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This month we are being given the opportunity to set the stage for the miracles Lightworkers will be Called to Cocreate in collaboration with the Company of Heaven in 2023. This month the Company of Heaven will guide us step by step through various activities of Light. I will share this information in our Weekly Vlogs as it is revealed to us. If you are not signed up to receive our FREE Weekly Vlogs, you may do so from the Home Page on our website In this Newsletter the Company of Heaven will help us to comprehend the opportunity at hand.


The epic purging that was accomplished through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth during the 40-days from November 11th through the Solstice on December 20th in 2021 was responsible for dismantling the matrixes of the obsolete paradigms and myriad social structures that have manipulated, controlled and suppressed the masses of Humanity for aeons of time.


These matrixes had been held in place through the fear-based consciousness of separation and duality. That distorted level of consciousness manifests through the behavior patterns of greed, corruption, the abuse of power, hatred, ignorance and the willingness to respond with violence. All of these behaviors are void of LOVE.


That purging was a critical factor in paving the way for the next vitally important events that Awakening Humanity and the Company of Heaven were inspired to Cocreate in 2022. There are several powerful activities of Light that have been accomplished so far this year. These events include the Cocreation of the Divine Matrix for a Generational Changing of the Guard, the opening to full breadth of the Portal of the Holy Breath of God, and events that brought into balance a higher aspect of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine within every person’s Heart Flame.


When the Portal of the Holy Breath of God was opened to full breath a brand NEW frequency of the Holy Breath of our Father-Mother God was Breathed through the Portal and secured in the Heart Flame of every man, woman and child. This Holy Breath reverberates with the full Divine Momentum of the perfectly balanced Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine which has not been available within the Hearts of Humanity since our fall from Grace literally aeons ago. This wondrous event cleared the way for the next phase of the return of our Mother God.


During the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and the Celestial alignments that took take place during the 2nd Wave of Harmonic Concordance on November 8, 2022, our Mother God BREATHED the full Divine Momentum of Her Comprehensive Divine Love through the Portal of the Holy Breath of God and secured it within the Heart Flame of every man, woman and child on Earth.


Since that Cosmic Moment, with every BREATH we take our I AM Presence has been gently BREATHING our Mother God’s Comprehensive Divine Love through our fully opened 5D Heart Chakra to bless Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth. Day by day this Divine Love has been building in momentum. Today, the Company of Heaven is sharing with us the magnitude of just what this means for all of us.


Every particle and wave of Life lives, moves, breathes and has its Being in the all-encompassing Body of our omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent Father-Mother God. This Forcefield of Infinite Light is finally being recognized by some in the scientific community and they are referring to it as the Divine Matrix. This awesome Body of God sustains All That Is.


What we are learning now is that the very FOUNDATION of our Father-Mother God’s Divine Matrix pulsates with our Mother God’s Comprehensive Divine Love. This means that every single thing throughout the whole of Creation initially developed from a Foundation of our Mother God’s Love. In resonance with the Universal Law “As Above So Below,” the Company of Heaven wants us to realize that the patterns of perfection for the New Earth must also be Created from a Foundation of our Mother God’s Comprehensive Divine Love. This Foundation is now being formed with every Breath we take.


As we make the final preparations this month for the Birth of the New Year 2023, and the activities of Light we will be Called to Cocreate during that life-transforming year, the Company of Heaven has shared some information to help each of us truly comprehend the magnitude of what it means now that the Divine Feminine has at long last been fully balanced with the Divine Masculine in every person’s Heart Flame.


In order to victoriously accomplish that Mighty Feat, which was Cocreated through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth during the 36th Annual World Congress on Illumination, we were told by our Father-Mother God that this mission would require “All hands on deck.” In compliance with that Edict from our God Parents, Cosmic Beings from Systems of Worlds beyond anything the Earth has ever experienced were given permission to descend into the atmosphere of Earth to amplify the efforts of Awakening Humanity. We were told by our God Parents that these Cosmic Beings had been given permission to remain in the atmosphere of Earth through the December 21st Solstice.


Through their Divine Intentions and their Infinite Light, these Cosmic Beings are working with the I AM Presence of each and every one of us at this time. They are helping us to Cocreate a Foundation of our Mother God’s Comprehensive Divine Love upon which the patterns of perfection for the New Earth will tangibly be formed. This amplified influx of our Mother God’s balanced Divine Love is occurring with every Holy Breath we take. Now, as we focus on this information, the Cosmic Beings will exponentially expand the Foundation of our Mother God’s Comprehensive Love through our Heart Flames. This will help to pave the way for the miracles we will Cocreate in 2023.


As our Mother God reclaims this Earth and anoints Humanity with her Comprehensive Divine Love, we are beginning to experience a deep Reverence for ALL Life. Our Mother’s Love is now pulsating within the core of our Beings; it is NOT outside of us. We no longer need to seek the Divine Feminine from afar; we need to merely accept that our Mother God has returned, and that she is now abiding within every person’s Heart Flame. Her Love is pulsating within the silent rhythm of every Heartbeat, every Breath. It is the universal language now speaking to all Humanity through our Gift of Life. As we take the time to listen in the silence of our Heart, we hear the tones and whisperings of our Mother’s Love inspired by the wonders of Nature and the Music of the Spheres.


The effulgence of our newly-balanced Heart Flame is Creating an environment of Divine Love and upliftment around each of us. When we turn our attention to the balanced expression of our Father-Mother God within our Heart Flame, the illusion of separation is shattered. Our Hearts are unified, and we once again experience the bliss of knowing that WE ARE ONE, and that Love is ALL there is.


During this auspicious time, our Mother God is placing each of us within a mantle of her Comprehensive Divine Love, and our nervous systems are being recalibrated to withstand the highest possible frequencies of the Divine Feminine. Our Father-Mother God’s newly balanced Violet Flame in our Heart is now penetrating into our atrophied spiritual brain centers. The Violet Flame is gradually reactivating our pineal, pituitary, and hypothalamus glands, and the ganglionic center at the base of our brain. This is allowing our I AM Presence to open our Crown Chakra in perfect alignment with our level of Consciousness. Day by day Humanity is returning to the Enlightened state of Unity Consciousness.


At this time, our Mother God’s Comprehensive Divine Love is pouring through all of us without designating favor to a particular person, place, condition or thing. Her Love is giving a Healing, impersonal benediction to every particle of Life. This magnetic Love of the Divine Feminine is blessing all Life with an equal opportunity to respond. Every person on Earth is being given both the blessing and the responsibility of becoming an Open Door for our Mother God’s Comprehensive Divine Love. Every Human Being now has the opportunity to become an instrument of God vested with the power to change the feeling worlds of all with whom we come in contact. This will be accomplished not through our human will, but through the balanced power of the Flame of Divinity that is now pulsating in our Heart Flame.


Precious Heart, this month focus on your Holy Breath and KNOW that with every Breath you take you are Cocreating the very Foundation of Comprehensive Divine Love that will sustain the Heart-based patterns of perfection for the New Earth. We at Era of Peace wish you a Love-filled and Peaceful Holiday Season. Celebrate all of your Traditions knowing:  We are One and LOVE is ALL there Is.


God Bless You,
Patricia Cota-Robles
Era of Peace
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