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Hi Precious Heart,

 I have been asked to participate in a Global Summit presented by Margaret Sapp from the Netherlands. This presentation is titled DOING LIFE HAPPIER. Margaret Sap is interviewing me, and 21 other acclaimed experts from a variety of fields like doctors, parenting coaches and also artists, athletes and models, and many more. I believe there will be new and very interesting information for all of us.

 You can watch the interviews from anywhere at your leisure during the week of Feb 11-22, 2022. My presentation will air on February 11th.

 Just click here to claim your FREE spot for Doing Life Happier.

 Here is some of the additional information about the summit DOING LIFE HAPPIER.

 If you are stuck on the question of how to navigate life with true joy and real smiles during uncertainty and hold a secret desire to live a well balanced and sparkling life…

 Where you have the ability to take control of your vitality, your mindset, your state of being and are far more connected to those that matter most in your life…

 Then I want to invite you to an online event that’s perfect for you. 

 It’s called Doing Life Happier: “How To Worry Less and Upgrade Your Life So That You Become Happier and Healthier Within Days.” 

I’m participating in it, and I’m so excited to invite you to join for FREE!

 It’s all about little twists and tweaks to your daily routine that cause massive impact on your overall joy factor, creating an abundant energy to do the things you love and live from a more worry free state of being.

 Just click here to claim your FREE spot in Doing Life Happier!

 Here’s a little more about this unique event:

 Margaret Sapp has two big questions we’re all helping her answer:

 What are the causes of your worry, so you can prevent them from keeping you down and actually turn them into fuel for your happiness?  

 And once aware of your pitfalls, how can you use their insights and apply them at this very moment?

 The answers she’s getting are life transforming. They may set you on going to live your best year ever, despite uncertainty and insecurity.   

 Through these interviews, you’ll find out how to:  

    Understand spiritual embodiment

  •    Take care of your health and vitality 
  •    Become wealth conscious 
  •    Reconsider the definition of beauty
  •    See the impactful role of media 
  •    Be radical self reliant 
  •    Deal with time management and productivity

And much, much more…

 You’ll come away with an increased clarity about worries that don’t serve you and what steps to take next, so you upgrade your energy, joy and health into a better force of life, sparkling within you every day. 

 So, click here to claim your spot in Doing Life Happier


 God Bless You,

 Patricia Cota-Robles


P.S. Each interview in this series will only be available for a limited time. So register now and get ready to unlock your key to less worry and more joy for a life truly worth waking up to!


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