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We are in the midst of a truly Cosmic Moment. The Company of Heaven has encouraged us for decades to pay attention, because, as they say, “Cosmic Moments come and Cosmic Moments go.” What they mean by that is that throughout the Universe there are myriad Celestial alignments and cycles within cycles within cycles that greatly amplify the frequencies of Divine Light that Humanity can benefit from IF we take advantage of the opportunities and serve as the Open Door for these cyclical influxes of Light. At this time, we are experiencing a very rare and very complex opportunity.


We are currently being held in the embrace of a powerful Eclipse Series. On November 8th, we will experience not only a powerful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and the midterm Elections in the USA, but also the building momentum of several other Celestial events that have been blessing the Earth for quite some time. These events have allowed the Solar Logos from Suns beyond Suns to greatly amplify the Solar Light Codes that are bathing the Earth.


During this Cosmic Moment we have the opportunity to receive amplified waves of Celestial Light from Lunar Cycles, Sun Cycles, Eclipses, Solstices, Equinoxes and various Planetary Alignments. In addition, we have the ability to receive greatly intensified assistance from Comets and Meteors which shake the Ethers and break down the crystallized patterns that no longer serve our highest good.


The amplification of Light from Galactic Solar Waves, Plasma Solar Storms, Solar Winds, Photonic Light Streams, Solar Radiation, Magnetic Fields, Sonic Impulses, Gamma Rays and various other Celestial events are influencing Mother Earth’s magnetic fields and have the ability to positively affect the Divine Alchemy taking place within the electronic Light substance forming Humanity’s Earthly Bodies in ways beyond anything we have ever experienced. All we have to do is volunteer to be the Open Door for this influx of Light.


On October 9, 2022, a few days before the 36th Annual World Congress on Illumination began, astronomers reported seeing a Gamma Ray burst about 2.4 billion light years away from Earth which they believe is the most powerful explosion on record. The explosion, named GRB 221009A, was witnessed by the Gemini South telescope in Chile. Even though these myriad Celestial events present the opportunity for Humanity and the Earth to benefit in seemingly miraculous ways, if you and I and the rest of Awakening Humanity do not deliberately volunteer to be the Open Door for this Light on behalf of ourselves, Humanity and the rest of Life on Mother Earth, this unfathomable Divine Light will pass us by and it will not be tangibly available in the physical world of form on this Planet.


The Universal Law is, “The Call for assistance MUST come from the Realm where the assistance is needed.” In order for Humanity to benefit from the powerful Light Waves now bathing the Earth, we must Invoke that Divine Light through our I AM Presence and BREATHE it into the physical plane of Earth through our Heart Flames. Once we do that, the benefit from that influx of Light is then available in the physical plane of Earth. The more people who are willing to BREATHE this Divine Light into the physical plane, the more obvious and life-transforming the effects will be in the individual and collective lives of ALL Humanity.


During the 36th WCI, Awakened Humanity God Victoriously Cocreated in collaboration with the Company of Heaven the Divine Matrix for a Generational Changing of the Guard. Our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven said this was an essential facet of the Divine Plan for Mother Earth and ALL Life evolving upon her. Each day during the World Congress the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth guided us step-by-step through various activities of Light. You can experience the magnitude of what has been accomplished by watching the replay of the online virtual events for the 36th WCI. These five videos are available on the Patricia Cota-Robles You Tube Channel.


One vitally important facet of the Divine Plan during the 36th WCI was for Awakening Lightworkers around the World and those gathered within the Portal of the Holy Breath in Santa Fe, New Mexico to be the Open Door for the Light and the Holy Breath of our Father-Mother God that would, at long last, open this Portal of the Holy Breath to full breadth. For literally thousands of years our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven have awaited the time when Humanity would be Awake enough to accomplish this mighty feat so that the full Divine Potential of the HOLY BREATH OF GOD would be available to Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth through this Portal of the Holy Breath.


This miraculous facet of the Divine Plan was God Victoriously Accomplished. This paved the way for our Father God to permanently BREATHE the highest possible frequencies of Prana and the Life Force of the Divine Masculine, and our Mother God to permanently BREATHE the highest possible frequencies of Prana and the Life Force of the Divine Feminine, through this Portal to raise the frequency and consciousness of ALL of the Sons and Daughters of God on Earth.


The final step in the Cocreation of the Divine Matrix for the Generational Changing of the Guard was victoriously accomplished on October 20, 2022. On October 22, 2022, for the first time in 150 years Venus, the Star of Divine Love, began her 100-year transit through the sign of Libra. Libra represents the scales of Divine Justice and Venus represents Divine Love, Harmony, Grace, Beauty and the Divine Feminine. No one embodied on Earth has experienced this passage in this Lifetime.


Venus the Star of Love rules Libra the sign of Divine Justice. What a perfect Forcefield of Light to embrace the first 100 years of the Generational Changing of the Guard and the Clarion Calls of the I AM Presences of the young people who are now coming to the fore to reclaim this Planet and take their places as Heart-based Transformational Leaders.


The initial frequencies of the Venus-Libra Transit were greatly amplified by the powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse that took place on October 25, 2022.  That began the Eclipse Series that will be brought to fruition on November 8, 2022 with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. November 8th will be a very significant day not only because of the midterm Elections that will take place in the United States of America, but also because of the completion of a very important event that began 19 years ago with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on November 8, 2003. That event was called Harmonic Concordance and was considered the second wave of Harmonic Convergence which took place in August of 1987.


In August of 2003, during the 17th Annual World Congress of Illumination we were told by the Company of Heaven that due to the successful activities of Light that had been accomplished by Lightworkers around the World since 1987, Humanity en masse was at long last vibrating at a frequency that would allow our I AM Presences to open our 5D Heart Chakras to full breadth. The Divine Intent of this phase of Mother Earth’s Ascension process was to Create the sacred space for the permanent return of our Mother God.


Through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth the I AM Presences of both Lightworkers and the masses of Humanity were able to intervene in this activity of Light in unprecedented ways. Lightworkers around the World invoked the Transfiguring Divine Love of our Mother God and BREATHED this gift of the Holy Spirit into every person’s Heart Flame. When the frequencies of our Mother God’s Love merged with our Immortal Victorious Threefold Flames, the Divinity within our Hearts expanded through our 5th-Dimensional Solar Heart Chakras and opened them to full breadth. Our I AM Presences took full dominion of our open Heart Chakras and held the sacred space for the return of our Mother God.


When all was in readiness, Archangel Gabriel sounded his mighty Trumpet announcing the return of our Mother God for the first time since Humanity’s fall from Grace aeons ago. Suddenly, waves of the most exquisite frequencies of Transfiguring Divine Love began flowing from the Core of Creation into the Heart of our Mother God. She absorbed this sacred essence into her Heart Flame and then BREATHED the Breath of the Holy Spirit into the Heart Flame of every man, woman and child evolving on Earth. Our Mother God then projected a Ray of Light from her luminous Presence into every Heart Chakra and securely anchored her Divine Presence within every person’s Heart Flame. This paved the way for the event known as Harmonic Concordance.




The first Harmonic Concordance took place on November 8, 2003 during a very rare Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. The rare Celestial alignments that occurred during that Cosmic Moment motivated millions of Lightworkers around the World to respond to their Heart’s Call. These selfless Lightworkers traveled to sacred sites and power points along the meridians of Mother Earth’s Crystal Grid System. Each Lightworker served as an acupuncture needle along Earth’s Crystal meridians. Then during the Lunar Eclipse, our Father-Mother God BREATHED through Humanity’s newly opened 5D Heart Chakras the 5D Crystalline Solar Light that lifted Mother Earth and ALL Life evolving upon her up the Spiral of Evolution into the initial frequencies of the 5D New Earth.


The Eclipse Series in November 2003 coincided with a rare celestial alignment that opened a portal of Divine Consciousness which extended from the Core of Creation into the Sun of Even Pressure in the Heart of Mother Earth. During that rare alignment, our Father-Mother God flooded the Earth with their newly balanced Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection. This balanced frequency of our Father God’s Blue Flame of Power and our Mother God’s Pink Flame of Divine Love had not been available on Earth since our Mother God was forced to withdraw her Love after Humanity made the decision to close our Heart Chakras.


We made that fateful decision in an attempt to avoid feeling the pain from our distorted miscreations that resulted when we chose to use our Creative Faculties of Thought and Feeling in ways that were not based in Love. Closing our Heart Chakras and blocking the influx of our Mother God’s Love is what caused our fall from Grace. Now, with the opening of the Portal of the Holy Breath and the greatly intensified frequencies of the Holy Breath of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine bathing the Earth and blessing us with every Holy Breath we take, we are ready for the second wave of Harmonic Concordance.



November 8, 2022


Now, 19 years later, the second wave of Harmonic Concordance and the corresponding Celestial alignments will take the influx of our Mother God and her Divine Love to the next level. This will occur on the brand new frequencies of the Holly Breath of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine


Recently our Mother God began gently BREATHING through the Heart Flames and the fully opened Heart Chakras of Awakened Humanity a higher frequency of her Divine Love. This aspect of Divine Love is known through all Creation as God’s Comprehensive Divine Love. It is the highest frequency of God’s Love that Humanity has ever been able to receive. During the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and the Celestial alignments that will take place during the 2nd Wave of Harmonic Concordance on November 8th, our Mother God will BREATHE the full Divine Momentum of God’s Comprehensive Divine Love through the Portal of the Holy Breath and secure it within the Heart Flame of every man, woman and child on Earth.


From that moment forth, with every BREATH we take our I AM Presence will gently BREATHE God’s Comprehensive Divine Love through our fully opened 5D Heart Chakra to bless Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth. Day by day this Divine Love will build in momentum. The more we consciously focus on this Gift from our Mother God the sooner we will see tangible signs of this awesome Love manifesting in our daily lives.


There will be a quantum shift that will intensify this influx of God’s Comprehensive Divine Love as we pass through the Gateway of 11:11 on November 11, 2022 = 11:11:222. So, pay attention and listen to your Heart. Your I AM Presence will guide you through this Cosmic Opportunity unerringly.


I know this information seems complex, but our BREATH is the answer to perpetually being the Open Door, which is very simple.  It is good for us to be consciously aware of these incredibly important Cosmic Moments and to participate consciously if possible. However, we can also cover the bases of the opportunities we are not aware of by simply doing the rhythmic Holy Breath a few minutes every morning. That is as simple as:

Inhaling and affirming silently in your Heart
I AM INBREATHING the Light of God from every Celestial opportunity.
Holding the Breath.
I AM ASSIMILATING the Light of God from every Celestial opportunity.
I AM EXPANDING the Light of God from every Celestial opportunity.
Holding the Breath out.
I AM PROJECTING the Light of God from every Celestial opportunity.


Dear One, allow this information to resonate within the Flame of Illumined Truth in your Heart and you will KNOW what your part of this Divine Plan is.


God Bless You,
Patricia Cota-Robles
Era of Peace
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