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February 21st – March 19, 2022


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Hi Precious Heart,

It is not by chance that this summit, with the Divine Intent of assisting Humanity to learn how to experience the Bliss of connecting with our Source, is beginning the day after the Olympics and the most intensified activity of Cosmic Forgiveness the World has ever known. In February, Humanity also experienced a monumental influx of Light as we Ascended through the Aquarian Gateway. Now it is time for all of us to just BE for a little while so we can assimilate this Light and focus on our Oneness with the Source of All That Is.

Malika, a beautiful soul from India is offering a Global Summit that will provide each day just one presentation from a Global Quantum Healer or Speaker that will share with us food for thought on how we might enhance our direct connection with our Source.

The following is the information Malika is sharing with us:

We are co-creating a deep experience of Source Connection again and I’d love to invite you to explore and feel into Source with us. Jump Into Source Bliss is all about creating a coherent energy field for all of us to tap into Source together and create a direct relationship with Source. These are Global Online Summits on Direct Source Connection. The next Jump Into Source Bliss Summit is February 21st- March 9th, 2022. To sign up for this FREE Summit, please subscribe at:

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Source is beyond loving bliss. We want to honor Source in all ways with a pure humility and reverence so we are going to dive into different aspects of Source and how they interconnect. Most importantly, the intention is for everyone to have their own direct experience of Source and actually experience what Source Bliss feels like. Malika, the host, is a Primordial Sound Meditation teacher, a Source Connection Catalyst, and an Intuitive Healer/Coach who got an impulse to lead this mission of Direct Source Connection. This is a mission of realizing our own potential as Source Beings and alchemizing and integrating our wounds and traumas in order to actualize the Loving Bliss of Source within us and manifest the highest possible reality that we desire though our own connection with Source.

Please join me along with 16 other global quantum healers and speakers as we realize Source within ourselves and connect to Source deeper than ever before. Each speaker leads a different opening into Source and we are so honored and humbled to come together as one big Source family. This is a dedication to Source for what Source is.

My Transmission is Direct Source Connection on Wednesday, February 23rd

Here is the whole Jump Into Source Bliss Summit Schedule from February 21 – March 9:

February 21st- Brian Besco- Soul Alchemy Led By The Pure Light of Source

February 22nd-  Sarah McCrum- The Interconnection of the Energy of Money and the Energy of God

February 23rd-  Patricia Cota-Robles- Direct Source Connection

February 24th-  Karen Curry Parker- The Principles of Quantum Human Design In Relation to Source

February 25th- Adalina East- Retraining Your Brain With Spirit

February 26th- Rebecca Wilson- Womb Source of Creation

February 27th- Judy Cali- The Stages of Self-Love As The Stages of Source Ascension

February 28th- Deborah Fryer- Receiving Your Divine Inheritance From Source

March 1st- Joy Baker- Manifesting Your Highest Possible Reality Through The Power of Choice

March 2nd- Carsten Spencer- Metatron and Quan Yin: A Transmission On What Source Is

March 3rd- Misa Hopkins- Awakening the Divine Feminine Aspects of Source

March 4th- Mel Mason- De-Cluttering Your Life to Flow Naturally With Source

March 5th- Malika- Resonance with the Source Spark within You

March 6th- Jonita D’Souza- Reclaiming Your Inner Feminine to Activate Source Power

March 7th- Neepam Jain- Releasing Energetic Blocks Through Super-Consciousness

March 8th- Barbara Canals- Embodying Higher Self and Spirit by Upgrading Your Aura

March 9th- Dr Bruce Goldberg- Contacting Higher Self For Spiritual Growth and Ascension


From my heart,

Patricia Cota-Robles


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