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August/September 2007 Article


by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

July 2007 will be recorded in the Akashic Records of Mother Earth as the Cosmic Moment when a critical mass of souls evolving on this planet reclaimed their Divine Birthright as stewards of the Earth and permanently reversed Humanity’s descent into oblivion.

It is important to note that the Divine Plan is unfolding in perfect synchronicity through the myriad activities of Light being orchestrated by embodied Lightworkers and the Company of Heaven. Every facet of this incredibly complex Ascension process is vital and critical to the success of this miraculous endeavor. No part of the plan is any more important than another.

In this article I will discuss two of the next phases of the Divine Plan. Please take this information into your heart of hearts, and ask your I AM Presence how you can be the most powerful Instrument of God to assist with these activities of Light.

Your part of this Divine Plan is unique. There is not another soul who has been prepared in exactly the same way to accomplish what you have volunteered to do. You have all of the wisdom, skill, knowledge, strength, courage and ability you need to succeed. The Legions of Light throughout Infinity are standing in readiness awaiting the opportunity to assist you at your beck and call.

Only your mighty I AM Presence can reveal to you the full magnitude of this auspicious moment in the Earth’s evolution. As you seek the Kingdom of Heaven within, all will be revealed to you. Read these words and feel them resonating in the deepest recesses of your heart. Allow the inner knowing of this Truth to awaken within you the remembrance of your purpose and reason for being.

On July 7, 2007, over two billion people around the world focused their attention on the global concert titled Live Earth. The purpose of this amazing event was to educate Humanity and to bring awareness of the various things people can do to change the adverse effects of global warming.

The collective cup of Humanity’s consciousness on this incredibly powerful day created a Chalice of Light through which the Light of God flowed to bless all Life. That monumental Divine Light prepared every atomic and subatomic particle and wave on Earth for the influx of Creation Energy that was destined to bless this planet on July 17, 2007.

On July 17, 2007, literally tens of millions of Lightworkers around the world joined together for a one-hour global meditation that was coined Fire the Grid. During that rare hour, which began at 11:11 a.m. Greenwich Mean Time, Humanity was joined by the Legions of Light throughout the whole of Creation. Through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth, this planet was flooded with the 5th-Dimensional frequencies of the New Earth.

As the infinite perfection of this Creation Energy entered the Heart Flame of every man, woman and child on Earth, a long-awaited healing took place through the intervention of each person’s I AM Presence. This healing allowed the Grid of Divine Love that unites the Divinity within each person’s heart to be restored to its original Divine Intent and Potential.

This Grid of Divine Love has been a fragmented shadow of its original potential since Humanity’s fall from Grace aeons ago. This tragic situation has perpetuated the illusion of our separation from God and each other. It has also effectively prevented Humanity from perceiving our Oneness with ALL Life or hearing the inner voice of our I AM Presence. Consequently, our communication with the Realms of Illumined Truth and our Father-Mother God have been very, very limited, which was never part of the original Divine Plan.

The healing and reactivation of the Grid of Divine Love that is now uniting every Heart Flame is serving as a catalyst for Humanity’s awakening. It is causing profound changes to occur within every person at an atomic, cellular level.

Daily and hourly, as the influx of Creation Energy expands through the open door of Humanity’s collective consciousness, the Grid of Divine Love is becoming stronger and more powerful. The Beings of Light have indicated that the collective radiance of this Grid of Love is the most powerful force of Light on the planet at this time. It has formed a Bridge of Light that spans the abyss from the lowest vibrations on Earth into the 5th-Dimensional Realm of Infinite Physical Perfection. This is the Bridge to Freedom over which this Earth and all her Life are now Ascending onto the next Spiral of Evolution.

Now our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven are invoking our assistance once again. It is time for the most critical phase of the Divine Plan that has been attempted to date.

Now that the Grid of Divine Love within the Heart Flames of Humanity is once again fulfilling its Divine Purpose, we have the ability as never before to heal our self-inflicted separation from each other and our Father-Mother God. This is, in fact, the next phase of the Divine Plan. Can you fathom the elation pouring forth from the Heavenly Realms as this opportunity is presented to the dedicated Lightworkers on Earth? What an awesome and humbling honor.

To set the stage for this monumental activity of Light, a profound Truth from the Core of Creation is resounding through the ethers:


We are all One, and we are all in this together. What affects one facet of Life affects all Life. The Divine Opportunities being presented to one Human Being are available to ALL Human Beings. This is true regardless of how oblivious a person may be of those opportunities.

We are living in a new paradigm. I know from outer appearances it looks like the horrific things taking place on Earth are involving the masses of Humanity, but that is an illusion. In Truth, the terrible things we are perceiving through the media involve a mere fraction of the six billion souls evolving on this planet. The vast majority of people around the world are loving people who are striving to live positive lives. Every day billions of people on Earth turn their attention to God and invoke the highest good for their loved ones and all Humanity. These prayers are always heard, and they are being answered.

The collective consciousness of Humanity has reached a critical mass of compassion for all Life on this planet. The ancient prophecies that indicated millions of souls would be left behind because they would not be ready to make the shift into the 5th Dimension are OBSOLETE. That troubling scenario has been averted through selfless acts of Divine Love and the tireless efforts of myriad Lightworkers over the past one hundred years. But our work is not finished!

As the Divine Wisdom flowing through the Grid of Divine Love enters our conscious minds, we begin to truly know that every Human Being is Divine, regardless of how far his or her behavior patterns and life experiences may be from reflecting that Truth. This is a vitally important realization in Humanity’s healing process.

Our thoughts and feelings are creative, and whatever we focus our attention on, we empower and bring into form. If we are constantly thinking and talking about the negative behavior patterns people are participating in or the things we do not like about the people themselves, we simply add our energy and power to the very things we dislike. This is true whether we are talking about our loved ones, our friends and coworkers, our associates and acquaintances or our governmental officials and world leaders. Actually, the more powerful and influential a person is, the more crucial it is for us to empower their Divine Potential instead of the mistakes they are making.

We can empower and energize every soul’s Divine Potential by focusing our attention on the Divinity pulsating in their heart and by asking their I AM Presence to take control of their thoughts, words, actions and feelings. Every person’s I AM Presence will guide him or her to respond and behave in ways that reflect only the highest good for all concerned.

This may seem like a very simple antidote for the atrocities people are inflicting on each other throughout the world, but it is one of the most powerful things we can do to hasten Humanity’s awakening and Transfiguration.

Many people are so buried in their negative belief systems and the pain and suffering they are experiencing that they cannot raise their heads above the chaos and confusion effectively enough to reunite with their I AM Presence. These people have no concept of the Oneness of Life and they truly believe that they must lie, steal, cheat and kill for their survival.

Those of us who have awakened from that nightmare and remember that we are ALL One have the responsibility of being our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers until they can awaken to that Divine Truth themselves. This does not mean that we are to just passively wait and watch for their awakening. It means that we are to actively be the Instruments of God we have volunteered to be.

Those of you who are reading these words have been prepared to assist in the Divine Mission of helping unawakened Humanity heal our self-inflicted separation from God and each other. If that were not the case, your I AM Presence would not have drawn this information into your sphere of awareness. This is a wondrous opportunity for you, and the Universe will joyously support your every effort in this essential endeavor.

We each have the ability to serve as a surrogate on behalf of Humanity. “As I AM lifted up, all Life is lifted up with me.” To begin the process, we need to open our hearts to every evolving soul on Earth. This is not easy when we observe some of the terrible things people are doing to each other and to the other lifeforms on the planet, but it is a necessary step in becoming an Instrument of God.

Remember, the most powerful awakening force in the Universe is the power of God’s Love flowing through your sacred Heart Flame into the Heart Flame of another Human Being.

We never know what set of circumstances compels people to choose the negative paths they have chosen or what causes them to make the self-destructive decisions they make, but in order to shift our feelings from anger and disappointment to love and understanding, we need to step back and contemplate the bigger picture. First of all, we must remember that everyone is doing the best they can according to their wisdom, their understanding and their belief systems.

This is true regardless of whether or not we think they should know better or whether it is obvious to everyone else in the world that what the person is doing is wrong. If the person fully understood the principle of the Oneness of all Life and the ramifications of their negative actions in the face of that fundamental Law, they would not behave in the negative manner in which they are behaving. It is just that simple.

When we grasp the Truth that everyone is doing the best they can, our thinking changes. We no longer look at people as bad or evil. Rather, we look at them as we would unaware children who are unable to comprehend the results of their behavior. Sometimes children do terrible things without any idea of what the end result of their actions will be, but instead of hating them and wishing them harm, we embrace them and strive to teach them a better way through love and patience.

Just for a moment, imagine that the person you perceive to be the most degenerate, evil person on the planet is someone you love. What if it is your child or your husband, your wife or your parent? You understand that they have done horrible things, but in your heart of hearts you know that in spite of their appalling behavior, there is a person inside whom you love, a person whom you know is capable of better things.

You believe, with every fiber of your being, that this person will one day awaken and choose to be the person you know they are destined to be. So you never give up hope, and you keep holding the vision of their Divine Potential. You continually invoke their I AM Presence and pray that they will wake up and choose to turn their life around.

The feelings of love, compassion and hope you would have for a loved one in that situation are the same feelings you need to awaken within your heart for every Human Being. After all, we truly are One Family, and we are sisters or brothers in every sense of the word. Through the love, compassion and dedicated invocations of awakened Lightworkers, the Grid of Divine Love is now softening the hearts and enlightening the minds of recalcitrant souls who are resisting the Light. These precious ones are gradually raising their heads above the negativity and, one-by-one, they are reclaiming the path of existence that will inspire them to fulfill the mission of cocreating Heaven on Earth.

As the newly activated Grid of Divine Love bathes the hearts and minds of Humanity, more and more people are awakening and remembering who they are and why they are here. When people awaken and their consciousness is raised up, they begin to “see with new eyes and hear with new ears.” This phenomenon has the effect of allowing people to clearly perceive the Divine Truth that ALL Life is interconnected, interrelated and interdependent. Then people know THERE IS NO US AND THEM; we are ALL One.

When this Truth resonates in the deepest recesses of our hearts, the validity of war becomes impossible to reconcile, and the distorted concept of poverty, greed, corruption, violence, abuse of power, oppression, hatred, selfishness, prejudice, pollution, disease, ignorance or any other reflection of our belief in separation becomes impossible to accept.

During this critical moment on Earth, nothing is happening by accident. If an opportunity is presented to us, we should take the information into our heart-of-hearts and see if it resonates as part of our Divine Service. If it does, then we should ask our I AM Presence to pave the way for us to participate according to our Divine Plans. Sometimes we will be called to travel and to physically join groups for an activity of Light. Other times we will be inspired to join the group in consciousness and, in loving support, to add our Light through invocations and meditations.

The important thing is for each of us to truly listen to our I AM Presence and to respond to our inner guidance with trust, confidence, enthusiasm and gratitude.

We are in the midst of a peak transmission period from the Celestial Realms. In August 2007, we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of Harmonic Convergence. Every year for the past 20 years, during the week of Harmonic Convergence, the Company of Heaven has worked with embodied Lightworkers to accomplish a unique facet of the Divine Plan. The intent of that Divine Intervention has been to fulfill the greatest need of the hour in Humanity’s Ascension process. Step by step, miracles have taken place that have catapulted this sweet Earth and all her Life up the Spiral of Evolution. Now we are being asked to join together to accomplish the most critical phase of the Divine Plan that has been attempted to date.

This facet of the Divine Plan will involve Lightworkers gathering together in the physical plane as well as Lightworkers joining in consciousness from around the world. Both of these things are critical for the success of this plan. Listen to the inner guidance of your I AM Presence, and see what your part of this plan is.

The Beings of Light have asked that we draw Lightworkers from all over the world into the Portal of the Flame of Healing Through the Power of Limitless Transmutation and the Flame of Transfiguring Divine Love. This Portal of Light is located in the area of Tucson, Arizona, in the United States of America.

The vehicle that will be used to gather the Lightworkers is the Twenty-first Annual World Congress On Illumination. This event is being held during the twentieth anniversary of Harmonic Convergence, August 11-16, 2007. The location will be the beautiful Loews Ventana Canyon Resort in the foothills of Tucson. This is going to be a celestial experience for all in attendance. If you feel the Heart Call to be physically present in Tucson, it is not too late.

During this sacred and holy week, Lightworkers from all over the world will respond to their Heart’s Call and come to Tucson to selflessly serve as surrogates on behalf of the souls who are struggling so desperately to transmute their human miscreations in time to make the shift into the 5th Dimension.

As we can see by observing the horrific things manifesting in the physical plane, many of our sisters and brothers have been overwhelmed by their past negativity. Instead of transmuting these surfacing patterns into Light, they are latching onto them and exacerbating the problem. They are acting out in deplorable ways, and instead of lifting above the negativity and transmuting the distorted patterns, as they promised to do in order to make the shift into the 5th-Dimension, they are making things worse.

Our Father-Mother God knew this was a possibility. They allowed this process to unfold anyway, because they knew that there would be Lightworkers in embodiment with the willingness to step in and help. The need has arrived, and our God Parents have sent forth the Clarion Call. The time for action is NOW!

It is important for as many Lightworkers as possible to gather within the Portal of the Flame of Healing Through the Power of Limitless Transmutation and the Flame of Transfiguring Divine Love in Tucson for this phase of the Divine Plan. Listen to your heart, and see if you are being called to action for this service to the Light.

If you have the Heart Call to come to Tucson, ask the Beings of Light to help you in any way you need assistance, so you can attend. When you dedicate your life to being an Instrument of God on behalf of Humanity, the floodgates of Heaven open in response to your heartfelt commitment.

Those of you who volunteer to gather in the Forcefield of Light in Tucson are being prepared day by day in unprecedented ways by your I AM Presence. From the moment the decision is made to come to Tucson, your Earthly Bodies will be purified and raised in energy, vibration and consciousness. By the time you arrive in Tucson, you will be ready to be a mighty, 5th-Dimensional Transformer of Light.

The full-gathered momentum of your Divine Light will be woven into the portal in Tucson, and you will create a sacred space for a powerful Healing unlike anything Humanity has ever experienced.

The Light of God will pour through the collective Heart Flames of the Lightworkers gathered at the World Congress On Illumination. This Light will form an atomic accelerator and magnetize into this Forcefield of Light the souls who are feeling overwhelmed by the purification taking place in their own lives and on the Earth. This Healing will include every struggling soul from Lightworker to neophyte to the unawakened soul who has not been able to lift up enough to experience the wondrous energies of the 5th Dimension. It will include every person who is experiencing pain and suffering through the accelerated purification process the Earth is now going through.

This miraculous Healing will accelerate the physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies of each soul who is having difficulty integrating into his or her Solar Light Body. This will clear the way for the integration of the I AM Presence. This is a merciful act of Divine Grace beyond our comprehension.

In order to glimpse what this means for the mass consciousness of Humanity, we need only reflect on the I AM Presence. This aspect of our own Divinity is One with our omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent Father-Mother God. It functions from the full knowing of the Oneness of ALL Life. It always responds with the highest good for all concerned. When this Divine Presence is in control of our thoughts, words, actions and feelings, the bliss of the Heavenly Realms is a manifest reality wherever we are. Imagine!

Lifetime after lifetime, we have waded through “dark nights of the soul\,” and we have experienced weeping and wailing, as we stumbled through our valley of tears. We did not agree to go through these experiences because we were masochistic. We agreed to go through them because we were shown this moment.

Our Father-Mother God revealed to us that through our valiant efforts and our selfless service to the Light, one day we would have the final opportunity to assist every single one of our fallen brothers and sisters into the Light. When we witnessed that glorious potential, we knew that no matter what we had to endure to get to that moment, it would be worth it. Well, this is that moment. Our opportunity is at hand.

Ask your I AM Presence; listen to your heart of hearts, and you will be guided on how you can best add to the Light of this monumental facet of the Divine Plan.

If you are interested in serving as a Lightworker at the Twenty-first Annual World Congress On Illumination, please go to our website or contact us by phone or fax as soon as possible.

Phone: 520-885-7909

Fax: 520-546-6143

If you do not feel drawn to join us in Tucson, please weave the wonder of your magnificent Light into this phase of the Divine Plan any way your I AM Presence guides you to. There will be hundreds of thousands of Lightworkers from all over the world joining with us in consciousness, and your Light is greatly needed.

From the Opening Ceremonies on August 11th through the Closing Ceremonies on August 16th, we will be working in THE ETERNAL MOMENT OF NOW! That means that any time you can join with us in consciousness during those days will be right and perfect, regardless of what time zone you are in.

Just imagine, this is an opportunity for each of us to create the sacred space for the integration of the I AM Presence of every fallen soul and every soul who is struggling to move into the Light. The Beings of Light have confirmed that the God Victorious Success of this Activity of Light will greatly accelerate the Ascension of every evolving soul on this blessed planet. This will clear the space so that no one will be left behind. This is a miracle beyond the greatest hopes of Heaven.


After the Light of God flows through Humanity’s more rarefied Earthly Bodies and further integrates the I AM Presence of every soul who is resisting the Light and those who are caught up in the negativity surfacing to be healed, Humanity will be ready for the next phase of the Divine Plan.

The next step, after the God Victorious accomplishment of the Divine Plan in August, will be to anchor the 5th-Dimensional frequencies of infinite physical perfection through the Grid of Love now uniting every Heart Flame. This activity of Light will allow the patterns of perfection from the Causal Body of God to begin tangibly manifesting in the physical world of form. These are the patterns that we have always known would one day be the true reality of our Earthly existence. These are the patterns of Heaven on Earth—the patterns of the New Earth.

This will be a global activity, and Lightworkers around the world will be guided by their I AM Presence as to how they will most effectively serve as an Instrument of God to fulfill this facet of the Divine Plan. We at the New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose have been asked by the Company of Heaven to cocreate a sacred pilgrimage of Lightworkers that will anchor the 5th-Dimensional energies into the Crystal Grid System along the Heart Meridian of the Divine Feminine in the body of Mother Earth.

The path that we will follow was empowered by the full manifestation of our Mother God in ancient times. In order for the New Earth to reflect the full capacity of the Divine Feminine and the full potential of the Infinite Love of our Mother God, this meridian must be reactivated. It is critical that this Heart Meridian within Earth’s Crystal Grid System be infused with the 5th-Dimensional frequencies of our Mother God’s Solar Heart Chakra.

There will be Lightworkers who receive the Heart Call to be physically present on this sacred pilgrimage. There will also be Lightworkers who unite with us in consciousness from myriad sacred sites and various locations around the world. Both of these things are vital to the success of this mission.

I am going to share with you the path we will take on our sacred pilgrimage, so that wherever you are on the face of the Earth, you can join with us in consciousness and be a powerful Instrument of God for this vital facet of the Divine Plan.

Our sacred pilgrimage will involve a seven-day Mediterranean Cruise followed by a seven-day tour of the South of France. It will take place October 15-29, 2007. The tour will begin on October 15th in Barcelona, Spain. We will stay in a delightful Spanish hacienda-style hotel south of the city. On October 16th, after a half-day tour of Barcelona, we will embark on our Mediterranean Cruise.

Days 1-7: This part of our sacred pilgrimage will take place on the NEW, incredible Italian cruise ship called The Costa Concordia, from the Costa Cruise Lines. During our seven-day adventure, we will sail into the ports of Palma on Mallorca, Tunis, Malta, Palermo in Sicily, Rome, Savona in northern Italy and back to Barcelona.

Each morning we will gather together on the ship to align with our mission for the day. The Company of Heaven will guide us step by step through our pilgrimage. As we walk on Holy Ground in each of the locations where we land, the acupuncture point along that portion of the Heart Meridian will be activated.

Following that glorious experience, we will continue to the Pyrenees and the Cathar region of southern France. Here is a synopsis of the trip:

DAY 8: Montserrat—a fantastic mountain-top monastery, which has a great boys’ choir every day. It’s awesome and will probably be the most important site in northern Spain.

DAY 9: Montsegur visit—the remains of the primary castle and place of the last stand of the Cathars. Overnight among the small, very beautiful 13th-century villages of the Aude region.

DAY 10: A gentle day visiting beautiful and historic Limoux with its famous winery where monks are said to have first conceived the concept of sparkling wine. Visit caves where wine is matured. Overnight in the Aude region.

DAY 11: Drive to historic Cathar/Knights Templar town of Castelnaudery for sight-seeing and local speciality lunch of Cassoulet, the origin of the casserole dish. Afternoon visit to explore the old city of Carcassonne, the world’s largest fortified town with real “Disney-like” 13th-century castle. Overnight in Carcassonne.

DAY 12: Drive to Rennes Ie Bain to enjoy the Roman baths and hot mineral springs. Afternoon and evening—visit the church “La Madeleine” in Rennes Le Chateau, dedicated to Mary Magdalene and the Divine Feminine, possible site of the Holy Grail—see Da Vinci Code (Abbe Sauniere—Priory of Sion). After dinner at a local restaurant, we will have a special visit to a secret location for Divine Feminine meditation. Overnight in Carcassonne.

DAY 13: Aique Mortes—3-hour drive to lunch in this unique and ancient village in the Camargue, the famed place of gypsies and wild horses. Visit Ste Marie, said to be the landing place of Mary Magdalene and Joseph of Arimathea ­ beach meditation. Farewell group dinner. Overnight in Lourdes

DAY 14: Depart in the morning, arrive in Toulouse by noon. This is the end of the tour. Easy access to Paris or Barcelona for your return trip home.

Our dear friends, Raj and Suzanne from Australia, will be taking reservations and making arrangements for this trip. They are wonderful and have cocreated celestial pilgrimages for us in the past. This is going to be a life-transforming adventure.

We will all be in our right and perfect place for this part of the monumental changes that are taking place this year. Listen to your heart, and ask your I AM Presence to guide you. You will know exactly how you can best add to the Light of the world in 2007.

Once again, we will be working in THE ETERNAL MOMENT OF NOW! That means that any time you can join with us in consciousness during those days will be right and perfect, regardless of what time zone you are in.

Space is limited for this sacred pilgrimage. If you feel the Heart Call to join us physically on this mission, please make your reservations as soon as possible.For details on costs and to register, please go to the website:

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