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2021 is a critically important year in Earth’s Ascension process and all of us are being inspired to listen to our Heart and to pay attention to the intuitive Inner Guidance from our newly integrated I AM Presence. This aspect of our own Divinity is revealing to us the next phase of our individual and collective Divine Plans. No matter how aware or how unaware we may be of why we volunteered to be on Earth during this momentous  time or what we have agreed to do to assist in Earth’s Ascension process, our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven want us to know…OUR TIME IS AT HAND.

 Since the Birth of this New Decade, unparalleled shifts of energy, vibration and consciousness have taken place within each of us individually and Humanity en masse collectively. This has cleared the way for all of us to take the next major step in the fulfillment of our Divine Missions. Mother Earth and the Collective I AM Presence of Humanity are Calling us to action. The unique gifts, skills, talents and abilities we have acquired over myriad Lifetimes are tangibly available to us for this Mission in ways we have not previously experienced. The Sacred Knowledge pulsating within our Heart Flame which we have all been preparing to release on behalf of our Sisters and Brothers in the Family of Humanity is needed NOW.

 During this Cosmic Moment in Earth’s evolution, each unique Golden Thread of Life is essential to the facet of the Divine Plan unfolding in 2021. We alone are responsible for weaving our individual Golden Thread of Life into the Tapestry of the New Earth that we are being Called to Cocreate this year. If we listen to our intuitive Inner Guidance and pay attention, we will see that day by day we are being presented with various opportunities to add to the Light of the World by weaving our Golden Thread of Life into the Mission at hand.

 We at Era of Peace have been carefully observing the situation unfolding with the Covid-19 “forced timeout” to determine how we would orchestrate the 35th Annual World Congress on Illumination in 2021. Since the decision has to be made now, we needed to determine whether the event would be a physical gathering or a Virtual event like we had last year. In collaboration with the Company of Heaven, we decided that for the safety of everyone it would be best to have a Virtual event for the 35th WCI.

 The 35th Annual World Congress on Illumination will be a Live 2-hour Virtual Event held every day from August 14-19, 2021. Once again we are going to offer this Global Activity of Light for FREE to everyone who is interested in participating. Each day will be recorded and made available immediately afterward for Replay. If you are not able to join us, live this will allow you to weave your magnificent Light into this critical phase of the Divine Plan whenever it is convenient for you to do so.

 You must register for the 35th WCI in order to receive an email each day with the Online Link to participate. This link changes every day. When the registration information is up on our website I will send you an email so that you can register. In the meantime, please read the following information revealing the Divine Mission for the 35th Annual World Congress on Illumination. This information will help you know how your unique Creative Light will assist in preparing You, Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth for this powerful opportunity.  



We are ALL being Called to action and deep within the recesses of our Heart Flame we know exactly what to do and what Heart-based actions we can take that will add to the Light of the World during this critical phase of Mother Earth’s Divine Plan. The Company of Heaven wants you to know that even if you think that you are not a Lightworker because you are just living your life doing ordinary things to survive and to keep yourself and your family functioning and safe, that is not true. You are a Lightworker because you are a Son or Daughter of God and with every Holy Breath you take you receive the Light of God through the Prana and Life Force that keeps you alive. You utilize the Light of God with every thought, feeling, word and action you express whether you consciously pay attention to that or not.

 Every time you express your Love for another person or revel in the wonders of Nature or help another person in any way or demonstrate compassion and caring for another part of Life, you are adding to the Light of the World. Just think of the various times every day that in one way or another you open your Heart and feel the Gratitude of just being alive.  

 Now that the Inner Guidance from every person’s newly integrated AM Presence is being more easily perceived on a conscious level, people everywhere are beginning to remember what being a Lightworker means and how very easy it is to fulfill that role in their daily life. Activating our full Divine Potential as a Lightworker does not mean having to change our life in monumental ways which nobody feels they have the time or even the inclination to do. Activating our full Divine Potential as a Lightworker involves just a slight adjustment in our awareness and our focused Divine Intentions.

 Now that our I AM Presence has fully integrated into our Earthly Bodies and the “Veil of Illusion” has been lifted from our conscious mind, the slight adjustment in our awareness that we need to make in order to activate our full Divine Potential as a Lightworker is tangibly available to each and every one of us in ways we have not previously experienced. In order to empower our full Divine Potential as the Lightworker we are being Called to be in this moment, we need to be CONSCIOUSLY PRESENT and MINDFUL in every waking moment of our life. This may seem overwhelming at first, but I promise you with practice it is not. Our I AM Presence is eagerly awaiting the opportunity to take full dominion of our thoughts, feelings, words and actions. All we have to do is ask.

 If in every CONSCIOUS and MINDFUL moment of our day, we take a deep Holy Breath and ask our I AM Presence to take command of our thoughts, feelings, words and actions before responding to our various responsibilities and the situations that arise, we will be intuitively guided in ways that will add to the Light of the World instead of the shadows. If we will consciously act from that Heart-based space no matter what we are doing or how menial or challenging the situation before us may be, we will be adding to the Light of the World. The Company of Heaven said that by making this simple adjustment in our awareness and behavior patterns, we will take a major step toward fulfilling our Divine Mission as a Lightworker in 2021, thus expanding the Light on Mother Earth in exponential ways.


The Divine Mission for the 35th Annual World Congress on Illumination will be Cocreated through the unified efforts of our Father-Mother God, the entire Company of Heaven and Awakening Humanity. This Mission involves Cocreating an unprecedented Quantum Field of Comprehensive Divine Love that will result in an Evolutionary Shift of Consciousness that will permanently sustain the Presence of Unity Consciousness for Humanity and ALL Life evolving on Mother Earth.  


According to the Company of Heaven in order for Humanity to withstand this NEW much Higher Frequency of Light it will be necessary for our I AM Presence to recalibrate our nervous system and the cellular structures of our Earthly Bodies to withstand Higher Frequencies of 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light. This will be a gentle process that our I AM Presence and the Beings of Light will guide us through step by step throughout 2021. This will be an individual as well as a collective process. Each of our I AM Presences will guide us intuitively day by day for our individual preparation so ask and pay attention. In addition, the Company of Heaven will guide us Collectively through various Activities of Light leading up to the 35th WCI.

 Happily, we at Era of Peace will share this information through our Weekly Vlogs and our Monthly Newsletters. If you have not already done so, you can sign up to receive these Celestial sharings FREE of charge on our website



Our first Global Activity of Light will occur during the March Equinox which will take place March 20-21, 2021. Astrologers are referring to this Equinox as an extraordinary opportunity for Humanity to shift in a new Heart-based direction. This is in perfect alignment with the Divine Mission we are all being Called to Cocreate during the 35th Annual World Congress on Illumination.

 For the past few months, Earth has been bathed in an influx of Light from powerful Celestial events including solar and geomagnetic storms. This purging Light is accelerating the dismantling of the obsolete patterns of separation and duality and clearing the way for the initial impulse of the Cocreation of the Quantum Field of Comprehensive Divine Love that will permanently sustain the Presence of Unity Consciousness for Humanity and Mother Earth.

 The Company of Heaven has revealed that the Crystalline Light that will flood the Earth from the very Heart of our Father-Mother God during the March Equinox is pulsating with new color spectrums, fragrances, cosmic tones, geometric patterns and harmonic pulsations beyond anything Humanity en masse has ever been able to receive or even comprehend.  

 This unfathomable influx of Light will open the door for every person to receive on a far more conscious level new insights, viable solutions, positive thoughtforms and ideas that are raising the Collective Consciousness of ALL Humanity.

 During the March Equinox, the Light of God will flow through Humanity’s Collective I AM Presence and quicken the life, body, mind and consciousness of every Son and Daughter of God. This Gift from On High is destined to assist every person to intuitively comprehend the infinite possibilities of profound positive change that are being presented to each and every one of us right here and right now.

 Precious Heart, during this time leading up to the March Equinox pay attention to what your Earthly Bodies are revealing to you. Are you being guided to clean up your diet, detox, rest more, drink more water, be in nature, listen to music, meditate, get more sleep or any other inner prompting that is designed to help you prepare for the influx of Light we will be blessed with on the Equinox?  If so, it will behoove all of us to respond to that Inner Guidance.


God Bless You,
Patricia Cota-Robles
Era of Peace
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