Spiral of Evolution the Earth will be able to accomplish with this awesome influx of Light. With that realization, we decided that whatever we had to go through would be worth the sacrifice.

This acceleration process involves another incredible opportunity that is being given to Humanity by our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven. This opportunity involves the influx of 5th-Dimensional frequencies of the Violet Flame that will help us to quickly transmute the negativity that is being pushed to the surface to be healed all over the planet.

This is a unique experiment that has never been attempted in any system of worlds. The success of this experiment is totally dependent on you and me and the awakening souls all over the world who are willing to be the Open Door for the Light of God.

We have each been preparing for aeons of time to fulfill this facet of the Divine Plan. We have everything we need pulsating within our very Beings to God Victoriously accomplish this mighty feat.

To further prepare ourselves, as we move closer and closer to the events in August, we have been given a meditation by the Beings of Light in the Realms of Truth. This gift from On High will greatly assist in alleviating our physical stress and will make our process more comfortable.

To begin this meditation, please sit comfortably in your chair with your arms and legs uncrossed, and your spine as straight as possible. Breathe in deeply and gently relax.

I will lead you through this meditation in the first person, so that you will experience this activity of Light individually and personally. Know that the invocations you make this sacred day are being made, simultaneously by you, on behalf of all Life evolving on this sweet Earth.

A Meditation from On High

I AM going within to the deepest recesses of my heart, the secret place of the Most High Living God. There I kneel before the altar of Love and surrender my lower human consciousness to the perfection of my I AM Presence, my true God Reality. (pause)

My I AM Presence now takes full dominion of my physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies, and I AM lifted up in consciousness. (pause)

I now stand before the Light of God.

This Divine Power fills every fiber of my Being.

God’s Light expands into my heart and mind and lifts me into the Realms of Illumined Truth.

In this octave of Light, I AM fully aware that I AM One with all Life and I AM One with the new 5th-Dimensional frequencies of the Violet Flame of Limitless Transmutation as well. This powerful expression of the Violet Flame begins flowing through my Heart Flame to bless all Life on Earth.

I AM consecrated with the full potential of the 5th-Dimensional Violet Flame of Limitless Transmutation. My I AM Presence absorbs this Sacred Fire and activates specific genetic codings within my RNA/DNA structures. These codings contain the Immaculate Concept of my Divine Potential. Through me, this comforting activity of Light is empowering every Beloved Son and Daughter of God to fulfill his or her Divine Purpose and reason for being.

Through this activation my mind and emotions are being purified and realigned with the Harmony of my True Being. This purification paves the way for my conscious mind and my super-conscious mind to merge and become One.

In this state of at-one-ment, my I AM Presence comes to the forefront and takes dominion of my Earthly bodies. As this occurs, my life, body, mind and soul are quickened and lifted into a state of enlightenment. This new level of Divine Consciousness clears the way for the fulfillment of my Divine Plan.

I now begin to assimilate the ineffable power within the Violet Flame of Limitless Transmutation. The Divine Intelligence within the Flame helps me to realize that understanding and utilizing this Divine Power is one of the most important things I can do in order to fulfill my unique facet of the Divine Plan.

This inner knowing brings the realization that myriad opportunities are being presented to me every day that will improve the quality of life on Earth. I realize that even though these opportunities may seem challenging, the Violet Flame contains a Clarity and frequency of Love that will help me to transcend ALL obstacles.

All Humanity now experiences the wonder of the 5th-Dimensional Violet Flame of Limitless Transmutation. Held within the Divine Intelligence of this Holy Substance, I know and truly understand that I AM One with God. Through all levels of consciousness, I comprehend the Divine Truth that all that my Father-Mother God has is mine.

With this Divine Awakening, I accept that the Violet Flame contains within its essence the full potential for me to rise above all human conditions and all self-inflicted suffering, for it is a force of unlimited and unspeakable power.

Within the Divine Intelligence of this Sacred Fire, I recognize and revere the Divinity within every Human Being.

I peer into the heart of every man, woman and child, and I see a radiant Being of Light abiding within every Heart Flame. As I acknowledge each person’s Divinity, their I AM Presence begins to expand.

As the I AM Presence of each soul increases in power and dominion, the obsolete beliefs and behavior patterns associated with fear and separation, or lack and limitation, begin dropping away. Regardless of the depths of negativity the Human Being has fallen to, their I AM Presence now takes control and their course of direction is corrected.

From this moment forth, I consciously choose to acknowledge and love the Divinity within every person’s Heart Flame. Through my love, their I AM Presence is empowered and daily and hourly increases Its influence over their thoughts, words, actions and feelings.

No matter what negative behavior patterns the person previously participated in, the I AM Presence now floods their four Earthly bodies with the Immaculate Concept of their Divine Potential and places their feet firmly on the path of Light. (pause)

I now breathe in deeply and return my attention to the room. I become aware of my physical body by gently move my fingers and my toes. I exhale gently and begin breathing normally.

I now relax and allow these Divine Energies to be assimilated into my physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies.

Our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven are allowing this unprecedented acceleration and cleansing process to take place this year because of the dedication and the willingness of Lightworkers around the world to assist with this Holy endeavor. For this reason, we must all listen to our heart and respond according to our Inner Knowing.

We are all being called to unite our hearts, heads and hands in this global effort. There will be many diverse ways in which we can weave the Divine Momentum of our Light into this facet of the Divine Plan. Pay attention to the opportunities that are presented to you throughout this year. Ask your I AM Presence for guidance. Ask this wondrous aspect of your own Divinity to pave the way for you to fulfill your heart’s calling.


Beloved Alpha and Omega, the masculine and feminine Aspects of Deity from our Central Sun and the Solar Logos from Suns beyond Suns back to the Heart of the Cosmic I AM, All That Is are sending forth a clarion call to all Lightworkers on Earth. We are being asked to greatly increase our invocations of the Violet Flame and to daily and hourly increase our focus on this Sacred Fire. We are also being asked to join together within the physical plane and, in consciousness, to assist with the next facet of the unfolding Divine Plan.

The empowered 5th-Dimensional frequencies of the Violet Flame that are being made available to Humanity for the first time this year will catapult us up the Spiral of Evolution into frequencies of harmony and balance beyond anything we have experienced.

When frequencies of discord are transmuted into Light by the Violet Flame, a void is left where the discord previously existed. In order to prevent more discord from filling that void, the space must be filled and sealed with Light. The Beings of Light have indicated that the greatest need of the hour is for Lightworkers to fill with Light the monumental voids being created through the awesome purging by the Violet Flame that is taking place this year. They said that the most effective and life-transforming way of sealing these voids is by filling them with the original patterns of perfection destined for Mother Earth and all her Life. These are the patterns contained within the Etheric records of the Garden of Eden.

Kauai is known as the Garden Isle, and the Beings of Light have revealed that after the initial impulse of the fall, the archetypes for the patterns of perfection in the Garden of Eden were encoded within the Etheric records on the Island of Kauai. These patterns contain the original Divine Potential for Beloved Mother Earth and the pristine beauty she will one day outpicture when her Destiny is fulfilled.

In order to fulfill this urgent need, a plan has been set into motion through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth. This plan involves Lightworkers from all over the world gathering on the sacred Island of Kauai to serve as surrogates on behalf of Humanity. Through the unification of our Heart Flames, we will form a mighty transformer through which the Light of God will flow to reactivate the original patterns of perfection within the Etheric records of the Garden of Eden. These are the patterns of the Divine Destiny intended for Mother Earth prior to the fall. These are the patterns that contain the archetypes for Heaven on Earth.

Imagine what the activation of these patterns of perfection will mean to our evolutionary process. If the voids left behind after the Violet Flame transmutes Humanity’s human miscreations are filled with patterns of God’s Limitless Perfection, just think how this will accelerate our goal toward reaching a critical mass of Heaven on Earth.

The vehicle that will be used to accomplish this goal is the 20th Annual World Congress On Illumination. This is an annual event, which will take place this year in Kauai, August 12-17, 2006.

If you feel the heart call to participate in the 20th Annual World Congress on Illumination, please find the details on how you can attend on our website Just go to our Home Page and click on the 20th Annual World Congress on Illumination link at the top of the page or call 520-885-7909 or fax 520-749-6643.

When we come together in the physical plane and offer our Earthly vehicles as a Holy Grail through which the Light of God will flow to bless all Life, we create a mighty transformer that will withstand a tremendous influx of God’s Light. When those of us who are gathered together join our hearts and minds with the Divine Intent of serving as surrogates on behalf of ALL Humanity, our power and effectiveness are increased a thousand times a thousandfold by the Company of Heaven. Stay focused and listen to your heart. Your Light and Love are needed now!

Once again the Clarion Call is going forth, and the Company of Heaven is invoking our assistance on behalf of Humanity and all Life evolving on this sweet Earth. Listen to your heart, and respond according to your Inner Guidance. When you are making your decision, remember that whenever you volunteer to serve as an Instrument of God in fulfillment of the Divine Plan, the floodgates of Heaven will open to support you and to pave the way. Trust this profound Truth.

The Company of Heaven has asked the New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose to organize these annual events in beautiful, healing venues, so that the Lightworkers who make the sacrifice to serve in this way will truly experience a glimpse of Heaven on Earth. I want to assure you that if you choose to come to Kauai to serve as a surrogate on behalf of all Humanity, this will be a life-transforming experience for you. In wondrous ways, your life will never be the same.

If you do not feel the heart call to be physically present in Kauai, know that this is a global event, and you can weave your magnificent Light into our mighty transformer by joining with us in consciousness from wherever you are called to serve on the face of the Earth.

The Cosmic Moment is NOW!

Our time is at hand.

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