Some Clarity on Fire The Grid

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Some Clarity on Fire The Grid

by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

Hi Dear Hearts\,

I debated about sending this E-mail because many people are not receiving the conflicting E-mails about the Fire the Grid event, and I did not want to confuse people. But I have received hundreds of E-mails from people asking about the conflict, so I thought I would send this E-mail to everyone on our E-mail list and let people share this information with whomever they choose.

This is the response I have sent to the people who have asked for my input:

It is wonderful to connect with you. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and the information you received about the Cosmic Opportunity that is being presented to Humanity on July 17, 2007, by the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth.

Won"t it be wonderful when we can all communicate through open heart and mind telepathy? That way the Truth of our conversations will resonate within the Divinity of our Heart Flames, and we will know that we know that we know. Then we will not be limited by language, semantics or our fear-based beliefs.

Tragically, whenever there is a monumental opportunity for the Light of God to increase on Earth the forces of imbalance redouble their efforts to block the Light. The good news is that Light is infinitely more powerful than any fear-based, fragmented efforts or misinformation those wayward souls may try to conjure up.

I know that in most instances the people who are disseminating this misinformation truly believe what they are saying, and they think they are helping by sending out an alarm. So far, I have received about six different, urgent, alarmist warnings about this event:

One person thinks this activity of Light will remove our free will, fry the grid, blow Humanity"s circuits and diminish the power of the Christ Grid.

Another person says ANY attempt to heal the Earth is associated with evil forces. They claim that the demise of the Earth is God"s Divine Plan, and the only way people will ascend into Light and harmony is for the Earth to be destroyed.

Another person says the grid is actually a web that has been placed around the Earth by evil ET"s, and the intent of the July 17th activity is to imprison all Humanity.

And on and on and on...

I would like to interject a little reason into this matter. Our Free Will is a gift from our Father-Mother God that was given to each of us the moment we were first breathed forth from the Core of Creation. No one has the ability or power to take that away from us except our God Parents.

At the time of our inception, we were also invested with the creative faculties of thought and feeling. The Divine Intent of our Earthly sojourn is to learn to become cocreators with our Father-Mother God, thus manifesting the perfection of Heaven on Earth.

Humanity is now in the process of reversing the adverse effects of our fall from Grace aeons ago. We are healing our self-inflected separation from God and each other. To help us with this process, we are receiving more assistance from the Company of Heaven than ever before in the history of time.

The common-sense Truth about the wondrous opportunity that is being presented to Humanity on July 17, 2007, is that we are not the victims of circumstance, we are the creators of circumstance. No matter what agenda the forces of imbalance may be trying to interject into this activity of Light, they will fail. The Light of God is ALWAYS Victorious, and WE are that Light.

It is the DIVINE INTENTION with which people participate in this hour-long meditation on July 17, 2007, at 11:11 a.m. GMT that will determine the result of this collective activity of Light. We are being asked to infuse this blessed planet and all her Life with the full momentum of our Love and Light. We are also being asked to bless Beloved Mother Earth with the sacred gifts and talents of our I AM Presence, our true God Selves.

There are millions of Love-centered people committed to participating in this glorious event. Every one of them has the Divine Intent of being the most powerful force of Light and Love they are capable of being during that Cosmic Moment. NOTHING will prevent the Immaculate Concept of this facet of God"s Divine Plan from being fulfilled.

Just for a moment, feel the elation and the gratitude our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven are projecting through your Heart Flame in appreciation for your willingness to be an Instrument of God at this critical time on Planet Earth.

Then affirm with deep feeling...

I AM the Victory of the Light in all situations!

I AM the Victory of the Light in all situations!

I AM the Victory of the Light in all situations!

And so it is. Beloved I AM.

Keep shining your magnificent Light!

God Bless You.


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July 2007 ii

May Peace Prevail on Earth

by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

When we step back and observe the bigger picture, we realize there are not just challenging things surfacing to be healed, there are also glorious activities of Light taking place that are changing the course of history. When we focus our attention on the surfacing chaos, it is easy to feel discouraged and overwhelmed. However, when we focus our attention on the activities of Light, we know within our heart of hearts that the Light of God is ALWAYS Victorious and that WE are that Light.

In this newsletter, I would like to share with you some of my experiences at the Symphony of Peace Prayers event in Japan on May 19-20, 2007. This was the culmination of an activity of Light that has been building in momentum for 50 years.

Day by day and moment by moment for over 50 years, dedicated Lightworkers from the Fuji Sanctuary have being praying for peace for Humanity and all of the countries in the world. This building force of heartfelt prayers created a portal of Divine Light that has greatly added to the Light of the World and paved the way for Humanity’s Ascension into Divine Consciousness.

In the Heavenly Realms, Mt. Fuji is known as a powerful portal for the Divine Alchemy of the Violet Flame and the Flame of God Illumination. Pulsating in the Ethers above this sacred mountain is the Temple of Divine Alchemy. The Hierarch of this temple is the Cosmic Being Kamakura.

Divine Alchemy is a frequency of the Violet Flame that is specifically designed to assist in transforming Humanity’s carbon-based Earthly Bodies into the crystalline Solar Light Bodies of our I AM Presence. It is not by chance that this colossal gathering of the Symphony of Peace Prayers took place at the foot of Mt. Fuji in 2007.

2007 is a Cosmic Moment in the Earth’s evolution. This year has been decreed by our Father-Mother God as the year of monumental change. This is the year in which the I AM Presence of every man, woman and child is being given unprecedented assistance from the Solar Elohim and the Directors of the Elements to transform our Earthly Bodies into the infinite perfection of our Solar Light Bodies. This is a process that is being accomplished in the Realms of Cause, right here and right now.

The God Victorious Transfiguration of our physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies will filter into the world of effects according to our focused attention, our dedicated cooperation with the Laws of Nature and our heart’s desire. The speed with which this transformation takes place will be an individual experience for each Human Being. The important thing for us to know is that physical transformation is now available for every person evolving on this planet.

My experience in Japan was transcendent. Japan is the cleanest country I have ever had the honor of visiting. The people are beautiful and reverent. They express their respect for people, nature and all living things in wondrous and serene ways. It is said that the Japanese people follow the guidelines of the four P’s: be polite, be patient, be precise and be punctual.

Eighty percent of Japan is exquisite mountain ranges with lush green vegetation. The other 20 percent of the country is where the majority of people live. The foothills of Mt. Fuji are a two-hour drive from Tokyo. We stayed at a beautiful hotel with a perfect view of the mountain from our bedroom window.

They said it is rare to be able to see a clear view of Mt. Fuji at this time of year. For the past three years, the rain and fog were so dense on the day of the Symphony of Peace Prayers that the thousands of people gathered on the prayer field could not even be seen by the presenters on the stage.

On May 19th, the day of the Round Table Discussion presentation, we had a cleansing rain that felt like it was purifying every particle of life in Japan. There were 25 special guests invited from around the world to sit at this table to explore and share our visions for the evolution of consciousness and the creation of peace on Earth. There were also 25 youth leaders from around the world who gathered to present their ideas on manifesting peace and planetary transformation. This year the event was expanded to integrate the three aspects of Science, Spirituality and Youth.

The synthesis of science and spirituality, both of which have a vital mission and purpose, is paramount to the creation of peace on Earth. The organizers at the Fuji Sanctuary also felt that the pure and sincere voices of the younger generation were crucial in enhancing the consciousness of Humanity. It was most auspicious that members from these three areas were invited to the Fuji Sanctuary for the very first time this year to commune in united prayers for peace to prevail on Earth.

As the participants entered the room for the round table discussion, we were each given a monitor that allowed for instant translations, so we could all fully understand each phase of the discussion. In this newsletter, I have included the names and titles of the 25 presenters, as well as each one’s response to two questions we were asked. This will give you an opportunity to glimpse the variety of presenters and our thoughts on the power prayer has to shift consciousness.

The meeting began with a presentation by the Youth Leaders. Then they went to a separate meeting room to have their own round table discussion. Throughout the day, the rest of us got to know each other and shared our thoughts about the transformation of consciousness and the power of prayer.

At the end of the day, the Youth Leaders joined us again and did a beautiful presentation. Then together we composed a unified Prayer for Peace to be presented at the gathering the following day.

On May 20th, the day of the Symphony of Peace Prayers, the Directors of the Elements and the Elemental Kingdom blessed us with a pristine day. The atmosphere was so clear that we were able to see not only the radiant beauty of Mt. Fuji, but snow-capped mountains in the distance that we didn’t even realize were there. The bus picked us up at the hotel at 8:30 a.m. and took us to Fuji Sanctuary where over 10\,000 people were gathering to pray. The energy on this holy day was palpable.

On he sacred grounds of the Fuji Sanctuary, there is a Peace Path which leads to the prayer field. This path is lined with 192 peace poles, one for every country on Earth. Written on each pole in the language of the country are the words: May Peace Prevail on Earth.

The prayer field is a large meadow that will accommodate over 10\,000 people. The boundary is marked by 192 flag poles and flags for every country. These gently blowing flags create a feeling of amazing peace, global unification and Oneness.

At another location on the grounds, there is an imposing globe that sits on top of a beautiful hill overlooking a map of the world. Light pouring forth from the Infinite Realms is anchored through the globe and connects the core of the Earth with the heart of the Universal God. On the world map, every country is displaying a peace pole, which represents the peace poles that have been anchored around the world by dedicated Lightworkers. These peace poles serve as acupuncture needles anchoring peace into the Crystal Grid System of the Earth.

Just past the weeping cherry tree is the gateway to the Pyramid Path. This path wends its way through the seven stations which are stragically positioned on the small hill that leads up to the Pyramid.

Seven Stations:

1st - Place for Letting All Thoughts Fade Away

2nd - Place for Extinguishing Self-Doubt

3rd - Place for Accomplishing Aspirations

4th - Place for Light-Filled Thinking

5th - Place for Thanking the Earth & Environment

6th - Place for Affirming our own Divinity

7th - Place for Affirming the Divinity of Humanity

The Pyramid is a place that receives very high energy, which descends from the Universe. Its purpose is to be the open door through which this celestial energy constantly emanates to bless the Earth and all Humanity.

The organization, precision, harmony, ceremony and beauty of the events that took place during the Symphony of Peace Prayers were awesome to behold. As over 10\,000 Lightworkers prayed in unison for peace to prevail in every country of the world, a million people from 90 countries joined with us in perfect synchronicity.

Together we formed a unified Chalice of Light that created the sacred space for Beloved Mother Mary to expand the Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame blazing in every person’s heart. The Divinity in every Heart Flame is now radiating more powerfully than It has been able to since Humanity’s fall from Grace aeons ago.

Now as the Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame within our hearts expands, it is dissolving the shadows and the effluvia of our past human miscreations. This purification is creating the environment for the Transfiguration of our lower consciousness into the Divine Consciousness of our I AM Presence. This is a vitally important step in our preparation for the Divine Plan that is unfolding this year.

The Cosmic Being Kamakura and the Legions from the Temple of Divine Alchemy and God Illumination at Mt. Fuji are awaiting our heart’s call to assist us in our Transfiguration process. Ask and you shall receive

Message from the Chairperson\,

Masami Saionji

Distinguished world citizens, spiritual and religious leaders, peace workers, young people and scientists, welcome! It is with great joy and appreciation that we greet all of you today at this Symphony of Peace Prayers (SOPP).

Each and every one of you has been doing magnificent work in your own daily life and in your chosen field. Now, you have gathered here on this very special day to join together in carving out a marvelous new blueprint for a harmonious future on Earth.

For more than 50 years, we at Fuji Sanctuary have been praying for world peace. Minute by minute and day by day, the momentum of our prayers has been accumulating in anticipation of this day. From this day forward, the consciousness of Humanity, which used to be focused continually on war and conflict, fear and antagonism, will flow in a new direction—toward peace, harmony, divinity and spirituality. And this transformation in consciousness will definitely be manifested. This is because energy accumulates where we direct our attention, and the energy of consciousness causes everything to take shape.

All of you who have come here to join in this Symphony of Peace Prayers are people of shining character, embodying the noblest aspirations of your nations and cultures. As we pray together today for a world free from conflict and discrimination, a world filled with love, respect and gratitude toward one another and toward all life on Earth, we are joined by over one million people who are praying simultaneously all around the world. The concentrated energy of our prayers will spread out in a great, sparkling wave, working for the transformation of Humanity’s consciousness. This vast, indomitable wave will circulate through the Universe, multiplying in strength as it reawakens the peace-loving spirit of all Human Beings.

It is not by coincidence that you have chosen to be here at this history-making event. It was decided through the power of your inner will and made possible through a perfect converging of time, place and people.

Now, let us join together as leaders from the world’s religions lead us in their own wonderful peace prayers. Let us transcend all differences in culture, ideology and religious background, as we pray with united hearts for all Human Beings to create a future filled with peace and harmony. Today, each and every one of you will change the world.

May Peace Prevail on Earth.


Mr. Maulana Abdul Khabir Azad

Grand Imam, Badshahi Mosque


Mr. Gary Bonnell


United States

Fr. James Channan, O.P.

Regional Coordinator, United Religions Initiative


Ms. Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

President, New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose, Inc.

United States

Dr. Ashok Gangadean

Professor and Chair of Philosophy

Haverford University

United States

Rt. Rev. Boudewijn Goudriaan

Regionary Bishop, The Liberal Catholic Church

South Africa

Ms. Susan Kaschula

General Secretary, Southern Africa Theosophical Society

South Africa

Guru Inder Kaur

Mr. Bhai Hari Singh Khalsa

Co-Founders and Directors, Yoga Dharma Community


Mr. RainbowHawk Kinney-Linton

Ms. WindEagle Kinney-Linton

Co-Founders and Directors, Ehama Institute

United States

Ms. Dorothy Maclean

Co-Founder, Findhorn Foundation

(Scotland), Canada

Mother Mangalam

President, Pure Life Society


Ms. Avon Mattison

Founder, Pathways to Peace

United States

Dr. Nina Meyerhof

Founder and President, Children of the Earth

United States

Ms. Maria Flavia de Monsaraz

Founder, Quiron Astrology Center


Dr. Kazuo Murakami

Professor Emeritus, Tsukuba University


Dr. Yasuharu Nakamura

Professor Emeritus, Showa University


Rev. Dr. Wlodzimierz Nast

Parish, The Holy Trinity Chruch


Rabbi Henri Noach

Rabbi, Jewish Community of Japan

Israel (living in Japan)

Mr. James O’Dea

President, Institute of Noetic Sciences

United States

Mr. Jamal Rahman

Sufi Minister, Interfaith Community

Church of Seattle

United States

Dr. Maria Sagi

Scientific Director, Club of Budapest


Dr. Gerald Schroeder

Professor of Nuclear Physics and Earth Sciences


Dr. Masakazu Tanatsugu

Professor, Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine


Geshe Tenpa Tashi La

Drepung Gomang Lumban Monastery

(Tibetan Buddhism), India

Mr. Akira Yoneda

President, The Human Science Institute


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July 2007 iii

The Power of Prayer Individual Responses

In advance of the Round Table Discussion, all participants were asked to submit responses to the following two questions, as a starting point for group discussion:

Question 1: The 21st century is a time of transforming and awakening the consciousness within individuals and Humanity. What is the potential influence of the power of prayer in transforming and awakening people’s consciousness?

Question 2: What message would you like to offer people to help bring about this transformation?

Mr. Gary Bonnell

Prayer’s Potential as Transformative Joy

1. The unlimited dynamics of prayer as the radiance of pure joy outward from one Soul to the Souls of others is evidence of the Earthly presence of celestial nurturing that is the divine nature of Creator God. In this selfless activity, our Soul reflects the true nature of our having been created in the Image of God. The gift of pure joy, without the willful intention toward an imposed outcome, lifts the recipient into a grace- engendered state of holy gratitude. Gratitude, when projected outward, echoes the originating prayer into witnessing hearts and minds, amplifying the unlimited radiance of joy. This is the Soul’s sunshine, the life- affirming presence of Creator God as its Creation. Joy, once liberated toward its own eternal constant, frees conflict, heals wounds and enlivens the highest levels of consciousness. This is our greatest peace: to know the true nature of God as pure joy, without limitation or intention, expressing as selfless-self in service to all.

2. Transformation from separation of body, mind and spirit is possible when we allow our true nature as direct emissaries of Creator God to radiate into our relationships. Through this divine integrity, our Soul consciousness guides all thought and action, as the sovereign unity expression of our birthright as sons and daughters of Creator God. Living through this knowing brings transformation to all we observe.

Fr. James Channan, O.P.

1. It is very much true that the 21st century is a time of transforming and awakening the consciousness within individuals and Humanity. I am reminded of the beautiful saying of a great lover and promoter of peace and nonviolence, Mahatama Gandhi. He said, “We must be the change we wish to see in the world.” That is absolutely true, that in order to bring change in the world, we must change and transform ourselves first.

I believe that the most powerful instrument to bring change in the world is prayer. Prayer manifests our inner self. It helps us to realize that we depend upon the Supreme Being and Almighty and that we cannot isolate ourselves from the people and Universe around us. Alone we can do nothing. We depend upon the Almighty God who guides us, helps us, inspires and motivates us to do good and avoid evil. Once we give ourselves into the hands of this Supreme Being in prayer and meditation, we can become instruments of peace and transformation. Once we are transformed, we can transforn others.

By transforming ourselves with the help of prayer we will be able to transform the consciousness of people around us. This is because we will be able to give others what we ourselves have obtained. We cannot give others what we have not received. We must be the change we want to see in the world around us. We must work for peace and treat others with respect and humility. Lord Jesus Christ said, “So always treat others as you would like them to treat you; that is the Law and the Prophets” (Matthew 7:12). The Power of Prayer can change and transform our attitudes and behaviors towards others. Once we have inner change and we are transformed, then we can become tools of promoting peace and harmony in the entire Universe. That is what I believe.

2. In order to be the instruments of change and transformation in the society, let us be faithful to the teachings of our religions, especially those which are common to all religions: peace, harmony, tolerance, forgiveness, dialogue and love. Let us be instruments of peace and promote interfaith harmony and peace in the whole world. For, through interfaith dialogue and harmony, we can bring positive change in the world. Let us practice and make meditation and prayer an integral part of our lives. Let us stop condemning others for their religious affiliations and beliefs. Let us accept others and respect their religions.

In my opinion, it is very important to establish peace centers and libraries all over the world to work for the noble task of bringing forth harmony, transformation and unity among believers of various religions and cultures. We must make every effort to promote and make the teaching of Mr. Masahisa Goi a reality: “May peace prevail on Earth!” Another very strong symbol is to plant Peace Poles at important public places and buildings in our countries. Let us be united with each other and with the Goi Peace Foundation, the World Peace Prayer Society and Byakko Shinko Kai, and make a strong network and collaborate with each other in making the dream of peace and transformation a reality.

Ms. Patricia Cota-Robles

1. We are all One. Every thought, word, action or feeling we express affects the whole of Creation. Through the Power of Prayer, we utilize our creative faculties of thought and feeling to invoke the Light of God. When we do this on behalf of every person evolving on Earth, we create a sacred space for Humanity’s awakening. As millions of people join together in prayer, we are reaching a critical mass of Divine Light that is resulting in an unstoppable shift of consciousness. This shift of consciousness is changing the course of history.

2. Since we are all One, all Life is interconnected, interrelated and interdependent. This means that, daily and hourly, we have the ability to serve as surrogates on behalf of our sisters and brothers in the Family of Humanity. By invoking the Light of God perpetually through the Power of Prayer, we will be an open door that no one can shut. We will be a powerful instrument of God, as we go about our daily lives. We will be a Peace Commanding Presence wherever we are, and we will add to the Light of the World with every breath we take.

Dr. Ashok Gangadean

1. To realize the Global Power of Prayer it is vital to cross into the expanded open sacred space that is the source and common ground of all our diverse world views and forms of life. When we enter this higher dimension through the global lens and awaken global consciousness through global wisdom, we recognize that the collective wisdom of Humanity through the ages has taught us that we ARE as we mind—that we cocreate our selves and our world through the technology of consciousness. This global wisdom makes clear that when we live and conduct our lives through the egomental mind and speech, we generate a world that is polarized, fragmented, oppositional and hence, pathological. By contrast, our global wisdom has taught that when we rise into an integral, holistic and dialogical pattern of consciousness, we come into deep connectivity and communion with the Infinite Presence that always surrounds us in every breath.

Our Global Wisdom teaches that there is an Infinite Force that is the ground and source of all life and existence, whether we call IT Tao, Aum, Yahweh, Allah, Christ, Sunyata, Brahman, Energy, Cosmos, God, Nature, Universe. This Wisdom shows us that whether we believe in “God” or not, every Human, all Beings, are inherently situated within the Holistic Unified Field of this sacred Energy, and when we are cut off from IT, we are invariably lodged in all kinds of individual and collective pathologies and dysfunctions.

By contrast, when we rise into a more mature and awakened pattern of integral, holistic and dialogic global consciousness, we flourish in well-being and realize our true awakened sacred individuality and connection with others and with the ecology. The contrast between these two technologies of consciousness needs to be explicitly marked to constantly teach and remind us whether we are in the egomental mind or crossing into the awakened integral and holistic practice of consciousness.

And this is the key to releasing the higher global power of Prayer: when we are in the /egomental/ pattern of mind, let us mark it with /.../ quotes, and when we cross into the awakened sacred space of ((integral consciousness)), let us mark it with ((...))—holistic quotes. This helps us to see the difference between /Prayer/ and ((Prayers)).

So “who” is praying and the quality of ((consciousness)) and ((speech)) is all-important in releasing the true ((power of Prayer))—when we pray from the /egomental self/ and use /egomental speech/ we are not engaging in genuine ((Prayer)).

But when we mindfully cross into the ((awakened mind)) and engage in the higher transformative power of ((Prayer)), we come into deep connectivity and communion with the Infinite Presence that always surrounds us. There is a world of difference between

When we enter ((Prayer)) we transform our Self and our Ecology. We transform our world. This is because everything is deeply interconnected in the Holistic Field of Presence. So genuine ((Prayer)) taps the boundless Power of this Unified Field, and each of us comes to full empowerment—the ((butterfly cause))—and can make a profound difference in healing our Selves, Others, and the Planet. Entering this awakened and mindful ((Speech)) is the key to the emerging global civilization and rising together in a compassionate Culture of Peace wherein the entire ((human family)) may flourish together with ((Sacred Earth)). This is the ((Global Power of Prayer)).

2. My message to all global citizens is that as we now enter this great evolutionary shift and mature as ((Human)), it is vital to become mindful of the difference between /Prayer/ and ((Prayer)) and to realize that as we rise together into a mindful and awakened ((Life)), every act, every breath is a ((Prayer)). And we can ((heal the world)). Thus, entering into mindful ((Prayer)) is powerfully ((transformative)), as it lifts us from /egomental life/ into awakened ((Self)) realization.

Rt. Rev. Boudewijn Goudriaan

1. Having experienced the initial stirrings of an inner awakening, Inward-focused Prayer leads us to the discovery of the Great Life that is manifested in us. Sustained Prayer then leads us to the exploration of the Spiritual Inner Self, thus transforming the ordinary self, ceasing to implore Deity for the increase in material comforts; turning to face the Deity within. As the transformed self continues to focus on that Great Embodying Life, it discovers It in all other Beings. It touches Deity and merges with It, the origin and consummation of all things. This is of import to all of us, as it eventually spiritually transforms Humanity and the world.

2. The existence of a spiritual better Self in us and all Beings is a fact. Large numbers of persons, past and present, have discovered it and have taught about it. Do not ridicule its existence. Practice prayerful focus on yourself, and you will discover it. Revealing itself, it will transform you to a better person and uplift Humanity and the planet. This is the Purpose and Plan of Deity.

Ms. Susan Kaschula

1. Altruistic prayer, which asks nothing for personal gain, but is used to help others and the greater good, can assist an individual to focus away from selfish tendencies, national and cultural differences and instill the concept of Universal Brotherhood. Thus, the essential unity of all Human Beings united in one activity for the good of all is recognized, evoked and realized.

2. Learn to understand that the causes of conflict and chaos are selfishness, greed, notions of separative superiority, cruelty and aggression. It is therefore imperative to distance oneself from prejudice, opinion and emotional reaction to situations, but rather to rise above these issues and focus on unifying concepts, viewing all as part of a Brotherhood. Clear thinking, wise speech and selfless intent, working in collaboration with other like-minded people will help cultivate a world consciousness and bring about global change for good.

Guru Inder Kaur\,

Mr. Bhai Hari singh Khalsa

1. Transformation and stability of the mental processes through mantra’s vibration.

2. The consciousness to be part of the infinity and to be relaxed in the channel like-position of the infinity.

Mr. RainbowHawk Kinney-Linton

1. Our collective power of thought prayer as Humans is tremendous in influence on our environment, both that of nature as well as our human environment. When we can step out of our isolation as individualistic and separated consciousness and combine our spirit power of holistic thought prayer, together for the benefit of all our relations, this energy moves in the Universe and transforms into an awakening power to all manifest form, including the consciousness of the people.

2. The method we offer is to provide symposiums for gatherings of thoughtful people in circles around the world. In these gatherings, we would call forward the collective power of prayer in the holistic forum of the Ancient Wisdom Council, thereby opening the eight intelligences with which all Humans are endowed. Then, from these people, let other gatherings be formed to spread a web of higher consciousness of spiritual thought prayer around our world.

Mrs. WindEagle Kinney-Linton

1. We live in a time of transformation when the potential of the human spirit to awaken is unlimited. We have stepped into the great turning time of human consciousness and the power of prayer to influence this turning, this awakening, is exponential. Not only are we as Humanity poised to take the leap from adolescence to adulthood, to become mature enough to help create the age of love, peace and harmony, we are being supported by all of creation to realize the part we play in the great web of life. Together with the forces of this unfolding Universe, it is time for all of Humanity to awaken to another realm in which we can live what each of us yearns for. Prayer, a message of calling to us the sacred dream of life, is vital to the human spirit. If our thoughts become our dreams and our dreams become our prayers, we must become conscious of our thoughts. We must become awake to our dreams, thereby being conscious of the message we send out to the Universe. So let us be conscious dreamers. Let us be connected with the dream seeds that reside in the heart of the Human.

2. We say, “The Mother Earth denies her children no thing.” This carries the meaning that we have all potential to create our life, our experiences, our reality. As spirit children of Life, we have chosen to become manifest in this time to learn and grow and to make our giveaway. The highest calling in the earth wisdom way is to walk the path of a conscious Human, whereby we are awake to the energy we create inside us and around us. When truly awake, walking as a chief, we are caring for the well-being of the whole, whether that is self, family, community or nation. From this understanding we would call the people together to share their dreams, their seeds of dreams that reside deep in the heart as yearnings. Let us create a prayer for Humanity that comes from the deepest heart of Humanity. Let us create a collective prayer that calls for the dream of peace on our planet among all nations, all colors, all creeds. Let us create a collective prayer that calls for the dream of love, kindness and understanding with a true celebration of our magnificent diversity. This, then, to be expressed in song, in art, in dance, in gatherings around the fire and sent out to all of creation. Our prayer is that we remember to walk in beauty. May all our thoughts be beautiful; may all our words be beautiful; may all our actions be beautiful, as we live our life the beauty way.

Ms. Dorothy Maclean

1. Prayer can be a powerful component to bring about transformation-awakening of people’s consciousness. When prayer stems from the divine core of the individual who prays and is not just asking for something, it sends the vibrations of the sacred into the world. Such prayer invokes the greatest power there is—that of the unity of love. The energy that comes from such selfless dedication is bound to raise the vibrations and consciousness of the recipient, for it is the power of the Almighty. As the consciousness of each individual is lifted or expanded, we move ever closer to the awakening of Humanity as a whole.

2. My message is, as always, to turn within to our God-self. An aspect of that inward turning is to engage in prayer. And I believe that we also must ground those inner qualities in our outer living. Prayer and action complement and strengthen each other. Within the prayer we can ask for strength, purification, direction or any other help needed.

Mother Mangalam

1. Prayer is an invisible power generated by pure thought force, directed by our will to the object of our love. The purer the thought, the more powerful becomes our prayer—more so if it comes from the depths of silence within us.

2. In the depths of silence, lies dormant the creative energy that gives shape to the trillions of objects that we behold with our naked eye. The manifestation of that creative energy or force becomes a reality sooner or later, depending much on pure thought force stemming from the elements of sincerity and faith in the individual. Of course, the force of will has to come into play. And if the human will merges into Divine Will, there need be no doubt of its materialization.

Prayer that has its root in pure thought-force exudes positive energy and gains momentum, and its velocity increases as the Earth rotates and consequently has a boomerang effect on the individual who says the prayer. Therefore, it behooves the individual to nurture pure thoughts at all times. The world and all its creatures benefit through the generation of this positive energy. The Cultivation of Inner Silence, the foundation that generates pure thought, is the slogan that can bring forth miracles through the power of prayer.

Dr. Nina Meyerhof

1. Prayer exists as a deep yearning of a true voice of the self. If this self expresses, it manifests as “so you feel, so you intend and so it will be.” When we unite, in a field of loving prayer, the unfolding consciousness leads us to manifest a collective energy, bringing us to a more informed state of true Being for living in universal harmony till we finally fully realize our connectedness as One Life.

2. I humbly suggest that we drop our resistances that are our fears, find our unity and offer our prayer from the depth of our souls. In this collective endeavor of high intent, we will find our one voice and our one heart and lift the vibration of the Earth and all of life upon her.

We are here living to learn, learning to love and to serve the greater good. May we trust that all is Divine. If only we could see this, then truly we could and would, manifest a better world for all.

Ms. Maria Flavia de Monsaraz

1. The influence of the power of Prayer comes about as a result of its ability to act as a link to the Source-of-Light, to the One, to Unity. It is this Potency that sustains all forms and links all dualities. Prayer brings us back to God who is also us.

2. To search within ourselves. Search for Truth until the consciousness of Love reveals itself as Law. To Love is to unite; this is the great Law of Love present in the Universe in all souls. It is only the soul that dissolves division, fear, the pain of the world.

Dr. Kazuo Murakami

1. I think that the functioning of the mind and consciousness—which includes prayer—has a great effect on the activity of the microcosmos of the cellular system. In order to demonstrate this, I intend to do research into the effects of prayer on the “on/off” functions of the genes. I consider it probable that prayer exerts its power even at the level of our genes.

2. From a scientific point of view, it can be said that no one lives by his or her own individual power alone. We are enabled to live by the immense power received from Great Nature (which I call “Something Great”). How miraculous it is to live! I would like to discuss the myriad varieties of hidden potential that are slumbering in our body by using the language of genes.

Dr. Yasuharu Nakamura

1. Our prayers bring a great, absolute power into our own lives. They also exert an influence on other people and on everything on Earth. However, they must be sincere prayers that come from a deeply loving heart. A prayer that comes from our ego or from a low-dimensional consciousness may actually have a negative effect. True prayer means putting aside for the time being all that concerns us and allowing God alone to live in our hearts. It means letting go of the habitual thoughts and feelings (karmic thoughts) emanating from our subconscious. This allows our divine consciousness to manifest, so that when we pray a prayer filled with profound love, we are able to become one with God. Then, God’s infinite love and infinite power will instantly flow into our being, elevating our consciousness to a higher dimension. This divine Light will also radiate around us, bringing peace to the hearts of others, no matter how far away they may be.

2. I would like to convey the following messages in order to contribute to the transformation of human consciousness:

(a) Human beings are not merely physical existences. Our true self is a life and Light that is directly connected with the Universal God. Originally, all Humanity is one and is connected with everything in creation. Therefore, let us show respect to one another and offer gratitude to all things.

(b) The world is now undergoing a shift from a material era to a spiritual era. As such, we need to place more importance on spiritual vibrations. The vibrations of our words and thoughts have a greater influence on others than we imagine. Let us therefore stop sending out negative words and thoughts and instead fill all our words and thoughts with bright Light and hope.

(c) If a karmic thought such as fear or anger should arise, let us immediately dissolve it within a prayer for world peace. If we practice this over and over again, we will purify our subconscious and transform it into a divine consciousness.

Rev. Dr. Wlodzimierz Nast

1. It has already been 6 years since the 21st century began, which we entered with new hopes and expectations. Every past century brought many manifestations of human anger and hatred but at the same time a hopeful cry for harmony and peace on Earth. And although this anger and hatred, together with wars, still have their destructive powers, the unceasing of the awareness that we all create one big human family attests to the permanence of the power of prayer offered in this intention in every corner of the world.

2. May people on the entire Earth never doubt, in spite of the constant uneasiness in the world that we witness today, that a united prayer can achieve much in transforming human consciousness, striving for peace and making it stay.

Rabbi Henri Noach

1. In the Hebrew language, the verb meaning “to pray” is lehitpalel. The root of this verb signifies “judgment.” Grammatically, it is a reflexive verb; so prayer in Hebrew actually means “to judge oneself.” When we speak to God, the All Seeing who looks into the inner recesses of our hearts, we must face up to who we really are. Who am I to address the Master of the Universe? Am I worthy of God’s favor? The very act of prayer, in and of itself, when uttered with sincere and directed attention, summons us to examine ourselves. Before God, the mechanism of self-deception is of no avail. Before God, we stand naked. To behold the divine, we must, of necessity, face up to the truth about ourselves. So prayer has the greatest potential to awaken human consciousness and paves the way to positive self-transformation.

2. The Hebrew Bible teaches us that each one of us was created in God’s image. It is not a physical image, because God is infinite, embraces and transcends all tangible reality. It is a spiritual quality and the very essence of what it means to be a Human Being. To be true to God, we must be true to our inner divine selves; we must aspire and endeavor, unceasingly, to evolve, to grow, to become greater than ourselves. We must have the courage to question our preconceptions—to remember the fundamental truth that God has no likeness, and can never be encapsulated by any single idea or ideology. In this time of ideological and religious warfare, which threatens to engulf the world in flames, we must all realize that by fighting one another in the name of God, we are betraying God. True piety begins with humility—before God—and before each and every Human Being inhabiting this planet. To love one’s fellow as oneself, as the Bible teaches us, is the ultimate litmus test of our love of God, as it is written, “thou shalt love thy fellow as thyself; I am the Lord.”

Mr. James O’Dea

1. We live in a time in which scientists can observe the human brain in meditation and prayer. Deep meditation reveals changes in both brain wave patterns and in the overall synchronization of cerebral activity. The heart’s activity can similarly be studied in relation to wave coherence. During deep prayer and meditation, the body becomes finely attuned, producing dramatic shifts in electrical and bio-chemical activity. When all of our responses to stress and anxiety are dissolved, our bodies become resonant sources of peace, love and compassion.

This harmonization within the body is quite different from its response to emotional excitement and intellectual activity. Deep prayer and meditation arouse what has been referred to as a state of flow where boundaries melt, and unity and interconnectedness are vividly experienced. In these states, there is a knowing that goes beyond simple logic and reason. It is a knowing that suggests our individuality is inseparable from what may be an ocean of consciousness linking our seemingly separate existences in a vast field of relatedness. Prayer can indeed give us a taste of our common source.

2. We know that love is not susceptible to force; of its nature, it is a free exchange of resonances, which enhance our vitality, well-being and sense of appreciative connection with others. In some sense, deep prayer and meditation allow us to be love rather than only thinking about love while longing to taste it. The very essence of Humanity’s transformation centers in the task of activating the resources of love and compassion to dissolve fear, hatred and animosity.

In evolution’s design, we were given mechanisms to trigger “fight or flight.” Yet rather than being only tools for survival, they were used for domination and control of others. Whole societies have been held in fear, educated to breed resentment and hostility, indoctrinated into beliefs about inferiority or superiority. Much suffering has ensued from the manipulative arousal of these mechanisms. Yet the emerging conversation between science and spirituality heralds the possibility of a whole new order of human civilization based on the resources, which can be drawn from our inner lives and from prayerful awareness. Indeed the day will come when we Human Beings will harvest the love deep within us all for our collective good and as the essential foundation of our creative future.

Mr. Jamal Rahman

1. Muslims prostrate to God five times a day in prayer. One prostration in prayer to God, say spiritual teachers, frees you from a thousand prostrations to your ego. The Quran says, “Truly in the remembrance of God do hearts find peace.” Every time we pray, we remember God. Our hearts, over time, become filled with peace. From a peaceful heart flow peaceful actions.

Eventually, the power of prayer for oneself and others depends on the state of one’s consciousness. From a person who continuously does the inner work of transforming the ego and opening the heart will emerge a prayer of higher vibrations.

Islamic teachers say that the power of prayer also depends on “increased necessity.” When one prays sincerely and humbly from the fullest depths of one’s being, amazing things happen. Is it not astonishing, they point out, that when a child is born, the mother’s body is filled with milk! The Compassionate Light of the Heavens and Earth responds to an “increased necessity.”

2. Islamic sages say that for someone to become transformed into a complete Human Being, one has to work equally in the visible and invisible worlds. The true Human Being is one who participates fully in the bazaar of life (marrying, raising children, managing the affairs of this world) but who never for a moment forgets God. Prayer is a wonderful way to connect to the Invisible world and remember God. The 13th century mystic Rumi uttered, “Flee not the invisible world, for it is a place of income, and this visible world, a place of more or less, is a place of expenditure.”

Dr. Maria Sagi

1. Consciousness is not transformed by money, power or position, although all these things can influence it. Fundamental transformation of consciousness occurs basically through love, and through recognition that we are all part of each other, part of a larger reality that joins us as one. The power of prayer, the same as the power of meditation and other practices for entering a deeper state of consciousness, is to enable our brain/mind to become a receiver of the subtle but real insights that make us feel and live our connection with each other, with nature. Feeling, living these connections, helps us become a conscious and positive part of the delicately balanced system of life on this precious but now seriously endangered planet.

2. Do not wait for others around you or for your political and business leaders to make you a more ethical and responsible person: do it yourself. For you alone can do it; you can, and as a moral individual you must become the positive change you would like to see come about in the world.

Dr. Gerald Schroeder

1. Prayer opens/awakens one’s consciousness to the issues that most centrally touch the one who prays. The goal of prayer is not so much to wish for some metaphysical or Godly input that will chart the course of one’s life, though that is a part of prayer. But the greater essence of prayer, by forcing us to focus on the matters most dear to our inner selves, helps us to remake ourselves into individuals and communities that can achieve the prayed-for goal using the tools/skills with which we have been divinely endowed. Prayer in brief is more to change the person than to change God, however that God may be envisioned.

2. The discoveries of science over the past hundred years have confirmed that all existence is built from a single physical substrate, the energy of the big bang creation. Not our souls, but the stuff of what our bodies and of which every other physical object is made entered the Universe as the Light beam, the energy, of the big bang creation. We literally, in every sense of the word, witnessed the creation, were part of the creation, and we are built of the creation. We have been in this magnificent Universe since its inception, first as those primordial beams of energy, then as stars and stardust and after aeons of flow, as the living bodies we inhabit. Biblical religion, and I imagine most religions, find an encompassing spiritual unity that parallels the physical unity of existence. From the tiniest conception of atom to the wonder of human life, brain and mind, a single spirituality, an aspect of mind, unites existence. It has become the obligation of each individual and each community to make manifest the underlying unity. Just as the ability to love is the greatest emotional gift with which we are endowed as individuals, so too our ability to experience the encompassing oneness of existence is the greatest spiritual gift of existence. At the most fundamental level, the idea of “the other” simply does not exist, not physically and not spiritually. We are all entwined, or to use the terminology of physics, the entire universe is entangled.

Dr. Masakazu Tanatsugu

1. Our consciousness tends to become self-oriented due to our struggle for survival and our limited perception of Human Beings as only physical existences. Prayer is a highly effective way to reverse this condition because it works to direct our consciousness toward the core of our existence—the Absolute. In particular, regularly practiced prayers or bighearted prayers allow our egoism, selfish desires and negative thoughts to dissolve within the vibrations of great harmony, and we become attuned to the vibrations emanating from the source of life. Therein lies an opportunity for us to understand that death is also a rebirth.

The Japanese word for prayer is inori, which has its roots in the words ikiru (to live) and noru (to declare). Thus, prayer originally means “declaration of life\,” and there is an intrinsic connection between praying and living. Prayer is a way of living in tune with the source of life. From this meaning, we can say that prayer originates in the true nature of a human being, and the power of prayer is to act simultaneously in two directions—a centripetal or inward movement toward the center and a centrifugal or outward movement that expands from the center. Although we are intrinsically connected with all Humanity and all forms of life, we may still feel anxiety, fear, and loneliness. However, prayer can help us to recognize that those feelings are illusory.

2. Therefore, what is most important is to put prayer into actual practice and make it a routine part of people’s daily lives. To do this, we urgently need to let people know, in an easy-to-understand way, how to pray and how to create ways of bringing prayer into our own lives. The essential premise behind all this is the recognition that a Human Being is intrinsically one with others and with the Absolute.

Geshe Tenpa Tashi La

1. The 21st century is an era in which the high level of advancement in science and technology, which are results of human intelligence, cause myriad positive and negative consequences in the world. The followers of various faiths should aim at promoting the good and discarding the evil and take the responsibility of creating a peaceful and harmonious global community together. If we act accordingly, our truthful prayers from our hearts will have much fruit. The prayers we recite were written by great beings full of love, compassion and altruism. So, if we also say these prayers sincerely from the depth of our heart, their positive effects will definitely be felt, and we will be able to act on them as well. I believe our prayers will help greatly in strengthening our friendship, in sharing our positive thoughts with one another in order to fulfill our goal of world peace and global positivism.

2. In an era where everyone is interconnected and interdependent, no nation or people can afford to live like primitive human society, and we must abandon nuclear conflict and other petty affairs inflicting our world. Instead, we must take strides in an attempt to resolve our issues amicably and peacefully through negotiation and dialogues based on truth and justice. I sincerely appeal to all to take the responsibility to work towards creating a peaceful and harmonious world community through the power of love and compassion and intelligence and wisdom.

Mr. Akira Yoneda

1. Having entered the 21st century, Humanity is evolving in accordance with the program of universal evolution. Life was born on this planet Earth, and through the magnificent process of evolution, the cerebral neocortex became highly developed, leading to the appearance of Human Beings who possessed great creative powers. Following the rise and fall of many civilizations, the 20th century saw rapid scientific progress and the development of a material culture. This long history of human civilization is closely connected with our progress from an evolution of the physical (such as animal instinct) to an evolution of the brain or intellectual development.

In the 21st century, we will encounter an evolution of the consciousness, or soul, as Humanity shifts from a material civilization to a spiritual civilization—what I call a high-dimensional meta-civilization. Meta-civilization is a term I created based on the word “metamorphosis.” In the same way that a caterpillar sheds its cocoon to be reborn as a butterfly and take flight, Humanity will undergo a transformation to a new, high-dimensional civilization.

2. In order for this to happen, an awakening of our consciousness to our inner spirituality and divinity is required. The physical body is a three-dimensional material existence, but the consciousness is a high-dimensional vibration, or energy, and it creates material phenomena. In particular, that which we strongly envision in our minds becomes manifested through the energy of our will. Therefore, when we imagine something as though it has already been realized, it will indeed materialize and become a reality.

From the law that governs vibrations, we can say that our consciousness synchronizes and resonates with another consciousness having a similar vibrational level. Since prayer is the energy of our will, the vibrational energy of many individuals’ prayers synchronizing and resonating with each other has the power to awaken the consciousness of a great many people, bringing about the creation of a high-dimensional meta-civilization.

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