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Precious Heart, we at Era of Peace wish you a Love-filled, Peaceful, Healthy and Abundant 2021. The Legions of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth are rejoicing and expressing Infinite Gratitude over the Life-transforming events that were God Victoriously accomplished through the unified efforts of Awakening Humanity and the Celestial Realms during the last few months of 2020.  

 During that time, Humanity and Mother Earth received profound Blessings as we passed through several Light-filled Celestial events. These opportunities included Mother Earth’s Planetary Reboot, passing through the Gateways of 11:11 and 12:12, a greatly amplified Lunar and Solar Eclipse, the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, an exceptionally powerful December Solstice and the Birth of 2021.

 During the December 21st Solstice and the simultaneous Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, every person’s I AM Presence was able to elevate our Holy Breath to new levels. The Beings of Light said this may be difficult for us to fully comprehend, but what it means is that we are now Breathing higher frequencies of Prana and our Life Force with every Breath we take.

 This increased influx of Humanity’s Prana and Life Force empowered the masses of Humanity in ways that cleared the sacred space for an Activity of Light during the December Solstice and the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn that had been unfolding for millennia. During that Cosmic Moment the Mighty Elohim, who are the Builders of Form, were able to activate Mother Earth’s Crystal Grid System which is literally her Acupuncture Meridian System into the full embrace of the 5th-Dimensional Solar Crystal Grid System for the New Earth.

 Once this was accomplished, brand new 5th-Dimensional Record Keeper Crystals which are encoded with the full Divine Potential of the New Earth were placed throughout Mother Earth’s new Crystal Grid System. The Beings of Light want us to know that these Record Keeper Crystals function within the Meridians of Mother Earth’s Crystal Grid System the same way Humanity’s newly activated Twelve 5th-Dimensional Crystal Solar Strands of DNA now function within our own Earthly Bodies.

 With the awesome victory of this miraculous event, the time has arrived for Humanity en masse to move beyond the consciousness of separation and duality. It is time for us to join together as One Breath, One Heartbeat, One Voice, and One Unified Consciousness of pure Divine Love. We must acknowledge the Divinity within every Heart Flame and celebrate our diversities, thus moving past the illusion of things that separate us.

 The first step in this Healing process involves Humanity Cocreating the Template for Unity Consciousness. This is a critical facet of the Divine Plan for 2021. Today, you and I and the rest of Awakening Humanity will begin this Healing by invoking the Light of God and Cocreating a Template for Unity Consciousness in the Realms of Cause. Together, we will bathe Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth in the Healing Unguent of Unity Consciousness from the very Heart of our Father-Mother God.

 Please affirm: “I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with the I AM Presence of every person on Earth.” Now, every person’s I AM Presence is preparing his or her Heart and Mind to receive this influx of Light as we join together in One-pointed Consciousness. I will lead this guided visualization in the first person, so that we will all experience this Activity of Light individually, but KNOW that the invocation we make this sacred day for ourselves, we make for ALL Humanity and every particle and wave of Life evolving on Mother Earth. We now begin by Breathing our Holy Breath with the NEW and infinitely powerful frequencies of Prana and Life Force in and out deeply and rhythmically.



I AM going within to the deepest recesses of my Heart, the secret place of the Most High Living God. There I kneel before the altar of Love and surrender my lower human consciousness to the perfection of my I AM Presence, my true God Reality.    (pause)

My I AM Presence takes full command of my physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies. The Light of God fills my Being, and I Ascend into the Realms of Illumined Truth. Within this octave of Light, Unity Consciousness flows into my Heart Flame and floods the Earth to Bless all Life. As Humanity and Mother Earth are Consecrated with the Light of Unity Consciousness, specific genetic codings are activated within every person’s Twelve 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Strands of DNA and Mother Earth’s new 5th-Dimensional Record Keeper Crystals. These codings contain the Immaculate Concept of each person’s and Mother Earth’s full Divine Potential. This Activity of Light is now empowering Mother Earth and every Beloved Son and Daughter of God evolving on this Planet to fulfill our Divine Purpose and reason for Being.

 Through this activation the mind and emotions of every person are purified and realigned with the Harmony of their True Being. This purification paves the way for the conscious mind and the super-conscious mind within each person to merge and become One. In this state of at-one-ment, every person’s I AM Presence takes full control. The life, body, mind and soul of every Son and Daughter of God on Earth is quickened and lifted into a state of Enlightenment that clears the way for Unity Consciousness and the fulfillment of the Divine Plan for 2021.

 Unity Consciousness contains a clarity and frequency of God’s Comprehensive Divine Love that transcends ALL obstacles. Held in the embrace of this Divine Intelligence, I fully comprehend the Truth that I AM One with all Life and that ALL Life is Divine. This awareness allows the masses of Humanity to revel in our diversities and to revere and respect our differences in new and wondrous ways. Unity Consciousness contains within its essence the Divine Potential for me to rise above all human conditions and all self-inflicted pain and suffering, for when I AM Unified in Consciousness with the rest of Humanity we become a Force of Unlimited and Unspeakable Power.

 With Unity Consciousness, I recognize and honor the Divinity within every Human Being, the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth. I peer into the Heart of every man, woman and child and I see a radiant Being of Light abiding within every Heart Flame. As I acknowledge each person’s Divinity, the I AM Presence within their Heart begins to expand and expand.

As the I AM Presence of each person increases in power and dominion, the obsolete beliefs, behavior patterns and illusions associated with fear and separation or lack and limitation begin dropping away. Regardless of the depths of negativity the person has fallen to, his or her I AM Presence now takes control and places their feet firmly on the Path of Light.

I now Breathe my Holy Breath in deeply and assimilate the Light of Unity Consciousness into my physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies. For a sublime moment, I revel in the wonder of this magnificent Light. Through my I AM Presence I now Consecrate my Life Force to be the Open Door for Unity Consciousness until the patterns of perfection for the New Earth are manifest in all of their Glory. Through Unity Consciousness ALL Life belonging to or serving the New Earth at this time is NOW experiencing the Divine Qualities of God’s Comprehensive and Transfiguring Love, Oneness, Enlightenment, Eternal Peace, Vibrant Health, Abundance, Joy and Reverence for ALL Life. 

From this moment forth, I will focus on the Divinity within every Heart Flame and KNOW that Unity Consciousness is now expanding through every person’s I AM Presence with every Holy Breath we take. And so it is, Beloved I AM That I AM.

Dear One, every day continually focus on the Divinity within every Son and Daughter of God, the entire Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth. Visualize Unity Consciousness expanding through every person’s  I AM Presence with every Breath they Take.

God Bless You,
Patricia Cota-Robles


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